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SunetteSpies — 2023/08/17 01:55
Hi @everyone @here - we won't be able to make chat this evening. We'll be able to resume chat tomorrow evening. Also gives me and the beings to read through last night's chat and add and share some more insights and perspectives. So, we have another day to reflect on the initial good/great/better things and the challenging/difficult things we are facing and how to work with and through them best. Again, all the beings will be here with and through the Portal so if anyone gets stuck in how to move into change with the difficult/challenging dimensions and/or how to better/evolve/push the good/great dimensions into something more - we'll be here to assist and support
Thanks all, read you tomorrow

Sunette: my one good thing, which took me a lot of time to actually acknowledge, appreciate and recognise has been raising Areah and the support I am giving to the individual person she is becoming; it's just been astounding for me to see the person she is becoming as a testament to process as a whole on so many levels
Sunette: 我的一件好事情,这花了我许多时间去实际上承认、欣赏并认可一直在抚养Areah以及我在给予她正在成为的个人的支持;对我来说,去把她正在成为的人看作对进程作为一个整体在如此多层面上的一个证明
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 02:55
So, here for me - for my good/stronger/best point: I am going to continue with my daily recognitions, self recognitions of what I have CONTRIBUTED to Areah becoming who she is, without any direct family involvement. Building my strength, vigilance, solidity - in knowing I did this with me, Daryn and her primarily. And, who I am with her - testament to my mother, grandmother, father and Bernard - most of all process. I am ever so grateful to have the awareness and dedication I have as a person and now as a mother because of Bernard and this process that has come to life. And moving forward as the portal, as Bernard's legacy - to contribute as much as I can to people's lives to be a living testament of the beauty of life we can create for ourselves and others
Yeah, that's one of my worst processing points right now - really on all levels Portalling with me and the beings without him, it's just us as Process and a big part of me really wanting him to be here to push me
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 02:58
Correction with the point/process with Bernard not being 'here': I am beginning The Portal and I series as a process of healing and sharing for myself and for all - to get to know ME AS SUNETTE, a person, a being, an individual with Portalling - and through this, realising, remembering and reminding myself he's actually more alive in with and through me than ever before (已编辑)
I'm learning about it now with my Mother, even though during the time of family children relationships when I grew up there was no "intimate" sharings between parents and children - with raising Areah, I am sensing, feeling, 'channeling' if you will so many LIVING MEMORIES through me as I am raising Areah as my mother raised us kids in her physical lifetime

SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:02
So, even though I can contact and connect with my mother's being on the other side/hereafter/here in the physical - the one thing she, as Bernard also said is: I am always HERE, live yourself - trust your gut (已编辑)
Yes, both memories of what my Mom and Bernard said in different ways
My Mom said "your are so strong, you are going to be so delicate - but you are stronger than you know" - Bernard said "don't be ME, be you"
In their own words they told me to be me, the shitty experience of that was figuring out WHO IS ME
I got there
over the years
but that is a story for the Portal and I series
So - I have shared how I am going to be working through my primary good/bad points
We have read through each and every one's sharing here thus far
Thank you so much for sharing
for being brave and humble to share with everyone here
I know it's not easy for some
So, now - to know: all beingness's of everyone present on chat is here through the Portal
Are there any good/bad points you need support with?

caroline — 2023/08/18 03:09
Hi all beings, for me My memory I’m finding it difficult to remember when I should be apply myself within my spoken words. Thx
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:18
@caroline this is your being mind and body here - we're seeing it's not so much about difficulty remember, but maybe needing some more basic practical examples in every day life in your personal life to live living words - what is living words in my personal daily life
We see we haven't actually in detail mapped out what it means to make LIVING WORDS personal to your unique life
@caroline 这是你的存有心智和身体在这里——我们看到这不是那么多关于难以记得,而是可能需要再多一些基本的实际例子在日常生活里在你的个人生活中去活活字词——在我个人的日常生活中什么是活字词
So, we'll have Jesus on it: how to make living words PERSONAL and PRACTICAL to each one's unique life, environment, culture, family and all dimensions/dynamics involved

Christoph Badelt — 2023/08/18 03:11
With my weak point, difficulties with expressing my needs, i am just watching dimensions of it-the complexity of it, f. Sometimes resistance to my needs, fear. Fear of accepting my needs, myself, and not wanting to face them.. So a dimension of self sabotage. Fear of conflict. And wanting to stay safe within not having any needs.
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:21
@Christoph Badelt have to be more grounded and specific here - give is real time everyday examples where the needs complexities and fears come up; maybe just start with one example
@Christoph Badelt 必须是/成为更加扎稳和特定在这里——给予是实时的日常的例子在那里需要的复杂性和害怕/恐惧出现;可能只是从一个例子开始

