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20230721 - Portal and I

SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 02:59
Hi @everyone @here - Portal and I are here and ready
Thank you so very much for being here and giving us this moment to share

SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:02
I realise it's once again been some time participating in the Forums - "appearing" and "re-appearing" so to speak; but would like to take this opportunity to share a process I have been walking in my personal life and also my process with the Portal
So, in the beginning when making the decision with the beings and Portalling to officially begin again, because I was ready and they had already been waiting for some time - I had this IDEA of how I would liked it all to be AS IT WAS BEFORE.
Actively having chats in the evenings on Discord
Bringing through recordings
Maintaining personal chats
Fulfilling my dream of Mind Body Innerverse and Self and Living and what I really want to create that into
...and so much more
因此,起初当作出这个决定与存有和连接口一起去再次正式开始,因为我准备好了,而他们已经等待了一段时间……——我有这个 我如何想要它全都是/成为如它之前所是那样的想法。
实现我的梦想关于 心智身体内在宇宙(Mind Body Innerverse)和 自己与活(Self and Living)以及我真正想要将那创造成
However -
Once I started with this starting point above, I started getting sick, and then over the course of 3 months - myself, Areah and Daryn became seriously ill and I had to seriously look at what reality, the physical was showing me

SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:06
This in itself took some time for me to once again step back within myself and ask myself "who am I NOW, where am I NOW and what can I SELF HONESTLY produce and share and do for all as BEST I CAN with WHO, WHERE AND WHAT I AM at this time"
So after this experience these past few months, I began with purely Portalling
bringing the beings through, their voices who have been waiting for some time while I required the time to walk my own personal process

SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:08
With beginning bringing more recordings through to EQAFE, more things fell into place as to what I can self honestly contribute at this time - and this also includes my personal process
Meaning –
In the past, everything I was was Portalling and that was also with managing personal chats, blogs, vlogs and so much more and in and through all of that - I lost touch with myself

SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:11
So, this time round - which is something I hadn't done in the past is: walking my personal process, journey to life WITH the beings also coming through The Portal. This means, at this time - considering my reality also with Areah, My and the Portal's focus will be more on EQAFE recordings to support/assist as many people equally as possible, while I will also personally bring through more support from my own process in my blogs, Self and Living and Mind Body Innerverse
Essentially, at this time - taking a step back from personal one on one chats
因此,这个时间环圈——这是某些我在过去从未做过的事情,是:与也过来通过连接口的存有一起行走我走向生命的个人进程、旅程。这意味着,在这时——考虑到我以及阿雷亚的现实,我和连接口的关注会更多放在EQAFE上的录音以平等地支持/援助尽可能多的人,同时我个人也会从我自己的进程中带来更多支持在我的博客、自己和活(Self and Living)以及心智身体内在宇宙(Mind Body Innerverse)
We will commit to be here in Discord chats every TUESDAY evening at 21:00 SA time as this is an evening where I have support at home with Areah; most evenings Daryn is not here due to his squash playing responsibilities - working days and playing matches/events at nights
So, once a week we can all touch base and the beings can hear back from you, ask questions and also make requests as to what topics you'd like to be covered etc.

mattifreeman — 2023/07/21 03:13
I don't know about anyone else here but the absence of Bernard and the portal 1on1 support has pushed me to look more to myself and specifying my self support - kinda seems specific to push people to establish more self reliance
SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:14
Yes @mattifreeman this is what the Beings are also pushing in their recordings more - self dependency/reliance; but we'd still like to be here as much and as best we can for the additional support/assistance when needed

SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:15
So, just also wanted to apologize for my coming and going - however, this time round, after much reflection and also support and suggestions from others, this way forward at this time feels more solid, stable within me
Especially when it comes to, most importantly, the beings through THe Portal/me being most stable
I really really really really wanted to with all of me reconnect and be there and with each one individually as I was before and even more to 'make up for' the lost time, but unfortunately - I had to take a real self honest look at what is best for me and so best for all
SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:17
Also know, this is all hard for me to say and do, a part me still really wants to just give EVERYTHING of me all of the time, but...that's not humanly possible and is what lead to burnout those many years ago: my starting point and approach was misaligned

SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:18
I will be going more in-depth into my personal process these past years in the Portal and I series; then more day to day processes I walk in Self and Living and Mind Body Innerverse focused on the gift I have acquired as to 'reading the mind in the body' which I'm excited to start - just have to get my set-up going
过去的这些年我会更加深入的进入我的个人进程在连接口与我系列(Portal and I series)中;然后更多的日常进程我行走在自己与活(Self and Living)中,而心智身体内在宇宙(Mind Body Innerverse)专注于我所获得的礼物关于“阅读心智在身体中”,这个我很兴奋要开始了——我得让我的装备开始工作
SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:19
I mean before, no one really got to know ME or my process within it all - because I so absolutely focused on Portalling; now I'm creating an equal and one balance of WALKING WITH through and through with the beings, with myself and with all, here in the physical

Viktor Persson — 2023/07/21 03:20
Cool Sunette – and I agree Matti that this time alone has been an opportunity to stand and practice living for myself – basically get to know myself and what I want out of life and myself
酷的 Sunette ——而我同意Matti,这次的单独已是一个机会去站立并为我自己实践活——基本上了解我自己及我想从生活和我自己身上得到什么
SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:21
Same happened with and for me @Viktor Persson - these past years processed a lot of redefining and defining for myself who I am as the Portal and me within it, which was incredibly challenging, but in the end with how everything is coming together: extraordinary
ALSO - a reminder, I am renewing the Personal and Private recording requests on EQAFE, also dream readings. Just as a heads-up to give 5 - 7 working days
@Viktor Persson 同样的事情也发生在我身上,并且对我来说——过去的这些年为我自己我所是者/我是谁作为连接口和我在它之中处理了许多重新定义和定义,这是令人难以置信的挑战,但最终随着一切事物如何结合在一起:非凡的
此外——一个提醒,我重新开始在EQAFE上的个人和私人录音请求(Personal and Private recording requests),还有梦境解读(dream readings)。只是提醒一下,需要5-7个工作日

SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:23
Myself and the beings are aiming a minimum of 6 recordings a week, just set as a minimum because we'd like to do our best to share more as there is SO SO SO MUCH to share with their new worldly experiences as Anu shared in his recent recordings

Matthew Stone — 2023/07/21 03:23
What is the cost for private?
SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:24
@Matthew Stone the public recordings remain anonymous, it's when someone has a question they don't mind asking publicly but wish to remain anonymous
Private recordings are for individuals with a deep personal matter they wish to only keep to and for themselves
@Matthew Stone,公开录音仍然是匿名的,它是,当有人有一个问题他们不介意公开提问但希望保持匿名
So, myself and the beings just wanted to share an update on what to expect, how we're going to flow and move with uploads and sharing on all the platforms and then our chats here on Discord; most importantly for the time being not having the opportunity for one on one chats due to so many other factors
Thank you for hearing us out - I didn't want to again just begin and be here and appear without any context or a way forward, but that everyone knows where we are and how we're moving forward and why
Any questions for us?

Christophe De Groote — 2023/07/21 03:28
Can you provide a link to your personal process blog, @SunetteSpies?
你可以提供一个链接到你的个人进程博客吗 @SunetteSpies?
SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:31
Christophe, I'm going to do some work on the personal blog - update it and also share a post, so will share a link here once it's done

James_D — 2023/07/21 03:30
Can anything be done to make it easier or more efficient for you?
SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:32
This way forward as I shared above is making things more efficient and effective for my personal process and also that for the beings through The Portal, for both/all of us to give and do our best at this time, thank you James
Jim McDaniels — 2023/07/21 03:35
Let us know if there’s anything we can do to support/help/lighten the load
SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:35
Thank you Jim, appreciate it

mattifreeman — 2023/07/21 03:31
@SunetteSpies what's the best way to send through EQAFE topic requests?
@SunetteSpies 通过EQAFE发送主题请求的最佳方法是什么?
SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:33
Matti and @everyone if you could email the eqafe store, that'd be great - so we can create a library of questions from within our source
mattifreeman — 2023/07/21 03:34
Cool - [email protected]
酷 —— 商店@desteni.org

SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:35
So, we'll do a mix of the beings in existence coming together and seeing what points they see most relevant at a given time and then in-between we'll fill in the requested topics as much as we can
SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:37
So, I think we'll start next week Tuesday with just an open chat, will bring all the beings through and can do a catch up Q&A chat, discussing any questions on recent recordings/anything in your personal life/the world etc. - though Lilly is most excited to want to come through lol, so she'll most certainly take initial lead lol

Viktor Persson — 2023/07/21 03:38
lol Lilly was so expressive when she came through in the beginning
SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:39
lol yes, she has matured somewhat; but that abudance of pure expression is still very much as intense as the sun itself
Viktor Persson — 2023/07/21 03:39
lol cool – I enjoy it

SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:38
Again, thank you all for being here, for being you, for walking process - I'm mostly also looking forward to taking the steps of finally being able to share my personal process more intimately
SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:41
Overall, we'll continue seeing you in EQAFE, and then I;m now working on updating my blog and also getting my video-corner set up for Mind Body Innerverse and Self and Living, though this is taking a bit longer than anticipated to find the best time, lighting and general quietness in the smallholding we live on and share with other people and their pups, then of course the VERY LOUD sound of Hadidas lol - but I know I'll get there in time to come
总的来说,我们将在EQAFE中再见,而然后,我现在工作于更新我的博客以及为心智身体内在宇宙(Mind Body Innerverse)和自己与活(Self and Living)把我的视频角设置好,尽管在我们所居住并与其他人以及他们的小狗一起分享的小农场里,然后当然有Hadidas的非常响亮的发声,哈哈,要找到最佳时间、光线与一般的安静比所预期的花费了更长时间——但是我知道在将来我会到达那里
For now, I am just grateful we have a solid plan, I'm clear in my starting point and that the recordings are flowing again - it's a good start so far, so good
SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:42
I think that was also my other problem before you know - I had this PERFECT RE-BEGINNING idea in my head...but fell HARD with the reminder beginning again is a PROCESS and reality has other plans (已编辑)
SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:44
So, also a thank you to everyone with bearing with me/us overall as we navigate continuing our walking, creating, standing up again

mattifreeman — 2023/07/21 03:46
I just listened to this Reptilians recording describing the difference between us tending to see 'ourself in relation to existence / the physical / this reality' -- rather than seeing this entire reality / existence in relation to us
mattifreeman — 2023/07/21 03:46
Seems to relate to your point Sunette
this perspective really opened up a new way for me of looking at my experience / my life
mattifreeman — 2023/07/21 03:48
https://eqafe.com/p/reptilians-test-you ... ss-part-16
EQAFE - Self-perfection Interviews, Books & Music
Reptilians - Test Your Enlightenment - Reverse your Self-Awareness ...
In this interview – Anu enlightens us to the process of Self-Awareness, through placing the test of “Self-Reversal” – how to practically apply “Facing the Mirror of Self as this Physical-Existence as our Creation” and within this asking self the question: “Is Enlightenment then not the Blinding-Light we shine on ourselves within our own worlds/m...
https://eqafe.com/p/reptilians-test-you ... ss-part-16
Reptilians - Test Your Enlightenment - Reverse your Self-Awareness ... (英语)
https://eqafe.com/p/reptilians-test-you ... ?locale=zh(中文:爬虫人16-检测你的开悟-反转你的自我觉察)
SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:50
Yes, there are quite a few good oldies, so to speak - we'll expand on as the beings' awareness of detail in and with the mind and physical and beingness has evolved - it's been incredible
SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:51
More importantly bringing the information through more practically and tangible, liveable in everyday life, no matter your current living circumstance or experience

