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Soul of Money through the Portal – Water, Money & Life Flow

August 17, 2020

11:58:30, Sunette: Soul of Money through the Portal – discussing the WATERS of the EARTH, the MONEY of the SYSTEM and the LIFE FLOW in our BEING – how we dammed and pooled it up for self interest and greed and the consequences as well as solutions we have to face ahead of us

12:08:11, Sunette: Hi all, SOM through the Portal here – thank you for being here
嗨各位,SOM(Soul of Money金钱的灵魂)通过连接口在这里——谢谢你们是在这里
Let’s begin with the story of how this point opened up:
Sunette was sitting by her laptop, waiting for a chat to begin and usually when there’s sometimes moments – she’d chat with beings, or look at things in existence or she’d bring a being through in the body for a moment lol – we’re mostly in constant communication in one way or the other
in this particular moment, she was looking at the process of pregnancy and how, the process of a being growing in the physical body – what would initially happen is – the being would as their substance and also as their physical, literally “root” themselves in the woman’s body
So, interdimensionally-physically, you’d literally see these “roots” and strands extending from the womb, from the being and body into the rest of the woman’s body – an entire root-network as the new being settles into its eco-system so to speak and gets to know/has a feel for what’s what
and this happens from the moment of inception and as the baby develops, the roots strengthens and specifies into absolute detail, from the great to the small, of the woman’s body, being and mind
From here, we looked at how blood and water flows through the human body
unconditionally FLOWING everywhere it specifically needs to go, move and express
So, there is a complete OPENNESS of EXPRESSION of the baby, and even in your own body when it comes to blood, water and so much more- there is no restrictions so to speak
We’ll share more regarding the details of pregnancy in this regard in recordings in Parenting Series to come

12:13:19, Rebecca Dalmas [@rebdalmas]: Do some women notice this ?
12:13:44, Sunette: No @rebdalmas Rebecca
@rebdalmas Rebecca 没有

12:14:54, Sunette: Alright, so – from there –
we looked at WATER and then MONEY
when it comes to the EARTH and HUMANITY
Have a look at how much we have dammed up water on the earth, where humans would take “ownership of water” so to speak
or even creating water resources, that were man-made
essentially controlling, systematizing the access and movement of water throughout the ages
The CONSEQUENCE of this throughout the ages, we noticed, is that this affected the eco-systems and habitats of many areas, regions, even countries as a whole
and then the consequences extended to animals, species, organisms, insects, micro-organisms
NOT only that –
but the damming up and controlling of water, also led to – throughout the ages, the evolution of bacterias, viruses, organisms which would more ‘unnaturally evolve” and eventually infect animals, to humans
MONEY -we dammed up and controlled, just like the water of the earth, the consequence of this – leading to what we have as the extent of separation between humanity and the disease/virus of poverty, famine, inequality, violence, wars and so much more
金钱——我们筑坝并控制,就像地球上的水一样,这个的后果——导致了我们有什么如同分离的程度在人类之间 以及贫穷、饥荒、不平等、暴力、战争等等的疾病/病毒
the MIND – dammed up our BEING/life force – transforming our natural eco-system to an energetic fuck up, the consequences being our diseases minds spreading viruses of personaliites, emotions, behaviours, addictions, habits
心智——抑制我们的存有/生命力——把我们自然的生态系统转变成一个能量性搞砸,后果是我们的疾病 心智传播人格、情绪、行为、成瘾、习惯的病毒
So, we became the damned, walking the earth…inside and out
There is still a natural flow of water, and yes to an extent money and to an extent our being/life force – but mostly, it’s all controlled, enslaved in some way or another

12:20:35, Gabriel Aceves: As you picture that into your words Sunette/SOM I remembered the scans of the brain made to my grandmother when she had her last stages of Alzheimer, how the brain looks as if it had this lagoons formed in certain areas around the brain and like literally, not allowing the normal flow of the substance to allow her to remember things… all as consequence of the controls imposed on her throughout her entire life…
And in that “forget” the relationship with the entire earth, nature, animals, to the degree that we treat life as ourselves.
Maybe I got this wrong, but I don’t know, it resonates to a degree
12:21:12, Sunette: Interesting gabriel Gabriel Aceves that’s very specific – yes
Gabriel Aceves,很有趣gabriel,这是非常特定的——是的

12:21:45, Sunette: YET, the ONE space where there is natural flow and openness that still exists – is this relationship between the baby and mother’s body, which is fascinating

12:21:42, Kim Scudamore: Recently I have been querying why water when it doesn’t flow becomes stagnant
And starts to smell bad
Waters of life
12:22:26, Sunette: KimS Kim yes – because it’s been separated from its natural habitat and in a way goes through a form of “death process”
KimS Kim,是的——因为它与它的自然生态环境是分离开来的,并在某种程度上经历了一种“死亡过程”的形式