Garb — 2023/08/18 03:12
Hi Sunette, I have a point where as of late, been feeling depressed and like a point of melancholy, though when i listen to things specifically eqafe/bernard for instance, i get motivated, and can move myself more easily out of this depression point, i have been doing sf, and pushing my application, exercising, reading. work, ect. is there some points you can see that i can be more self motivated, or is it part of life to be inspired/motivated by others, thanks
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:24
@Garb this is your mind, being and body - the ONLY ONE POINT we're seeing is you not acknowledging and recognising and celebrating HOW MUCH you are already doing for yourself and others. YES - we do practically need one another to check in to crossreference, just as the beings in existence do TWICE A DAY they all come together every day to check in on themselves and each other
@Garb 这是你的心智、存有和身体——唯一的一个点我们看到是你没有承认和认出并庆祝你已经为你自己和他人做了多少。是的——实际上我们的确需要彼此来检查以相互参照,正如存在的存有的确一天两次他们每天全都聚集起来去检查他们自己与彼此
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:25
So, @Garb if you would write down all you are doing for YOU in a list and all you are CONTRIBUTING to others - time to see yourself woman, lady, person, being, SELF
and then @Garb go one step further
what THOUGHT PATTERN is making you less than all that you are right now
因此,@Garb 如果你会把所有你为你而做的在一个清单中写下来,以及所有你贡献到他人的——是时候看到你自己了,女人、女士、人、存有、自己
而然后@Garb 更进一步
Garb — 2023/08/18 03:26
ok cool is it a system/program/personality, lol cause its the last place i would have looked
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:26
So, step 1 - make a list of all you are doing for yourself and others, and STEP 2 - identify the thoughts and backchats making you any less than what your are actually doing - work through them, break through them and stop 'em
Garb — 2023/08/18 03:28
ok, cool, make sense, i'll take them one at a time, appreciate it Sunette

Jim McDaniels — 2023/08/18 03:13
Way cool
My main bad point is perhaps or perhaps not, is getting physically older. I’m 58 now and also tied to my desiring to be with guys 15 years younger than me. My wanting to be forever 30!
Yet I have made progress on this point.

Tormod — 2023/08/18 03:19
I see myself in you @Garb and in you @Jim McDaniels …. For you Garb, I will say keep on applying & do what supports you, and doors will open up. For you Jim, I am just with you. Seing myself and my sexual expression / desires is a major point for me. Much opening up atm. Not all easy.
我看到我自己在你@Garb之中 和在你@Jim McDaniels之中…… 对你Garb来说,我会说继续应用和做支持你的事情,而门会打开。对你Jim来说,我只是与你在一起。对我来说看见我自己与我的性表达/欲望是一个主要点。现在打开许多。并非都容易。
Garb — 2023/08/18 03:21
@Tormod thanks, yes, been taking it more easy and gentle on myself, this seems to be needed, but still want to push, getting that balance is something i am working on
@Tormod 谢谢,是的,更容易拿起它并且对我自己温和,这似乎是必要的,但仍然想要推进,取得这种平衡是我在工作于的一些事情
Tormod — 2023/08/18 03:24
Yea… gentleness is needed in this process. I often find myself in need of slowing down - my walking paste if anything… just to be able to - yes : move faster
Garb — 2023/08/18 03:29
yes indeed, that breathe pace is a guide i use to help with that

Jim McDaniels — 2023/08/18 03:23
Cool thanks Tormod.
For me, I need to focus on people’s eyes and getting to know the person on the inside. So change my view/vision. Instead of “checking out a guy’s crotch with my eyes and imagination”.
A deep connection and seeing the real person/being behind the picture presentation.
Also not go into comparison but instead honor me as who I am now right now.
Also to maintain an understanding that in one perspective I am everyone but in a different life.
Also abstain from porn and focusing on my body and sensations when having any sex.
I do like/enjoy being around the male/male persona. (已编辑)
Tormod — 2023/08/18 03:28
Sounds like you know how to move in this. For me I am much more a «freshman». Seing my own sexuality with new eyes. Recently it has been deepening and facinating. Scary and intimidating (?) funny word….
Jim McDaniels — 2023/08/18 03:38
Thank you
I have made progress on this I’d say, I’ve learned a good deal. I still is a bit of a like temptation. I had said in the past that if I was ever terminally ill, that I’d go out having lots of casual sex.
Yet I’m seeing through that illusion of sex and the flesh. It’s all a bit disappointing illusion and then it’s over.
But perhaps I’m rambling here instead of being constructive. Ha

