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Coronavirus, MyKey, and Sunette through the Portal with practical living solutions for real-time living


Susan Spies8:47 pm
CV, MyKey and Sunette through the Portal – PRACTICAL LIVING SOLUTIONS for real time living, the day by day practise (and continued practising – falling and standing up again, until change is real)
we start 5 after the hour

Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem8:59 pm
I see this taking in light and making it part of my self awareness is really nice – so far. I did act in energy though today when talking to X about the lockdown – but I was able to steer the situation. FULFILLNESS has been my living word today – I will look at CONTENT to. I notice also that i share more unconditional – though some insecure hesitation (fear of screwing up) – but I am more easily able to give support and share with calm – from my heart – to another and that has already had an effect – to fill another – from being FULFILLED myself

Susan Spies9:05 pm
Good evening all – let’s BEGIN! Let’s focus ourselves and the weakness(es) identified yesterday – into practical living solutions, HOW CAN I CHANGE THIS WEAKNESS within me?
REMEMBER, the simplest most direct route is the best – not to overcomplicate the solution/living change

Anna Brix Thomsen9:07 pm
I sat down with myself this morning and wrote a blog on the point. I grounded/centered myself and made a commitment to create more balance. And had a great day, being present and physical and in tune with my body.

Susan Spies9:08 pm
for example, for me, Sunette – I realised the LIST of points/dimensions I reacted to with the space, time, close quarters and people – I couldn’t change in ONE DAY, but I have the list here with me I go through in the mornings to see which handful of points I can direct. For instance, today – I realised there is a RELATIVE schedule with everyone in the house when it comes to busyness, movement and sound, so I can CHANGE MY SCHEDULE AROUND and TAKE OPPORTUNITIES when they happen in moments during the day = stay on the lookout and be AWARE when a space and time opens up
例如,对我Sunette来说——我领悟到我对空间、时间、近距离和人们起反应的点/维度的清单——我无法在一天里改变,但是我有这个清单在这里与我在一起,在早上我检查去看看哪一些点我可以指导。比如,今天——我领悟到每个人在房子里都有一个相对的日程安排 当提到忙碌、移动和声音,因此我可以改变我的日程安排在周围并且当它们发生在白天在片刻中时把握机会=保持警惕并且是觉察的当一个空间和时间打开时
Additionally, to NOT ACCEPT/ALLOW myself to get FRUSTRACTED/REACT when I cannot do what I intended to accomplish, but rather see WHAT ELSE i can do to fill in a gap of time

Anna Brix Thomsen9:09 pm
I realized that simply because I’m exploring the mind, does not mean I have to lose myself in it, or give myself over to it. I realized that I’ve believed that you’re EITHER in mind or in awareness. I didn’t consider the possibility of me directing my mind (in this context at least) WITH/WITHIN Awareness, and that I can remain grounded and in touch with myself/my body, even though I’m exploring mind points.
I also realized that I can simply make adjustments in how I move through my day, and what I give priority to. And then I worked with the point of daring to trust myself to walk this.

Susan Spies9:10 pm
So, I’ve essentially done TWO THINGS: look at my reality through perspective of OPPORTUNITY instead of claustrophobia and when and as I do react, to rather see how I can CONTRIBUTE to changing something instead of giving my power away to my emotions inside myself
Anna Brix Thomsen9:10 pm
That’s a cool solution Sunette
Susan Spies9:11 pm
Yes, it is with Awareness/Self Awareness that you walk through the mind, connect with self MORE and so the body and go deeper into consciousness, SIMULTANEOUSLY strengthening your awareness within self, mind and body

Kim S9:11 pm
I have learnt of late to be gentle with myself as the mind – and to try to approach my backchat that sometimes comes racing in when I wake up is to smile and have a little moment with myself where I confront the back chat in a kind of ‘come on now, what are we up to here’ and I find so far this is effective in dissipating and disempowering the back chat
It’s like I make it nothing important

Anna Brix Thomsen9:12 pm
Yes. Its a new process for me. Its also new for me to trust myself. So also cutting myself some slack, as I’m learning and adjusting.