mattifreeman — 2023/07/21 03:51
I listened to many of this series years ago - and I've been listening again - and it's like last time I heard / understood a fraction of what I see now
SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:51
Yes, that is what is amazing about their recordings, so multi-dimensional, how much differently and new you hear it as you advance, progress and evolve in your awareness
Found this especially also with Bernard's writings and recordings
mattifreeman — 2023/07/21 03:51
Cool -- so much existential / process theory to Ground in practical application for sure
SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:52
Agreed @mattifreeman

mattifreeman — 2023/07/21 03:52
But also - even after years of process - it can be shocking to really notice / recognize how limited one's awareness actually is
obviously, not to dwell on that lol
mattifreeman — 2023/07/21 03:54
like, the difference between what we in fact SEE directly within and as our awareness - vs what is merely intellectual understanding of ideas / knowledge -- is shockingly huge
就像,在我们实际上直接看到什么在里面并等如我们的觉察——与 仅仅对想法/知识的智力理解是什么 之间的差异——是令人震惊的巨大

Viktor Persson — 2023/07/21 03:53
Yes I have also experienced this with Bernards writings. I have read them several times, and then years later I reread them and suddenly AHA – now I see what he meant
Viktor Persson — 2023/07/21 03:54
Some of them are so advanced and still written in such simplistic ways – like the one where he describes how he sees a moment and how he practices expressing his inner awareness into his outer reality

mattifreeman — 2023/07/21 03:54
A humbling process, to be sure
Again, some great perspectives of what it truly means and implies to say 'I Am...' --- in the Reptilians series --- this one in particular https://eqafe.com/p/reptilians-who-is-the-mind-part-15 (已编辑)
EQAFE - Self-perfection Interviews, Books & Music
Reptilians - WHO is the MIND - Part 15
In this interview, Anu discusses the Mind in relation to answering the questions to what the Mind really is, who the Mind really is, how he created/manifested the Mind from the very substance/beingness of beings within existence, how we substantiate the mind with our nature/beingness/who we are and within this – solidifying the certainty/action ...
再次,一些很棒的视角关于说话“我是……”这真正的意思是什么和意味着什么——在爬虫人系列中——特别是这一个 https://eqafe.com/p/reptilians-who-is-the-mind-part-15
https://eqafe.com/p/reptillians-who-is- ... ?locale=zh(中文)
EQAFE —— 自我完善访谈、书籍和音乐
在这个访谈中,安奴讨论了心智关于回答了对心智真正是什么、心智真正是谁,他是如何从存有在存在里的正正基质/存有体中创造/显化心智,我们如何用我们的本质/存有体/我们是谁实体化心智 的问题,以及在这之中——固化确定性/行动……
SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:55
Hmmm, I wouldn't so much say 'limited' @mattifreeman rather to look at the eternal process of growth potential of our awareness we have limited throughout our existence, so there's SO MUCH to discover, uncover and explore
嗯,@mattifreeman 我不会这么说“有限”,宁可察看永恒过程关于我们遍及我们的存在所限制的我们的觉察的成长潜能,因此有这么多要观察、发现和扩展
SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:56
Therefore, awareness in itself is not limited, we limited ourselves to the access within and as it and now we're exploding that limited door open and realising our awareness is more profound than we realised and it never ceases to amaze as we continue learning, growing and expanding

mattifreeman — 2023/07/21 03:56
I think the 'limited' experience comes primarily from the fact of our capacity to 'understand' and interpret / form ideas about the extensive / massive scale and depth of this reality / existence -- where, I suppose the limitedness / inferiority comes from looking at these ideas
mattifreeman — 2023/07/21 03:56
good way of looking at it

SunetteSpies — 2023/07/21 03:57
Nice question point/topic to end the chat with - I will see how my days go and participate when and as I am able, but OFFICIALLY we'll be here every Tuesday at 21:00
Thank you again all, so so so very much
We are beyond grateful