Jorge_Omega — 2023/08/18 03:17
A bad point for me is trying to get through to people in a way of strong feeling and connection
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:34
@Jorge_Omega this is your mind being and body speaking- WHENEVER you feel you need to get through to OTHERS MORE THAN YOU: it's actually a mirror of points you personally need to get through for yourself; but are projecting onto others. So, stop for a moment with the others - and look into what points INSIDE YOURSELF need most attention, care, kindness, focus and support
@Jorge_Omega 这是你的心智存有和身体在说话——每当你感到你更需要去与他人沟通而非你时:这实际上是一面镜子关于你个人需要为你自己去通过的,但是投射到他人身上的点。因此,停止一会儿与他人在一起——并调查在你自己里面什么点最需要关注、关心、友善、专注与支持

Tormod — 2023/08/18 03:13
I just want to say thank you - beingness of Tormod for who you are and what you live. How you show yourself. Extraordinary process - unfolding, everyday
我只想要说谢谢你——Tormod的存有体 为你是谁和你活什么。你如何展示你自己。非凡的进程——每天,展开
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:36
@Tormod this is your mind being and body - you have surpassed and vanquished so many of the world's minds when it comes to how the mind works; you are one in a million and more with the life and process you walked and we genuinely hope you write a book or even start with a recording series of how you are still here as the extraordinary person you are despite everything you've been through
More people need to get get to know your process and know there is a life beyond, there is a SELF beyond whatever the mind and the world throws at you
@Tormod 这是你的心智存有和身体——你已经超越并征服这么多世界的心智当提到心智是如何运作的;你是万里挑一的,并且更多与你所行走的生活和进程在一起,而我们真的希望你写一本书或甚至从一个录音系列开始,关于尽管你所经历的一切你如何仍然是在这里作为你所是非凡的人

Matthew Stone — 2023/08/18 03:36
@SunetteSpies I just ordered another interview request.
We'd really like to hear from the same Lakota elder again. We'd like to continue the series with him. I even have some new questions prepared.
@SunetteSpies 我刚刚订购另一个访谈请求
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:39
lol @Matthew Stone as I read this could sense, feel, experience the beings' excitement as expression - it was actually two elders who came through a man, in the forefront, a lady in the background - so, in the next recordings will introduce them both and their sound names and why they came together but let the male speak in the forefront
It's also so close to the tribe where CHIEF came from who walked with Bernard in the beginning of his process
哈哈@Matthew Stone 当我阅读这些时可以感觉、感到、体验到存有的兴奋如同表达——实际上这是两位长者,他们过来通过一个男人站在最前面,一个女人站在后面——因此,在下一个录音中将介绍他们两位和他们的发声名字以及为什么他们一起过来,但是让男人站在最前面说话
Matthew Stone — 2023/08/18 03:40
I wondered about him! Thanks for sharing that.
I saw a recording from him before.
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:40
Gosh, Chief was one of the original natives in the americas
before they separated into tribes
but the tribe separation was also due to the creators influence
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:41
to create separation and " individuality"
So, a great history story in the making @Matthew Stone
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:42
most importantly
we'll align the chats for you and your wife and daughter
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:43
to pass on and live the wisdom they had then in the world and times of today
Goodness actually realising now
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:44
Also with the Children of Existence in the parenting series - we've been focused so much on the transfer of past consequence
not equally enough on supportive generational ripple effects
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:45
Okay, so we'll get the Children of Existence in the Parenting Series on how to identify SUPPORTIVE things passed on from peers and how to build on them even more

Jonathan Solorio — 2023/08/18 03:45
Also some support on why I am dead or feel so fucking dead from a certain perspective.. lol
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:48
@Jonathan Solorio your post doesn't match your reality, or is it that what you are posting on social media is not matching your reality
This will determine which one is true
@Jonathan Solorio 你的帖子与你的现实不符,或者是你在社交媒体上发布的内容与的你现实不符吗?
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:49
Are you REALLY feeling dead inside or is it your mind projecting unto your actual life/living experience

