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The Seedlings: Practically Birthing Life in the Physical

August 6, 2020

Sunette Spies – 11:53 am
What it practically means to birth life in the physical – A Story from the Seeds in existence coming through the Portal, we start 5 after the hour
诞生生命在物质/身体中这实际上意味着什么—— 一个故事来自存在的种子过来通过连接口,我们这个钟点5分钟后开始

Sunette Spies – 12:05 pm
We BEGIN good moments all – all the seedlings in existence here through the Portal this evening to share a point which opened up recently and so also in support of your process of real time change and re-engineering consciousness in mind and living into living life awareness
各位,我们开始美好的时刻——今晚所有存在的幼苗在这里通过连接口来分享一个最近打开的点,并因此也支持你实时改变和重建意识在心智中并活成活的生命觉察 的进程
Two distinct points came up of late – something Bernard used to say/mention at times on different occasions: PLANET, sounding it to PLAN-IT and also the word PLANT within PLAN(e)T and then the HEART = EARTH and how he used to show us how he held all of earth/existence within his heart and self, living for the best and being the leading example of what is possible for the future of earth/humanity
近来两个不同的点出现——Bernard过去经常有时在不同场合下说/提到的某些东西:星球(PLANET),它听起来是去计划它(PLAN-IT),而且字词植物(PLANT)在星球(PLAN(e)T)里面和然后心(HEART)=地球(EARTH),而他过去经常如何展示给我们他如何把所有的地球/存在都放在他的心和自己里面,为最好而活并且是/作为 什么是对地球/人类的未来可能的引领例子
With these two points, the following opened up:
Heart = Earth = Physicality = Matter
your BEING in the BODY (also physicality/matter on a smaller scale) is a SEED planted/rooted in the body, physical / matter
Your BODY is an EXTENSION of the EARTH
Your BEINGness is an EXTENSION of LIFE
So, your body and being relationship and earth and life relationship is what is coming through stronger now
What we have to remember/realise is that – you are SEEDLINGS on an life awareness/being level – your body is your ECO-SYSTEM/EARTH/WORLD
you are in the process of PLANTing yourSELF in your INNER PLAN(e)T/earth/world – to GROW/birth life in the physical – your physical self first
Together with this – remember in the past we mentioned how consciousness united/unified humanity through the unconscious mind, creating the global unified consciousness field, so however one mind evolved, all information, systems, upgrades etc. was automatically transferred? – now –
the more each one here works on growing, rooting their LIFE/SELF seed in thought, word and deed and creating life in your earth, self, body – within and through your living example, the more this resonates and ripples into the rest of existence on a being and physical level, on the life level
Remember, what is now – what this existence and self has become, comes from what was – our seeds were ‘infected’ so to speak with consciousness
What is to come is what we create in and as the name of life – literally bearthing – EARTHING life in the physical, within and without
We also saw a beautiful quote today, something in the lines of “you are both a masterpiece and a work in progress” – and this is so true here
the masterpiece of your utmost potential is here, at the same time = REMEMBER THE PROCESS, there is a PLAN in the PLAN-ET, one has to plan, work on, create, design and manifest oneself in space and time and moments where windows of opportunity arise
And, interesting enough – body is also mostly made up of….WATER – time we water our eco-systems with some life juice
let the rivers flow to the pool of self/life awareness within and without
So, for a long time, we have been working on, essentially, disinfecting our seeds and also reprogramming them to GROW into its utmost life potential – now it is also time to shift the focus into more real time visible change, in the moments of catching yourself acting out something, following thoughts, indulging too much and deep in emotions – to choose a different path, act act act, move move move, direct direct direct – real movement is now needed to truly GROW as the seedling literally pushes through the soil and break through into becoming part of the VISIBLE world
time for you and the world to notice your change and how much the best/better of you can come through
So, this is the starting point the oceans, whales and organisms will walk from in assisting all with practical real time change and re-engineering

Sunette Spies – 12:20 pm
Same here applies to children –
whether pregnant or already having had them, no matter what age = they are an extension of you, they were a seed that emerged from all parts of you, what was, the physical, beingness and life
So, remember, with children – whenever there is a misalignment in self in relation to your child – take a breath, UNDERSTAND them, how what they are embodying reflects back to how you were before you were pregnant/during pregnancy – oftentimes children will adopt traits of parents that were deep seated before/during pregnancy that the parent suppressed/forgot about
because once you have a child, all your focus shifts to them and tend to forget about your own process before it all and even during pregnancy
So, especially up to the age of 4 – 6, the things that create discord within yourself in relation to your child/children – they are embodying a part of you you need to work with, once you get it and change it, they will change
And so you set them free and yourself
Same with each who do not have children – remember, you are a CHILD OF LIFE
you are also a PARENT unto yourself
Parenting doesn’t apply only to those who have children, I’d say we all need some inner parenting once in a while when our inner child throws tantrums

Garbrielle – 12:24 pm
great to hear/here
很高兴听到/在这里(注:hear与here – 读音相同)
Sunette Spies – 12:37 pm
Garbrielle what’s been new is seeing the representations of life birthing from the physical in more clarity, structure, design and embodiment in humans
Garbrielle – 12:37 pm
awesome Sunette thanks for explaining it more, i understand now

