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MyKey through The Portal on Energy Overload as a Resonant Consequence of the Pandemic


Susan Spies, [15 May 2020 at 21:01:07]:
All – MyKey here through the Portal – LOTS opened up in the last 24 hours, so – looking forward to opening up the points with you when we begin in 5

Susan Spies, [15 May 2020 at 21:09:39]:
Good evening all, MyKey here through the Portal – so, as many who have walked with us throughout the years, even in the single recordings we do in EQAFE lol – we begin with one point for a moment, but then as LIFE existentially moves, new and more pertinent dimensions/points emerge requiring direction and immediate attention

Susan Spies, [15 May 2020 at 21:11:19]:
All these new points/dimensions which opened up the last 24 hours are very much interrelated with the SELF COMPASS – so, more of an expansion of the previous chat we had questioning: who, why, what and how I am for me, process, others, the future etc. – my foundation principles, sets of values, ethics, morals, beliefs, support systems etc.
I’ll first start with listing some of the primary points that opened up
then we can discuss them one by one, together, and how it relates to supporting creating, designing and living the architect of your self compass 🙂
过去24小时打开的所有这些新的点/维度与自我指南针是非常相关的——因此,更多的是之前聊天的一个扩展 我们已经提问:我是谁、为什么、什么和如何为我、进程、他人、未来等等——我的基础原则,一套价值观、伦理观、道德、信仰/信念、支持系统等等
1. This happened with a little girl approaching Sunette in the dimensions last night – tapping her gently on the shoulder and looking S in the eye and saying “HEY! Remember, YOU, nor ANY ONE BEING in all of this existence has gone through such a physical and interdimensional crisis with this virus penetrating the realms of mind, being, body and dimensions. So, NO JUDGMENT is needed in this space and time in existence. Don’t make this personal. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Work on what you can, remember the process and ground yourself back to basics. Remember the innocence and purity of life…it’ll be the grace that’ll subdue the chaos of the times of today”
1. 这发生在昨晚在维度界里一个小女孩接近Sunette——轻轻拍她的肩膀并看着S的眼睛并说“嘿!记得,你,也没有任何一个存有在所有这一切存在中经历过这样一个物质/身体和跨维度的关于这个病毒的危机渗透了心智、存有、身体和维度。因此,不评判是需要的在这个空间和时间里在存在中。不要把这个个人化。不要对你自己太苛刻。工作于你可以的,记得这个进程并扎稳你自己回到基本的东西。要记得天真与生命的纯净……它会是恩惠,那将减轻今天的时代的混乱”
2. Sunette and during her conversations with many people, together with all the beings in existence realising we’ve been OVERLOADED WITH ENERGY!!! like, everything in ourselves – especially weaknesses is AMPLIFIED and/or we’re picking up and experiencing energies we cannot necessarily define, nor direct – cause the usual ways of directing/dealing with energy is not working as effectively as it used to, because the EXTENT, DEPTH AND INTENSITY of energy is so extreme…we don’t sometimes know what to do with ourselves lol. So, we have to RE-LOOK at how we deal with our energies we face on a day to day basis
us in existence calculated that earth/humanity, the resonant consequences of this pandemic – raised the energy surge of consciousness to 900%
2. Sunette及在她与许多人、连同存在中的所有存有会谈期间,领悟到我们一直用能量超载!!!就像,一切事物在我们自己之内——尤其是弱点被放大和/或我们拾起并体验我们不一定能定义、也不能指导的能量——因为指导/处理能量的通常方式不像它过去一样有效了,因为能量的程度、深度和强度是如此极端……有时候我们不知道该对我们自己做什么,哈哈。因此,我们必须重新察看我们如何处理我们在每天日常生活中所面对的我们的能量。
So, imagine a hamster running on a wheel as it always does, and now suddenly running 900 times faster – with that wheel generating energy
us in the dimensions are picking up and experiencing this energy on a resonant level, so we’re all also in this with you figuring out how to channel it best, work with it in a way that it doesn’t shift our focus/intent on who we are and what we do and why
我们在维度界里正在拾起并体验这个能量在一个共鸣的层面上,因此我们也全都在其中与你一起弄清楚如何引导它最好,以一种它不会转移我们的焦点/意图关于我们所是者/是谁和我们做什么及为什么的方式 工作于它
MOST of the energy is UNCONDITIONALLY being absorbed by and into LIFE itself – this has been so since the beginning within the principle of INNOCENCE – where there’s a lot of ENERGY you’re not consciously responsible for and so therefore not needed to consciously deal with and so life uncondiitonally takes it and supports you