Caroline9:12 pm
I have trouble trying to remember my opportunities

Susan Spies9:12 pm
Tormod Tormod – the sharing above is a good example of STARTING CHANGE, when you become aware of a reaction/point WHILE talking with someone/doing something, then understanding it and doing your best to direct it in the moment. The more you PRACTISE CHANGE in the moment, instead of giving into the emotions, the more easier it becomes to be self and direct the mind
Tormod Tormod ——上面的分享就是一个开始改变的好例子,当你变得觉察到一个反应/点在与某人交谈/做某事期间时,那么理解它并且尽你所能去指导它在这一刻。越多你练习改变在这一刻而不是屈服于情绪,就越容易变得是/成为自己并指导心智。

Ingrid9:13 pm
Last weekend and weeks before we spoke a lot about inferiority and superiority – where I see that my reactions from before the lock down (when it is more crowded etc) is coming from this polarity within me and I then often go into a position of superiority in and as a reaction, where I – now I see it related to this position – I clearly see/feel within myself: that is not what I want and a real shame about it. This I will use as a reference point and motivation within myself to change and to investigate why this polarity comes up – I have within this now a better self understanding (so self-forgiveness / an opening up of this) and so something to work with

Daniel Malara9:13 pm
one practical support I’m toying with to support myself within becoming more directive with myself is waking up earlier and dedicating some time to writing and reflecting and planning. I find that it’s easier to face myself from the get go, before I accumulate and build momentum within my mind, as the justifications etc.
一个我正在玩耍的实际支持去支持我自己在变得对我自己更多指导的之中 是早起并且花一些时间去书写和反省并计划。我发现从最开始更容易面对我自己,在我累积并建立动力在我心智里作为辩解等等之前。

Susan Spies9:14 pm
Ah yes, that’s a nice one KimS – Kim – we tend to forget how WHO WE ARE THE MOMENT/MOMENTS of waking up and leading into the awakening of self in the morning can define you and your day….good reminder to check in with self in the mornings before getting out of bed!

Valentin Rozman9:14 pm
I too have looked at how I can improve my movement during the day. So I changed from previously not having much of a plan what I would do in a day and allowing interests of others to direct me into writing down all my goals, breaking it into tasks and having all day planned ahead. That gave me more motivation and I have now less need of rests during the day.

Anna Brix Thomsen9:14 pm
Oh and then I’ve been working with the point of seeing the body as a vessel, or I’ve been looking at it, and then I’ve been breathing into my whole body, like occupying and feeling the whole length of whole body. I didn’t do it deliberately as a point to support me with integrating into the body AS me, but I see now that it is helping with that, so now I’l do it with more awareness.

Susan Spies9:16 pm
Interesting point of awareness Ingrid – I have found, for me, Sunette, when I use superiority – I am actually within myself INITIALLY reacting in inferiority/feeling cornered or AFRAID that others will see the real shy/inferior/judgmental me; THEN, instead of that coming up within me or showing any indication of that – I channel myself into superiority, ego, trying to be MORE THAN others to OVERSHADOW them with my MIND BRIGHT LIGHT lol
So, Ingrid – a point to look into, I suggest is that initial SPEEDY fleeting reaction, where you actually compare yourself to others, feel weak/inferior and then instead compensate/try and protect yourself by going into superiority/ego

Garbrielle9:16 pm
With the panic point, i have been practicing working with my direct location point, or like my direct self, so taking some breathes and moving into words such as self care, self understanding, and also working with my physical reality, so understanding that i can only do so much and also i can not as much as i’d like to at this stage effect the world out there, but i can work with my moment to moment application inside myself to stop the reactions, live something that will support me and my living, like writing a blog, working on work projects, working on my goals i have in my physical reality, like doing a veggie garden, and within that ensure i find balance for time to chillax and enjoy myself, even for a moment outside in the sun for example, so working with direct living reality as my living word change process to live in these states of panic i go into since this virus has started

Susan Spies9:17 pm
Very cool Valentin @valentinrozman – very constructive and productive, which will ensure you to be grounded and the time you have to be used effectively to source into creativity and manifestion
Valentin @valentinrozman 非常酷——非常建设性和富有成效的,这将确保你是/成为扎稳的以及你必须有效利用的时间,去来源成创造力和显现