Sunette Spies – 12:39 pm
Gabriel Aceves we’ll have Lilly come through the Portal on Sunday – she spent MONTHS in, as and with a seedling in the desert observing its process, challenges and progress to eventually grow and blossom, obviously not to its utmost perfection, but to its utmost perfection within the conditions it faced, so was an extraordinary process she walked and witnessed and we see it as quite timely for her to share her story here – sure it will support many here when it comes to facing the deepest challenges and toughest moments within self and life where it feels like all hope is lost
Gabriel Aceves,周日我们将让莉莉(Lilly)过来通过连接口——她花了几个月的时间在之中、等如并与一颗幼苗在一起在沙漠中观察它的过程、挑战和进展以最终成长并开花,显然没有到达它的极致完美,但在它所面临的条件下到达它的极致完美,因此是一个非凡的过程她行走并目睹,而我们认为对于她来这里分享她的故事是相当及时的——确信它会支持许多人在这里当提到面对最深刻的挑战和最艰难的片刻在自己和生活里面在那里感觉就好像所有的希望都消失了
Caroline MS – 12:41 pm
I’d love to hear Lilly share this.
Sunette Spies – 12:41 pm
Also a very cool example Caroline for sure! the example of the mind-seeds we plant and the consequences of this internally and how it embodies our actions at the behest of ourselves and others
Sunette Spies – 12:41 pm
Yes indeed, it’s beautiful

Caroline MS – 12:37 pm
As a parent, I have leant to stop the inner turmoil of good/bad mother judgment and now slowly but surely parenting me 1st. Tough love they say, it is at times tough to parent myself, esp with no past reference.
Sunette Spies – 12:43 pm
@CarolineMKS there is no handbook on parenting, there is obvious commonsense points to teach children when it comes to surviving and living in this current world, but we’d say the best parenting comes from mistakes learned, corrected and changed and doing your best to be as honest with yourself and loyal to the being you are raising – to sculpt them and so yourself in an image and likeness that reflect the best for self and others and a new world to come
@CarolineMKS 并没有关于教养的手册,显然有普同常识的点去教导小孩当提到生存和生活在这个当前世界上,但我们会说最好的教养来自于从错误中学习、修正和改变,并且尽你所能是/成为等如对你自己诚实并且忠于你在抚养的这个存有——去以反映对自己和他人和一个未来的新世界最好的一个形象和肖像来雕刻他们和因此你自己
That’s all you can do and from where we’re sitting, all that is necessary
I mean, in religion they make God seem like this perfect creator…ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm – it made a whole lot of miss-takes in the creation process if you tell me when looking at its creation in existence lol, point is: as a parent, you aren’t a god
我意思是,在宗教中他们让神看起来像这个完美的创造者……嗯………… ——它创造了一大堆的错过拿起(miss-takes)在创造过程中如果你告诉我当察看它的创造在存在中时,哈哈,重点是:作为一个父母,你不是一个神
you are a person
you are someone parenting for the first time
truly all you can do is be the best for yourself and for them, and miss-takes are part of learning – yes, they are hard sometimes, but you are also a child of life as much as your child is a child of this world
give yourself a hug, be more gentle, humble and KIND with yourself
we’re all in life school still

Kim S – 12:45 pm
From how I see it – we don’t go with the flow with our kids – we are constantly worrying about ‘doing the right thing’ and making mistakes, second guessing them
Because we are ourselves still in guilt and regret
Sunette Spies – 12:46 pm
Agreed KimS Kim

Kim S – 12:47 pm
I know if I was a parent I would be second guessing myself a LOT
Because for a large part of my life I didn’t trust myself
I mean if I had been a parent some years back before or early days of process
Sunette Spies – 12:50 pm
Yes, Kim – we’re looking forward to continuing EQAFE recordings for parenting once the space and time is created/manifests – to support with equalizing the parent-child relationship, reminding the parent of themselves as a person/individual
是的,Kim – 我们期待继续EQAFE关于教养的录音一旦空间和时间被创造/显化——以支持平衡父母孩子关系,提醒他们自己的父母如同一个人/个体
many women lose themselves, forget themselves, suppress so much of themselves that either comes through their children as mirrors or later in life in their personalities, physical conditions/ailments or relationship issues etc.
Kim S – 12:51 pm
Now I’m just too old
Sunette Spies – 12:52 pm
KimS you’re taking care of us kids very well – been wonderful cross-referencing with you, and your gift supports so many other children of life – we all have kids in some way, just in different forms
and so, we are all in fact parents, just in different ways
Kim S – 12:53 pm
Sunette aw thank you – I remember you and Bernard told me that my clients were my children, many years ago
Caroline MS – 12:53 pm
Yes to the point where as parents, forcing our kids to live that which we never lived for ourselves. Iv seen this a lot
Sunette Spies – 12:56 pm
Cool KimS Kim

Sunette Spies – 12:53 pm
Khalil Gibran’s quote on children is so spot on –
哈利勒 纪伯伦关于孩子的引文非常贴切——
“Your children are not your children.
They are sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you.
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.
You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.
You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.
The archer sees the make upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far.
Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness.
For even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He also loves the bow that is stable.”

We’d change a few dimensions, yes – they are ‘yours’, an extension/part of you, but also equally will eventually walk their own path in the hands of themselves and life, with the legacy and tools and lifeline you leave for them to guide them through this life

Sunette Spies – 12:56 pm
All, we leave you with this for the evening
Remember, as with the quote above – you can evolve and change WITH your children, we’re all the future of the world, more so the parents than the children, in fact
we as the adults/parents of the younglings must set the pace/blueprint for the new world to come
let’s take life in our hands, our children in our hearts and start creating the world we want to be born into and truly live in
We bid all a good moment and see you a next time
Bye for now!