Susan Spies, [15 May 2020 at 21:21:00]:
Lilly for example, (already being a natural BURSTing firework of beingness) lol tried to channel and release/discharge the energy by bouncing around lol, which actually charged her up EVEN MORE – when Veno stepped in and now she’s actually slowing down/GROUNDING/EARTHING/QUIETING the energy – so, this is a dimension we’re going to discusss and open up: how to IDENTIFY the energy and the BEST WAY to direct it without amping yourself up even more
take a moment, for those who know Lilly
and imagine her meditating…
it’s happening…she’s actually sitting still…
lol just sometimes though, but she’s being challenged as we all are and will be in different times and ways – so, we got to do our best to describe what we’re going through, SOUNDBOARD one another and help one another figure out the best way to get ourselves back to a relative normal before this COVID chaos

Matti Freeman, [15 May 2020 at 21:19:09]:
has anything actually changed at a practical level for ourselves and the average human because of this apparent increase?

Avery Williams, [15 May 2020 at 21:23:20]:
Would your say Mykey this energy can be used to create a world that is best for all this time instead of Ego?

Susan Spies, [15 May 2020 at 21:25:14]:
For some/most Matti – as with Sunette and others we’ve come across, as well as even beings in the dimensions -they’re very sensitive to energy/resonance/movement surges and easily becomes overwhelmed with energy – like overwhelmed in an instant and takes a bit longer and more explorative ways/means to release/discharge/absorb the energy to return to stability/self
Avery, I would say before we start with creating a world that is best for all, we have to create the inner world that is best for self and through your living, the best moments for self and another – start with your reach
also explained in my recordings in Demons in the Afterlife in EQAFE about your reach
Avery, 我会说在我们从创造一个对全体最好的世界开始之前,我们必须创造对自己最好的内在世界,并通过你的活,对自己和他人最好的片刻——从你的影响开始
在我在EQAFE的《恶魔在生后》(Demons in the Afterlife)系列的录音中也解释了你的影响

Matti Freeman, [15 May 2020 at 21:26:56]:
Maybe I haven’t noticed since for years I’ve kind of been in my own space / with myself 99 percent of the time and so already have known what it’s like being a ball bouncing around in a box – it does increase the frequency of energy swells – and force you to either go crazy or find a way to stop and channel it into creating something
it’s like how I imagine it must be like being in prison
you can become the person smacking their head against the door and fighting everyone, or move to a point of reflection, finding the creation point of the energy and slowly but surely building a different structure within your mind / self / behavior
Susan Spies, [15 May 2020 at 21:36:10]:
lol @mattifreeman Matti – I sometimes do a little bit of both, but eventually the head gets sore / emotions too much and you cannot help yourself but pinch yourself back to wake up and do something about your predicament 😉
@mattifreeman Matti 哈哈 —— 有时我两者都做一点,但最终头感到痛/情绪太多了而你无法控制你自己,只能把你自己掐醒并对你的困境做些事情