Rebecca Dalmas9:18 pm
I looked at how I can become intense in wanting to take action . With the sales scenario it is a desire to confront things . How do I take that and my desire to “ know” and transform that into sharing and speaking up in ways that address what is in the moment to asking questions that take where a person is at and allow them to open up to change . Like , instead of reacting in anger and righteousness take that into creative play to open up change ? Instead of being intensely emotional , be intensely playful and accepting ! I have seen this work but have not systematized it in some ways
我察看我如何才能变得强烈在想要采取行动方面。对于销售情境它是一个去面对事情的欲望。我如何拿起这个以及我的欲望去“知道”并将这个转换成分享和说出来 以一种说话在这一刻是什么的方式去问一些一个人处在哪里的问题并允许他们打开去改变。就像,取代了在愤怒和正当中起反应,(而是)将这个带入创造性有助于打开的改变?取代了强烈的情绪化,(而是)热情的好玩和接受!在某种程度上我已经看到这一切运作但还没有系统化。
I also like that point of remembering simplicity !

Susan Spies9:20 pm
Garbrielle Garbrielle – can relate to the panic, sometimes, as I shared yesterday – the energy within me is SO OVERWHELMING, like one day I got so irritated, frustrated and annoyed with the littlest things, or go into intense stress/panic and I would wish we had a punching bag or a place where I could just run and run and run – like it feels like SO MUCH energy within me wanting release = a method that’s been helping me when I find myself in such possessive states is to actually let the energy overwhelm me, go deep inside of me – how and why I do this is:
Garbrielle Garbrielle ——有时候可以关联到恐慌,如同我昨天分享的——能量在我里面如此的压倒性,好像某一天我变得如此生气、挫败和烦恼关于小的事情,或走进强烈的压力/恐慌,而我会希望我们有一个吊袋(可以去打它)或一个地方在那里我可以一直跑啊跑啊跑——就像它感觉这么多能量在我里面想要释放=当我发现我自己在这种迷占状态中时一种对我有帮助的方法是,去实际上让能量淹没我、进入我内在的深处——如何以及为什么我这样做,是:
I lie down on the bed, breathe, focus on the energy and imagine that I am this pool of infinite darkness – every cell, eternal and just let the energy into this eternity
let the energy drop and go into it, and fascinatingly enough lol – I calm down rather quickly, because the energy just disappears as I remind myself then and there the space of life eternal within and as me as the physical and energy stands no chance in the name of life

Valentin Rozman9:20 pm
I am within the new planning habit also clocking the individual tasks, recording start and finish time and duration of all the tasks and thus becoming more aware how much time I need to do some kind of a task. One day is passing for me very quick now since I simply do a drilldown of my daily task list and do not need to pause and wonder what I will do next. I feel now like every day being very short and this I push myself to do things faster in order to complete more things in a day. So now I already have to slow myself down in order not to panic due to lack of time, lol.

Ingrid9:22 pm
yes Sunette indeed cool, I was also looking at this like, there must be a point of inferiority in advance within me – I need to look at this in the moment. I however do compare a lot within my mind, almost an automatically program running within me

Garbrielle9:22 pm
nice Sunette i will test this one out, i like that a lot and will see how it goes, yes the panic can be so overwhelming and frightening in a way, but cool, i’ll practice this
Susan Spies9:22 pm
Yes, I found in the past when I’m already in that possessive energy state and TRYING to do forgiveness while in it or writing or talking, it just got worse lol – so I first have to STEP OUT OF THE STATE and THEN LOOK at what created the energy, this application allowed me to also see the ORIGIN of the energy much clearer and faster together with what to forgive and change
Kim S9:23 pm
Yes me too Sunette it’s like the point gets bigger and moves quicker within me I go into a racing then it’s impossible to move it

Sylvia Gerssen9:23 pm
The first point that opened up and which I shared yesterday came down to having to trust myself within all the information available and that I basically judged myself for not being up to trust myself because I didn’t know all the answers that I thought I needed to guide myself through it. So I now see that I do not need all the answers up front, I need to trust myself that through being here and weighing the situation at hand should be enough to work from. That part of self trust will not be here over night, it is just that I got to grasp that having all the answers is not so much about self trust, more about control.