12:22:37, Sunette: Even water has an eco-system unto itself, which is incredible
Like, one day – way in the future, we even see humans drinking specific types of waters catered to your specific body to support you the most
We tend to think water is just water, it’s all the same…
Noooooooooooooo, it’s not
all over the world, the different locations, movements, substances of water and where it is and how it needs to flow is incredibly specific to the environment

12:24:18, Viktor Persson: Yes – I have seen this specificity physically as well – for example – even if you use ditches to remove water from an area – the ground at that place will always want to go back to being a pond or lake
It’s like it is not meant to be changed and the location/physical knows its purpose and then tries to move back to its natural expression
12:25:47, Sunette: Interesting Viktor

12:26:31, Sunette: Though, yes – there are practical purposes to creating dams, controlled movement of water – but it’s also then to equally manage the surroundings, the quality of water, the external environment where the water is kept
and this level of science and awareness is not yet existent
people think to dam up water, cool – but don’t think about the waters’ specific substance/nature/chemical composition and its relationship, SPECIFIC relationship to the external environment and eco-system and vice-versa
So, we’ve created pools of destruction in the mind, water and money
Instead of POOLS of life
contributing to the internal and external environment

12:28:10, Viktor Persson: Yes – we see it as dead and unintelligent – not understanding that everything has a purpose and is specific – we see it only as dead matter
12:28:40, Sunette: Yes Viktor, when water is more alive than the lay human

12:28:44, Sunette: Alright, so –
when it comes to water and the earth, the beings are on it, working on evolving, adapting, purifying – we’ll either in a chat or recording bring water through to update itself on its process and progress when it comes to the earth, or wait lol
water says it’ll come through on Sunday, so we’ll continue with water’s sharing of itself on and in the earth
What we can, though – look at and start affecting change with directly, is the FLOW within ourselves
when it comes to expression, movement, rooting our BEING back into the body, rather than damming up our energies and in the end, damming ourselves to an uncomfortable fate of a busy mind, a tired body and a not-so-cool version of ourselves coming out in thought word and deed
当谈到表达、移动、让我们的存有扎根回到身体,而不是阻碍我们的能量,并最终,抑制我们自己到 一个忙碌的心智、一个疲累的身体和一个不那么酷的我们自己的版本从想法字词和行为中出来 的一种不舒服的命运

12:31:23, Garbrielle: random question about Dams – the beaver, they do it naturally, is this due to survival and thus still a consequence of human action or part of the eco system balance in that natural environment? Sunette
12:36:55, Sunette: This is natural Garbrielle – they do not “move the water”, the water is still a part of where it belongs, still flows and is still in balance with the rest of the environment. There is no added pipelines, chemicals etc.
Garbrielle 这是自然的——他们并没有“移动水”,水仍然是它属于的地方的一部分,仍然流动并且仍然是与其余的环境平衡的。没有增加的管道、化学物质等等
So, most water locations humans control – they add chemicals, the pipelines over time affect the water quality, the soil, the earth and many organisms in the surrounds
12:38:24, Garbrielle: ah i see ok cool thanks for clarifying that distinction

12:38:49, Sunette: Basically, what we wanted to show here, which we found fascinating –
also taking it into heaven, before the Portal opened –
we dammed up the life force from humanity/the earth – the white light controlled the movement and flow of life substance between heaven and earth
So, from life force/substance within, to water without, to money – we controlled the FLOW of life in all its different forms and dimensions and now we’re living in the manifested consequence of it, literally
Herein, babies – pure life force growing and emerging as a being and body in its purest form, is showing us the way of change – FLOW and openness, unconditional provision for all
Now, the QUESTion is – where do we start changing this all?
So, as we shared – water and the earth is taking its responsibility and will share in more detail on Sunday
when it comes to the Money System, this will change in time as humanity becomes more aware – but the awareness of this, begins with us
So, this is quite an important point to go into more detail with, for the moment – we’d like everyone to absorb, take in and look at what we shared and what opens up for you in coming days

12:45:14, Sunette: We’ll be here again Wednesday evening and continue opening up this point in more detail with the question: how can we flow our being, expression, awareness more in every day life practically, in real time
What does it mean to flow as our being, expression, awareness?
Where are we damming up ourselves WITHIN ourselves, our relationship with others, with money, with every day life simple tasks?
Wednesday we’ll take on the above questions and go into more practicality and detail
Thank you all for joining, reading, taking it all in for a moment – looking forward to hearing the perspectives, insights, realisations and questions for Wednesday!
Let’s see what opens up – let’s break some walls shall we and let ourselves flow
Thanks again all!
Bye for now!