Joe Kou, [15 May 2020 at 21:26:30]:
can relate to that sunette – about the energy sensitivity and being easy to get swept away. have also seen it in myself and others
but understanding it more now than before
Susan Spies, [15 May 2020 at 21:30:28]:
Yes indeed Joe Joe – Sunette here, for me personally as well, the other day I was exercising, started with some strength work and then went into cardio/dancing and suddenly broke down – overwhelmed with this energy surge and so I let it be, cried and looked into the energy and saw the points related to it to work with…so things, like this happens – random, unexpected moment, where one moment I’m okay, the next….breakdown/release. This example was a release of tension I was holding in, so was a good PHEWWWWWWWWWWWWW blowing off steam
对,没错Joe —— Sunette在这里,对我个人来说也是如此,几天前我在锻炼,从一些力量训练开始,而然后进入有氧运动/舞蹈,而突然坏了——被这个能量涌起淹没了,而因此我我随它去、哭泣并观察能量并看到与它有关的点去工作于……因此事情,像这样发生——随机、意想不到的片刻,在那里一个片刻我很好,下一个片刻……崩溃/释放。这个例子是我一直抑制着的紧张的一个释放,因此是一个很好的唷…………发泄一下
Othertimes I want to run, escape, get away – wish I had a punching bag lol – then I do the resting with the energy and drop the energy into my being/life, release the energy back to source – but it all happens so suddenly, like there’s no THOUGHT PROCESSS into the enertgy coming through, it’s just like a switch
Deliberating with the dimensions, much of this energy is also me picking up the dimensions and existence through the Portal, so we’re busy working on practical ways to ground energy faster and become more stable – which is where the COMPASS is so important

Joe Kou, [15 May 2020 at 21:31:50]:
yes ‘intensity’ was the word that came for me – things being cranked up past 10, into a 11 or 12 notch that i didn’t even know was possible lol
是的,“强度”是给我的字词——事情被放大到10级以上,变成11或12级,我甚至都不知道是有可能的 哈哈
where i was like – i shouldn’t be reacting THIS MUCH
my saving grace has been to focus on deeply sitting with the question ‘who am i’ and what do i intend with all of this happening, and where do i decide to go from here.
deliberately focusing on making meaning – and also getting more clear on what i DIDN’T want anymore

Susan Spies, [15 May 2020 at 21:33:00]:
Yes, Joe Joe and all – that comes back to the first point MyKey mentioned – with the little girl reminding me that we cannot look at how we approached process or ourselves BEFORE the pandemic
cause a lot changed
we changed, the dynamics of our environment changed, family relationships, stimulus on a daily basis, every day habits etc. – our entire worlds turned upside down and inside out in MANY WAYS
HENCE the grateful reminder NOT to take our response to this PERSONALLY or judge ourselves,
but to UNDERSTAND it, embrace it and work with it as best we can with what we have in our hands to work with
Susan Spies, [15 May 2020 at 21:34:47]:
Same here Joe Joe – the COMPASS definition and creation has been quite timely
我也一样Joe—— 指南针定义和创造已经相当及时了

Ida Bra Ingadottir, [15 May 2020 at 21:34:10 (15 May 2020 at 21:38:07)]:
Yes I have seen it (energy sensitivity) as an opportunity to be very detailed and go into depths inside that are sometimes hard to put words on. Sit with, be with self, uncunditional. And also a getting to know transforming energy to self-expression. Susan
Susan Spies, [15 May 2020 at 21:39:00]:
Yes Ida Ida Bra I, MyKey – speaking for all the dimensions and also Sunette which she has been practising of late, is fervour and drive to work with and direct energy, thoughts, experiences as quickly as possible and not be as lax with working through points as before
it’s almost like TIME IS COMPRESSED
have to do it NOW as best you can

Kim Amourette, [15 May 2020 at 21:35:26]:
I wouldn’t say I’ve been experiencing intense energy so much actually. Maybe he’s I’ve been encountering more points that don’t seem easy or straightforward to direct. Like deeper or different points or that just require different approach in some way from what I’ve been used to
Susan Spies, [15 May 2020 at 21:37:56]:
Kim Kim – your being is showing you more as a stability/pillar/support point – because you are so quiet, chill, here, you create than space where people can “offload and release” and gain some more clarity in a problem and this in turn will open up your eyes into the reality and depth of the mind and what people face and live inside their minds and bodies – equal teaching and learning reciprocity
Kim – 你的存有在展示给你更多作为一个稳定/支柱/支持点——因为你是如此的安静、轻松、在这里,你创造那个空间在那里人们可以“卸下(包袱)并释放”并获得再多一些清晰在一个问题中,而这个反过来将打开你的眼睛进入现实和心智的深度以及人们面对并活着什么在他们的心智和身体内部——平等的教与学互惠
Kim Amourette, [15 May 2020 at 21:42:54]:
Yes I suppose that puts it into words, that I’ve been having these opportunities or openings of seeing into how others are experiencing themselves internally and sort of seeing what life is like ‘on the other side’, inside of someone else.
是的,我想它可以用字词表达,我一直有这些看入其他人正在如何内在地体验他们自己和有点看到生活是什么样的“在另一边”、在其他人的内在 的机会或打开