Garbrielle9:24 pm
Also Sunette i am realizing that the mind is actually making it out to be much worse then it is, it’s like each time, the point turns out to be nothing of what i expected it to, so also to realize this and not go into a crazy tirade so to speak, but yes just breathe and find a way, i’ll test out also what you suggested above

Rebecca Dalmas9:25 pm
I also notice and am somewhat frightened by using how the mind works to take that and make more complex nasty reactions in moments when I feel I am facing resistance in responses – that accusatory tense . I realize I fear this and yet my while life have moved in some ways to confront it – like it bothers me on a fundamental level – and always has

Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem9:25 pm
for me what also happens is I go into insecurities – from fearing to screw up and from doing actual screw ups – like I did today when talking in energy to X – so I end up feeling rather insecure about my nature and what I should do in any situation

Susan Spies9:26 pm
Rebecca @rebdalmas – with systematizing the change/real time change with identifiable mind constructs/personalities/emotions you go into is taking them one by one – have a look at the DETAIL of how you tend to automatically react and then see with equal detail how you can rather support yourself to be different in such moments. Not being able to flow into change in moments simply means you haven’t yet spent enough time DESIGN the living word change/the exact HOW to change from a mind reaction to a different word, presence or behavior
Rebecca @rebdalmas——关于系统化改变/实时改变随着你进入的可辨认心智建构/人格/情绪正在一个接一个拿起它们——察看你如何倾向于自动反应的细节,而然后看到同等的你如何可以宁可支持你自己在这样的片刻里是/成为不同的细节。不能流入改变在片刻中只意味着你还没有花足够时间设计活字词改变/确切如何改变从一个心智反应到一个不同的字词、呈在或行为。
So, an example Rebecca @rebdalmas is when you become frustrated and you clench your fists and purse your lips, tighten your body in a real time reaction – to notice it, be aware of it and then instead immediately SOFTEN your hands, take a deep breath, fold your hands GENTLE around your hips into a little hug and rather ask yourself “okay, what can be done to resolve this moment instead of react?”
@rebdalmas 因此Rebecca,一个例子是当你变得沮丧然后你紧握拳头并抿紧嘴唇、绷紧身体在一个实时的反应中时——去注意到它,觉察到它,并然后取而代之的是立刻软化你的手、深吸一口气、让你的双手温和的交叉在你的臀部形成一个小小的拥抱,并且宁可问你自己“好的,可以做什么来解决这一刻而不是起反应?”
Rebecca Dalmas9:29 pm
Yes @Sunette . To realize those moments when things were fun and smooth and things opened up because that past is no longer here . Then when that same pressure comes
Forward to address it and find the point to then move forward again .

Susan Spies9:29 pm
Ingrid – the COMPARISON is one of the things that lead to inferiority, self judgment, less than, weakness – so, look into the comparisons, see what energy it fuels and how you use superiority towards in these moments
Ingrid ——比较是导致次等、自我评判、少于、弱点的东西之一——因此调查比较,看看它给什么能量加燃料以及你如何利用优越朝向在这些片刻中

Ingrid9:31 pm
Then with regards to physical things – I tend to place so much attention on it/myself in it when it is at a peak, where I do not find a solution because I look from within my mind in/as fear as a fear that it will not go away and then at the end of the day I am exhausted by this – where yesterday in the chat I picked up (thanks Sunette) to when and as it is at it’s peak, to give myself a ‘break’ and leave it for the moment and focus within myself on other things, to let my body do it’s thing and not make it more constricted with my consciousness on it – today that went better within the moment, not that exhausted by it as yesterday and less severe at the end of the day (not speaking about ‘severe’ new physical ailments but build up physical points to walk through that comes up more strong when I need to face a mindpoint in it) – and then also training myself to when it is not that active or in a good period, to pay more attention if and when I build it up – if this is happening.

