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Wednesday, 4 November 2020
2020年11月4日 星期三
Sunette: Annoying thoughts and emotions through The Portal (the ones that, no matter how hard you try or what you apply – just doesn’t seem to budge/change) – why is this and what is the cause/source of just PERSISTENT PESTERING thoughts and emotions? We begin 5 after the hour

Sunette: We begin
Sunette: Alrighty, so -for this project we need all hands (and minds ) on deck

Sunette: Enki and Enlil through the Portal this evening – hi all
Sunette: Throughout the last few months we have observed, what we refer to as sticky, stubborn, immovable, unapproachable, and down-right pretentious “god-complex” like thoughts and emotions in the beings and bodies of humans
Sunette: What we mean by this is the following:
Sunette: We’re referring these emotions, thoughts, habitual behaviours and personalities as egotistical god-complexes, because they refuse to budge no matter the EFFORT we have observed people in process put into them when it comes to writing, forgiveness, real time change, reaching out for support etc. – they create this endless of loop of despair with few moments of reprieve in between, but ultimately, leads to form of depression, giving up, giving in, asking things like “what is the point of this all if nothing’s changing”
Sunette: Anyone can relate?
我们谈及这些情绪、想法、习惯性行为和人格如同自负的上帝情节,因为无论我们观察到人们在过程中他们付出了多少努力当提到书写、宽恕、实时改变、寻求支持等等时 他们都拒绝改变——他们创造了这种无止境的绝望循环,期间只有片刻的缓和,但最终,导致抑郁、放弃、屈服的形式,问事情就像“如果一切都没有改变,这一切还有什么意义”
Sunette: These thoughts, emotions, backchats, experiences are like glue on your shoe that just sticks and the more you try and move forward, the more it sticks even harder – taking one step forward and 10 steps back
Sunette: So, with our observations over the last months we have come up with some theories – but we’d need your support to cross-referencing our findings and insights

Daniel Malara: yes, I’ve noticed even a split within myself where “I” want to stop or change a behavior, but “I” as my actions, seem to go the opposite way for some points, and get caught up in this, especially if I’m only looking at my (+) intent, and not so much my (-) actions
Sunette: Dan – yes, so we’re on all platforms, us beings in existence aligned with the GOAL to support everyone to bring through a balance of intent in the mind and materializing it into action
Dan – 是的,因此我们在所有的平台上,我们在存在中的存有们对齐目标以支持每个人来带来通过一个专注的平衡在心智中并将它具体化为行动
Daniel Malara: very cool. It’s time to reconcile cognitive dissonance, because sustaining it….is not fun in the long run. Really seeing this as a ‘devil’s in the details’ kind of point, where we need to focus the microscope on the underlying motivations for every physical decision/action/manifestation
非常酷。是时候来调和认知失调了,因为维持它……从长远来看不好玩。真的将这视为一个 “魔鬼在细节中”那种点,在那里我们需要把显微镜聚焦在每一个物质/身体决定/行动/显现的下层面动机上

Sunette: So far we have managed to categorize these egotistical god-like mental constructs in the following MAIN categories:
Sunette: 1. There is some part of you, deep down, that HONESTLY DOESN’T WANT TO LET GO of the problem – there’s a part of you deliberately HOLDING ONTO the same thought, emotional pattern ’cause it’s addictively habitually – you’re getting something out of it OR AVOIDING something. In essence using this mental god complex to hide, excuse an action of change within you
1. 有你的一些部分、在心底,真的不想要放开这个问题——有你的一部分故意紧紧抓住同样的想法、情绪模式因为它是习惯性上瘾——你从它当中得到一些东西或避免一些事情。本质上利用这种心智的上帝情节去隐藏、给一个改变的行为找借口在你里面
Sunette: 2. The thoughts and emotions distracting and bothering you the most, the ones you fight with yourself with inside yourself the most is actually a CLEVER DIVERSION from your consciousness – keeping you more focused on the glue on the shoe, instead of a solution to get rid of the glue, move forward and look ahead = so this “problem” is PREVENTING you from moving forward and focusing / RE-FOCUSING your mind and self on living/creative words to BUILD/REBUILD/EXPAND yourself. But instead, you’re like a hamster on a wheel trapped in your own cycle
2. 想法和情绪最让你分心和烦扰,你最多与你自己斗争在你自己里面的那一个实际上是来自你意识体的一个聪明转移——保持你更专注于鞋子上的胶水,而不是去掉胶水、向前移动并向前看的一个解决方法 = 因此这个“问题”在阻止你向前移动和关注/将你的心智和自己重新聚焦到活/创造性字词上以建立/重建/扩展你自己。但反而,你就像一只在轮子上的仓鼠被困在你自己的循环中