Ida — 2023/08/18 03:36
Interesting.. I have been thinking about this and the expression of maturing and coming into ones own unique fullness. I met a lady the other day that I used to know in our 20s. I looked into her and experienced her as so much more substantial after years of being a mother of 3 and being through her own things. Not that I know of I just see it in her. How she has grown and expanded as a being and I found it so beautiful. And it made me think of this point of this attraction to the endless youth. Which I don’t know if I agree with anymore on some levels at least. I mean its beautiful to see the joyful expression through people who have not had to go through hardship yet. But the beauty you see in those who have and have made something of themselves through it all is just so powerful and almost feels like this eternal thing. Like immensely attractive and intriguing.
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:46
Oh yeah - I would knight @Ida queen of iceland - you're doing such a beautiful and extraordinary process of walking yourself and sharing your country - now just to do our best to get ourselves knighted in our own environments and self processes
哦是的——我会封冰岛女王@Ida 为骑士——你在做这样一件美丽且非凡的进程关于行走你自己并分享你的国家——现在只是要尽我们所能去让我们自己在我们自己的环境和自我进程中成为骑士
Ida — 2023/08/18 03:54
Interesting I did crown/throne myself a couple of years ago. To honour the responsibility and connection to the land I walk on, the nature and the air I breathe, the water and the mountains and the time and history that is held in it all.
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:56
Create where it goes Lady
I have a project that I want to get going. I have started many times but somehow things keep Koenig in the way. or.. should I say.. myself. I don’t know what dimensions I am missing or if its the time. I fear jumping in and am not sure on so many points or if I’m fooling myself. Fear of being/doing something bad/wrong. So that’s a bad point I’d love support/input on if you can @SunetteSpies
Ida — 2023/08/18 03:57
Is this answer to this as well @SunetteSpies
@SunetteSpies 这也是对这一点的答案吗
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:57

Matthew Stone — 2023/08/18 03:49
@SunetteSpies You mentioned the man and women explaining their relation which is perfect because one of the questions I had was about gender roles/relationships/and hierarchy then in the tribe vs now in the world system. That's the main 3 points I had for them.
@SunetteSpies 你提到男人与女人解释他们的关系,这是完美的,因为我有的其中一个问题是关于性别角色/关系/和然后在部落中与现在在世界系统中的等级制度。这是我给他们的主要3个点
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:50
@Matthew Stone can't wait to do this recording request for you both - the "genetic gender roles' were so specific back then
Sometimes a male would even fill in for a female because he had more feminine energy and vice versa
It was about the ENERGY and SUBSTANCE value at the time
even though the people were genuinely male and female
It just depended on the substance energy
@Matthew Stone 迫不及待想要为你们俩做这个录音请求——在当时“基因性别角色”是如此的特别
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:51
but whoah
that is a loaded recording series and explanation
Matthew Stone — 2023/08/18 03:55
Kasha says she wants to know about the warrior famous in her tribe named Crazy Horse. (There is a statue of him not far from mount Rushmore we have been to.) I told her we can get into that for the 3rd request since we've already laid a specific foundation for this 2nd round.
Kasha 说她想要知道她的部落里名叫Crazy Horse的有名勇士。(有一座他的雕像离我们去过的拉什莫尔山不远)我告诉她我们可以在第3个请求中讨论这一点因为我们已经为第2轮请求奠定了一个特定的基础。
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:56
@Matthew Stone sounds good - looking forward to sharing it in the recordings
@Matthew Stone 听起来不错——期待在录音中分享它

SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:58
All, we're to here for this evening
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 03:59
If we didn't get to responding your questions - we'll do our best to get to them in next chat
For now
process and Sunette's life is generally flowing quite well
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 04:00
So, we'll make a date for Saturday evening

caroline — 2023/08/18 04:00
Thank you all mind beings bodies and also you sunette, I look forward to hearing from Jesus.
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 04:01
@caroline Sunette's interview process is continuing her Portal and I series, then Soul of Money to explain where is Desteni in the Equal Money System and Heaven on Earth and through all that, we'll keep you posted on the Jesus recordings (已编辑)
@caroline Sunette的访谈过程是继续她的门户与我系列,然后金钱的灵魂以解释在平等金钱系统与天堂在地球上之中Desteni在哪里,并通过所有这一切,我们会及时通知你们耶稣的录音

Garb — 2023/08/18 04:02
awesome, that is one i wanted to hear about update from the money system, thanks @SunetteSpies your doing awesome
SunetteSpies — 2023/08/18 04:02
So are you @Garb and all
@Garb 及各位,你们也是

Been fantastic reading all our ups and downs and despite it
we're here
moving forward and on and together
We'll keep you posted on Saturday
Thanks again all