Susan Spies9:33 pm
Sylvia @SylviaG68 – yes, can relate to SELF TRUST – this is MyKey here through the Portal, for me – self trust and fear of failure was two of THE MOST challenging dimensions within me, together with the close third: actually genuinely forgiving myself, walking through the hurdle of deserving forgiveness (WOW what a mind fuck that was!) anyway…on the self trust, I used it as I did DOUBT, whenever I doubted my trust, I would double check, ask someone, or just JUMP IN lol knowing that there’s no other way but forward and when I do make a MISS-TAKE, I know NOT THAT WAY and give another way a go. Yet, looking back now throughout all my existential memories – every time I doubted and didn’t fully trust myself, yet moved – was when I learned the most, the deepest and memorable
Sylvia @SylviaG68 ——是的,可以关联到自我信任——这是米基在这里通过连接口,对我来说——自我信任和害怕失败是两个最具挑战性的维度在我里面,连同紧随其后的第三个:实际上真正宽恕我自己,行走通过值得宽恕的障碍(哇,一个心智他妈的是什么!)不管怎样……关于自我信任,我就像我的确怀疑一样使用它,无论何时我怀疑我的信任,我会再次确认、询问某人、或只是跳进去哈哈,知道除了前进别无它法,而当我的确犯了一个错误(MISS-TAKE:错过拿起)时,我知道不是那种方法然后试试另一种方法。然而,现在回顾遍及所有我的存在的记忆——每一次我怀疑并且没有完全信任我自己,仍然移动——是当我学得最多、最深并且难忘的时候
I’d say there is a FINE DIMENSION where self trust is a CONSTANT, but I to this day believe and know that self trust, as with mySELF and awareness is something that always continues to grow, expand, learn, deepen and build

Valentin Rozman9:34 pm
I also need to do more about judging myself since there are few moments in a day where I notice criticising something that I did or have been thinking about and then I react with suppressed anger that result in some skin itching around my genital area.

Ingrid9:35 pm
Where I am quite sure that the physical constrictions are related to this point of comparison, reacting in it, inferiority and superiority and to not feel inferior, go into blame as well – all within myself and suppressed for a long time

Susan Spies9:37 pm
Oh yes Garbrielle Garbrielle – our minds can genuinely play tricks on our weaknesses – playing out those worst case scenarios, but when REALITY, what is REAL comes and we see and experience with our REAL-EYES/I’s/self: it’s the total opposite and our minds used a simulated future event, fuelled it with emotion in ourselves and trapped ourselves into a possession. Takes time, but will with more practise start noticing these worst case scenrario mind games – HOWEVER, with that being said:
哦是的Garbrielle ——我们的心智真的可以捉弄我们的弱点——播出那些最坏的情境,但是当现实,什么是真实的来到时,而我们用我们真正的眼睛/我的/自己来看见并体验:它是完全相反的,而我们的心智使用一个模拟的未来事件,用情绪给它加燃料在我们自己里面并把我们自己限困到一个迷占中。这需要时间,但是将用更多的练习开始注意到这些最坏情境的心智游戏——然而,话虽如此:
worst case scenrarios aren’t a BAD THING, do walk through them, see who you’d be IF it were to happen, and you’ll still see: I AM HERE, you’d be okay, it may be challenging – but you’ll survive 🙂
So, use the WCS the mind plays out to your advantage to practise your self trust, directive principle and solutions

Sylvia Gerssen9:37 pm
Yes, Mykey/Susan that’s how I experience it as well, the self trust maturing along with maturing in life. In this case with the co called corona crisis my mind made it a bigger deal to be sure to know what to do otherwise the MISS TAKE would be unforgivable. So another fuck up layer added to it.

Valentin Rozman9:37 pm
I prepared a month ago a list of self-commitments and things that I am thankful about that I read aloud every morning. It includes also stopping every emotional reaction immediately and transforming that pattern. Initially I read this list three times per day but I was not able to keep with such discipline. So I do it now only once per day and I managed to be consistent with reading it every single day.

Anna Brix Thomsen9:40 pm
One thing that I do regularly, is that I remind myself of the “bigger picture”, the existential process – it immediately lifts the whole point I’m looking at, and often when I do, I realize that it isn’t really a big deal.
Like: “What is it that we’re doing here? Who am I?”
And then I’m like: “Ohh right. We’re in this existential process. Anu. Separation. Being. Got it.” And very often, what I thought was an issue, was in fact a mind distraction or sabotage point.