Garbrielle: Sunette, can you define more what ‘mental god complex’ is? i can’t relate to it
Sunette: Garbrielle – “mental god complex” / “egotistical god complex” is where specific thought, emotional, habits, actions, personalities has garnered SO MUCH ENERGY from you, they’re in charge of your decisions and actions and so “play god” inside yourself and life actions
Sunette: And it’s these DISTRACTING PREOCCUPYING stuck in the mud mind constructs that keep us so busy, we lose touch and lose our footing with focusing on self creation and expansion: living words for example
Garbrielle – “心智的上帝情节”/“自负的上帝情节”是,在那里特定的想法、情绪、习惯、行动、人格从你之中已获得这么多能量,它们负责你的决定和行动和因此在你自己和生活行动中“扮演上帝”
Garbrielle: ah ok thanks for clarifying that Sunette

Sunette: So, so far we have mentioned two deviant and sly methods our consciousness use to refocus ourselves, attention, energy and creativity:
Sunette: 1. There’s a part of you not wanting to change, a part of you not honest about changing a habit – be it fear, laziness, doubt etc.
Sunette: 2. Your consciousness is sending you on a loop – doing the same thing over and over and over again
1. 有你的一部分不想要改变,你的一部分对改变一个习惯不诚实——可能是害怕/恐惧、懒惰、怀疑等等
2. 你的意识体让你进入一个环圈——一遍又一遍做着同样的事情
Sunette: Then LAST BUT NOT LEAST – the mind’s cleverness doesn’t end there! We’ve got out external triggers in people and events that happen during the way we then USE/ABUSE as excuses to fall back into those pesky pestering repetitive thoughts, emotions and backchats
Sunette: …and then go so far as blaming the external factors for our accepted and allowed internal fall
Sunette: With us so far?

Sunette: Alright, so for tonight – we’re going to keep the chat to here – let’s work with the basic groundwork first. What we’d like you to observe until our next chat Sunday evening at 21:0 0 is the following:
Sunette: One example of each:
Sunette: 1. What thought, backchat, habitual action am I actually deliberately not changing – even though there are those feelitings moments that come where I consciously know I can, but I still don’t? WHAT IS IT IN ME THAT IS CAUSING ME TO HOLD ONTO THIS PATTERN AND JUST NOT TAKE THE STEP TO CHANGE IT?
1. 什么想法、秘聊、习惯性行为我实际上故意不改变——即使有那些感觉的片刻来了 在那里我有意识地知道我可以,但我仍然不做?是什么在我之中导致了我紧紧抓住这个模式并只是没有迈出这一步去改变它?
Sunette: 2. Practise when you notice going into imagination, backchat, emotional reaction – take a breath and rather RECHANNEL THAT ENERGY DELIBERATELY and rather FOCUS YOUR SELF AND ENERGY on a new word, think/imagine, use your mind for something creative than falling into the loop of distraction and preoccupation
2. 当你注意到进入了想象、秘聊、情绪反应时练习——深呼吸并且宁可刻意的重新引导那个能量,而且宁可把你的自己和能量专注于一个新的字词、思考/想象,为某些事创造性的使用你的心智而非跌入分心和迷占的环圈
Sunette: 3. When you notice you’re blaming people and events for your reactions, actions and backchat – forgive yourself and see, once again, to look at the moment, person, even with fresh eyes, through new words to take on a difference approach/presence
3. 当你注意到你在因为你的反应、行动和秘聊而责备人们和事件时——宽恕你自己并看看,再一次,去察看这一刻、人,即使用新的眼光、通过新的字词来呈现一个不同的方法/呈在
Sunette: See whether in the coming days each one here can give as a specific example of each of the scenarios above and share your story
Sunette: Enki and Enlil and I will share our moments as we often encounter the above dilemmas and Sunette will also join in sharing her experiences as we all walk together

Sunette: During the course of the week up into Sunday, if anyone has any questions or need further clarification – do ask/post here and we’ll expand
Sunette: But for the meantime – all in for the exercise to identify, name the game of those sticky pesky pestering thoughts, patterns and constructs?
Sunette: Perfect, we’ll make a pre-booking here in Destonians for Friday 20:00 – to do a check in and check up with this project for those who are able to attend and then we’ll officially take the next steps to practical solutions on Sunday at 21:00 SA time
Sunette: So, for those who are able to make it Friday at 20:00 – we’ll be here for a Q&A session
Sunette: Thanks all for being here and we’ll check in with the process and progress Saturday!