Joe Kou, [15 May 2020 at 21:38:41]:
i have been seeing this as an opportunity to practice getting ‘out of character’ so to speak – practice thinking, aligning, and making decisions that are not so rooted in my personality and familiarity patterns. ‘daring’ to start deciding from a starting point that isn’t so attached to ego, opinion, and ‘personal’ filters – if that makes sense. to start being more of who i am when there is less ‘joe kou’ and more pure/raw expression.
我一直将这个视为一个机会去练习变得“离开性格”可以这么说——练习思考、对齐、并做决定不是如此根植于我的人格和熟悉的模式,“敢于”从一个不是这么依附于自我意识、意见、和“个人的”过滤器的出发点 开始作决定——如果这说得通的话,当有较少的“joe kou”时去开始是/作为更多的我所是者/我是谁 和更多纯粹/原始的表达

Susan Spies, [15 May 2020 at 21:39:51]:
not saying SOLVE THE ANSWER TO LIFE type thing lol, but to be aware of the tendency we used to have of THERE IS TIME LATER, THERE IS TOMORROW, NAH – DON’T NEED TO LOOK AT THIS NOW, NOT TOO SERIOUS YET etc
不是说解决生活的答案之类的事情,呵呵,但是 是/成为觉察到我们过去常有的 以后有时间、还有明天、算了——现在不需要察看这个、还不太严重等等 的倾向
Yes Joe Joe – had that same discussion with someone recently, we have to step outside and beyond the automated ways we have been – we have taken much for granted, even our own bodies –
是的Joe – 最近与某人有那个相同的讨论,我们必须走到外面并超越我们一直以来的自动方式——我们已经把许多事情视为理所当然,甚至我们自己的身体——
which is the other point we’ll be discussing – 4. redefining your relationship with your body, realising it needs more help from you than you thinking it’ll just process / be stable FOR YOU while you’re going through your process
这是另一个点我们将讨论—— 4. 重新定义你与你身体的关系,领悟到它需要来自你的更多帮助而非你认为它只是会为你而处理/是稳定的当你正走过你的进程时
’cause the body is also on many dimensions going through processes of having to adapt

Joe Kou, [15 May 2020 at 21:41:54]:
i miss our convos Sunette and Dimensions – our little talks at the farm – but it is good to see that even apart we’re often still looking at, and ‘working toward’ the same things
Susan Spies, [15 May 2020 at 21:43:18]:
Very much aligned Joe Joe – for sure, you can take the girl / guy out of the farm, but cannot take the farm out of the girl/guy 😉 – we’ll always keep that piece of earth with and within us, along with the journey we walked together
很多的对齐Joe – 确实,你可以把那女孩/男孩带出农场,但是无法把农场带出那女孩/男孩——我们一直保持那块土地与我们在一起并在我们里面、连同我们一起行走的旅程

Susan Spies, [15 May 2020 at 21:44:10]:
I would say, let’s start with the BODY dimension and then the MIND dimensions as follows:
SUNDAY we discuss the BODY dimensions: we’ll bring everyone in existence’s body through and let it share its experience since this pandemic and the basic support you can offer your body so it can support you 🙂
星期天我们讨论身体维度:我们将把每个人在存在的身体中带来通过并让它分享它的存在因为这次(全球性)流行病 和你可以提供给你身体的基本支持因此它可以支持你
it’ll also give everyone an insight into realising the extent and REACH of this pandemic and how it is affecting MANY dimensions – from this world into the next
它也将给予每个人一个洞察进入领悟到这次流行病的程度和范围 及它在如何影响许多的维度——从这个世界到下一个
then, we bring the MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS, we’ll bring the BEINGNESS’s through and finally us all in the dimensions – hear our stories, to which I am sure you’ll be able to relate and in so doing
we can soundboard and cross-reference one another to figure out the best way to support ourselves and each other