Susan Spies9:45 pm
Ingrid – cool practical approach with taking a step back when you see you’re trying to figure out change/a point IN THE MIND while IN THE STATE…keep it up, with practise will become easier to see when the energy takes over, and trying TOO MUCH AND TOO HARD to look for a soluition where you almost actually go into a FIGHTING/SUPPRESSION with the point = when you actually need to slow down, STEP BACK , let the point go for a moment and RE-RTAKE it later when you’re more stable
There is time 😉

Rebecca Dalmas9:45 pm
Yes the WCS can be turned into a way to face the moment to realize solutions and build self trust
Yes , that moment when “ too hard “ comes
Up stepping back is helpful – I have also used that point

Susan Spies9:48 pm
Tormod Tormod with regards to looking back at moments when you notice you haven’t been your best, – this is MyKey here through the Portal, I once remember a CHILD in EXISTENCE explaining to a being who had just crossed over and thoroughly judged the life they had lived and had difficulty forgiving – the child said to this being: “look at the MEMORIES as STORIES you were in, REAL LIFE STORY MOMENTS that happened. So, now – you don’t like who you were, what you did ’cause a part of you knows you could have been better. All you do now is CHANGE THE STORY, REWRITE THE STORY. Go back into the memory and LIVE IT DIFFERENTLY – WRITE THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE, changed. This wll not change the PAST, but it WILL CHANGE YOU in the present and so the FUTURE STORY you will write in your living”
this to me, was a beautiful way to look at yourself in past moments – to make peace with the fact that, yes, I cannot change it, but I can change me within it to be better for my future moments with future people
ahhh life and process through the eyes of a child = always extraordinary
Ingrid9:50 pm
Ah yes goodness Sunette I then even suppress it again – that makes sense, I feel that in that moment, like I totally focus it in a ‘stoned’ position, meaning frozen as stone lol. Cool I will continue practising in stepping back and slowing down

Anna Brix Thomsen9:49 pm
Bernard used to say to do that with nightmares; re-write them.
And when I re-wrote the nightmare, something powerful changed inside of me.
Ingrid9:55 pm
ah literally rewrite the nightmares – cool Anna! will do that as I was looking at how to become more aware within the dream itself and how to start – I will start with literally rewriting it

Ida Bra Ingadottir9:51 pm
Now.. my point drastically changed into a panic since yesterday. I can see that there is an intense fear of having missed something that could have been good and having to face it in the afterlife or later and then the intense regret. Susan
现在……从昨天起我的点彻底改变成一个恐慌。我可以看到有一个强烈的 害怕已经错过某些本来可以更好的事物和不得不在死后或以后来面对它和然后强烈的后悔,Susan

Rebecca Dalmas9:51 pm
Cool ! I see using this when people open up and tell their storied “ fears “ to embrace that because it cannot define our actions , and to in the moment rewrite the outcome in sharing what could be and how to walk that – even helping others discover how they have actually had moments when they did live a moment of real caring and what that looked like
酷!我看到使用这个 当人们打开心扉并讲述他们传说中的“害怕/恐惧”去拥抱这一切时,因为这不能定义我们的行动,并且去在这一刻重新书写后果以分享什么可能是以及如何行走这一切——甚至帮助其他人发现他们如何实际上已经有片刻当他们的确活一个真正关心的片刻时,以及这看起来像什么

Jan Megens9:51 pm
Step back
In relation to feedback, my experience was mostly I react rigid, as the behavior I was used to, I made an assumption, which I accepted as my belief, in moments where I thought – this feedback is a attack. I looked at this point already during the weekly chat with my buddy. Being patient, Selfhonest and step back, look at the words as meaning. And stand equal with what happens inside, do not defend and attack, do not blame what happens inside. Let it be and then write Selfhonest Selfforgivenesses. And I know When I step into the choice of attack, the anger personality is at work.

Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem9:53 pm
“CHANGE THE STORY, REWRITE THE STORY” – thanks Sunette / MyKey for sharing that little storry ! I take this with me to see what I can change. Thanks a lot – I am very gratefull. My heart says thanks

Susan Spies9:55 pm
Valentin @valentinrozman with regards to self criticism – this is MyKey here, I found that I shift into that dimension, with an emotion of anger/disappointment/frustration and grievance when I SELF HONESTLY know I can push more, or COULD HAVE, but didn’t – so when I go into that construct, I remind myself I am hiding behind a form of self blame instead of going into action = so have to in these moments pull up your socks and your dignity and look at where you have been postponing, excusing, procrastinating
@valentinrozman Valentin,关于自我批评——这是米基在这里,我发现我转移到那个维度,关于一个愤怒/失望/挫败和不满的情绪当我自我诚实的知道我可以推进更多、或本来能够,但并没有时——因此当我进入那个建构时,我提醒我自己我正躲藏在一种自我责备的形式后面而不是付诸行动=因此必须在这些片刻拉起你的袜子和你的尊严并察看你一直在哪里推迟、找借口、拖延

Susan Spies9:58 pm
Interesting Jan Jan – that’s a very clear sharing, showing you are becoming practically aware of the detail of that personality/mind construct and reaction – how it leads to decisions/behaviour and the consequences. So it’s a similar action as what I do when the energy gets too much: just let it be within me, look at it, embrace it in a way – do your best to NOT REACT TO THE REACTION so to speak lol and then go into fighting/suppressing
Yes, that one is a tricky design – when you react to your reactions, the snake biting its own tail – never ending spiral

Ida Bra Ingadottir9:58 pm
I was looking at anxiety and how it is this opportunity to see it as you are being challenged on something that is new, something that you don’t have a context for and with changing the starting point, embracing the anxiety while also incorporating a creativeness and excitement for this new challenge. And then tried to transfer that into when there is panic. But that did not work quite as well. I think that it is harder because when it has reached panic it is so physical.. and possibly that the fear point is deeper set or more integrated than when there is only anxiety? Susan
我在察看焦虑,和它如何是这个机会去看到它当你在某些新的事情、某些你没有一个脉络的东西上受到了挑战时,而随着改变出发点、拥抱焦虑同时也为这个新的挑战融入了一个创造性和兴奋感。并然后当有一个恐慌时试图将那个转移到。但是这还没有完全奏效。我认为它更难因为当它已经到达恐慌时它是如此物质/身体的……并且可能比起当只有焦虑的时候 害怕/恐惧点是更深层的设置或更多整合?Susan
Susan Spies10:00 pm
Ida, the depths and extent of what you are accessing here – your mind, being and body is suggesting:
Ida, 在这里你正在接取什么的深度和程度——你的细致、存有和身体,是建议:
to DRAW what you feel/are going through
transfer/”WRITE OUT” the experience through drawing – this will release the energy constructively and as you draw, look at the things coming up that stand out for you and forgive in real time while you draw, cry if you feel like it, yell if you must, punch the pillow, dance – it’s olike there’s this force within you that needs release, but best to do it where you are in control
hence, to draw and while drawing, it’ll open up more and how to direct it

Rebecca Dalmas10:01 pm
I find that sometimes within interactions with others one has been calm and shared a different way , yet people need time to process things . Usually , within such situations there is less reaction .

Susan Spies10:04 pm
Give that a go Ida Bra Ida and see what opens up
Ida Bra Ida,试一试并看看什么会打开
Ida Bra Ingadottir10:05 pm
ok.. When you said this.. to DRAW it is like I went completely quiet… and almost like I just cant grasp it. Like it does not make sense. And this is me intellectualizing I guess. Because it sits right but at the same time it´s like ”how can that do anything for me now!!??” I want to understand this now now now! Susan but thank you 💗
Susan Spies10:07 pm
lol, with this bringing up the reaction above, we hit the nail on the head; so it’s a cool indicator of this is exactly what then to do
cause the MIND FROZE 😉 lol

Susan Spies10:07 pm
All, we go to here for tonight
push through the resistance, play – remember to do something each day YOU ENJOUY PLEASE!!!
remember to LIVE! lol we tend to forget to live, be here, enjoy yourself for a moment/time/phase and let go and let be

Ida Bra Ingadottir10:08 pm
was this for me?
Susan Spies10:09 pm
for everyONE ida Ida Bra – even me/us here in the Portal 🙂
Ida Bra,为每一个人——甚至我/我们在这里在连接口

Susan Spies10:10 pm
we won’t be here tomorrow evening, but we’ll see all THURSDAY and check in with the real time solutions/change
Speak Thursday!