Kim S, [15 May 2020 at 21:46:13]:
I am dealing with a dying animal right now and I had a little cry yesterday and noticed how there was no thought process around it, just a grateful release
Susan Spies, [15 May 2020 at 21:46:39]:
Cool KimS Kim you presence very similar to KimA Kim – then it means you’re in a pillar/support space/position for others
酷的KimS,Kim你的呈在与KimA非常相似 ——那么这意味着你在一个为他人的支柱/支持空间/位置上
Kim S, [15 May 2020 at 21:47:23]:
Cool Sunette

Randy Krafft, [15 May 2020 at 21:48:00]:
Calm keeps coming up for me … like, I need to be the Calm in this storm around us… have had patience challenged – seems this energy all around sometimes I get a little easier to get “fed up” with people – how they act/react… have to remind self to Remain Calm….
Garbrielle Goodrow, [15 May 2020 at 21:48:51]:
yes Randy, i can relate to that, i have been doing sf outloud when it comes up and/or taking note and doing it at night as best i am able to, so making sure i get on top of the point rather then not, so actually physically being more proactive to moving myself to do the sf and find solutions to live…..keep pusing that point of consistency and this has always been a stabilizing point throughout my process
the basics of process
Susan Spies, [15 May 2020 at 21:52:55]:
Phew Randy, am right there with you – being challenged PROPERLY with a system family dynamic playing out in and right in front of me – quite something, creating moments of calm, stability, knowing when to step in and step out, speak or not, get involved or not – fascinating recording resource in the Parenting Series to come for sure 😉
哦Randy,我就在那里与你在一起——受到一个系统家庭动力播出的适当挑战在之中并就在我面前——不寻常的,创造了平静、稳定的片刻,知道何时去介入和走出,说或不说,参与或不参与——确实 奇妙的录音资源在接下来的《教养》系列中
Learning a lot, which is cool

Susan Spies, [15 May 2020 at 21:55:06]:
Not easy, but I do love surprising myself when I handle things better than I thought I would…and also surprise myself when I handle things worse than I thought I would lol – I’m just a such a (un)lucky packet / jack-in-the-box surprise, tip toeing wondering what’s gonna come at me around the next corner
并非易事,但是我的确喜爱给我自己惊喜当我处理事情比我想我会的更好时……并且也给我自己惊喜当我处理事情比我想我会的更差时,呵呵——我只是这样一种 一个(不)幸运的包裹/玩偶盒惊喜,踮着脚尖想知道在下一个拐角会发生什么事
but definitely makes this isolated life interesting, challenging, dynamic, pushing my limits and boundaries in so many ways

Susan Spies, [15 May 2020 at 21:56:30]:
The dimensions have been supportive, comical at times!
Sunday will share some funnies for laughs before we start the process with the BODY
lol I just love how the beings are approaching all of this and the changes they are enduring as well – certain these stories will spark a fire of motivation and remembrance of the fun, despite the challenges
Gift ourselves a moment of laughs, giggles, letting be and letting go to BREATHE – take that IN BREATH REST, before we OUT-BREATH action
给我们自己一个大笑、傻笑、听任和放手的片刻作为礼物去呼吸——将那个吸入呼吸 休息,在我们呼出行动之前

Susan Spies, [15 May 2020 at 21:59:37]:
All, we go to here for tonight
really enjoyed the energy, experience, participation in this chat – resonating with y’all – knowing we’re in this together and can relate to one another
looking forward to bringing the mind, body, beingness and the beings in existence through so we can soundboard with you all
and simultaneously start developing our SELF COMPASS as every day guidance and support made practical
Big existential hug all
give yourselves some inner peace and rest
所有人 大的存在的拥抱
remember the gift that is you, your qualities, strengths, principles, values and worth
to celebrate the good times, to see you through the difficult ones
Speak soon all
Keep well and keep safe