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MyKey and Life Review beings through The Portal on 3 pillars of Principles and the Life Compass


Susan Spies8:42 pm
How 3 pillars of principles 1. SELF HONESTY -calling ourselves out when we notice we’re being reactive, backchatting, gossiping, comparing, 2. ACCEPTING SUPPORT AND FEEDBACK and 3. pushing through CHANGE; supported some with establishing that backbone/compass as the starting point reason/purpose for walking/living/becoming process
In this chat, we’re continuing from Friday’s topic on WHY/WHO/WHAT I AM as the reason, integrity and action – one’s own ‘life creed/living principles’ when it comes to walking process. MyKey will begin 5 after the hour – together with many other Life Review beings support and input during discussions

Susan Spies9:08 pm
“Be IN this world, not OF it” – change from the inside out, same with SELF- we change from the inside out, we’re IN the mind, but not OF it – learning how to work with it and or change it depending what we’re facing
same with the world, there’s a lot that needs changing, but there’s also much infrastructure we can still work with and use
Imagination Series and Soul of Money Series in EQAFE have done recordings showing how to use/work with and change the mind vs using, working with and changing the world without; very cool understanding of living with self and in this world within balance
在EQAFE中想象力系列和金钱的灵魂系列已完成的录音展示了如何使用/工作于并改变心智 与 使用、工作于并改变外面的世界;非常酷的 与自己一起生活并在这个世界上在平衡之中的理解
Alright, so let’s begin with this evening’s topic – myself MyKey and a few Life Review beings here in the Portal to support with sharing different perspectives on how the purpose/reason/self-creed is ignited, created / designed and then lived

Susan Spies9:13 pm
I remember Bernard challenging this question in many beings in the afterlife, in the beginning when the Portal opened and beings were still ‘awakening’ to their beingness-life connection away from the mind/consciousness and many of us would observe these instances
because more often than not: no one could give themselves a satisfactory answer
…their minds went blank / whatever reason/purpose they’d share, would feel somewhat incomplete, inadequate, not substantial, unfulfilled or saying what THEY THINK Bernard /others WANTED to hear – you know, trying to give the right/best answer
Obviously, all this showed was that the beings never really took the space and time to QUESTion this relationship with self, life, process, day by day, moment by moment, the challenges – and as soon as they took some time with themselves, alone and practised/tested some commitment statements – they slowly but surely started carving out a self definition /course/compass of who I am as process
In the dimensions now, for example – we can each actually see the symbol of one another’s compass
which is pretty cool
we decided to SYMBOLIZE our reasons/purposes/principles/values we live/stand by to cross-reference and support ourselves and each other, so that – if/when we see a newbeing in existence with no compass, we can guide them, OR when we see a compass is not fulfilled, we support

Rebecca Dalmas9:15 pm
I can see that in the way I respond at times, attempting to connect at another person’s level when what I am really doing is dodging objections I fear happening – which makes no sense.
Susan Spies9:17 pm
Yes Rebecca, sometimes you have to consider another person’s mind and process – there’s a being here who’s sharing that, what you can consider looking at: is to simply say “I am working with mindfulness, self awareness – understanding the science of thoughts and emotions to support my thinking, behaviour to be more positive for me and others”
So, here – you’re saying EXACTLY what you’re walking now, just using VOCABULARY that another can relate to
this does not diminish you in any way, it actually makes you more aware and considerate with how to word who you are and what you do

Garbrielle9:16 pm
is this separate from the beingness signature Sunette ?
Susan Spies9:20 pm
Garbrielle Garbrielle Yes, this is separate from the Beingness Drawings. We realised the IMPORTANCE of the self-life compass, because we got so easily distracted! especially in the beginning when our awareness wasn’t AS STRONG and would so readily slip back into consciousness cause our integration into it was still so deep and strong. Now that the tables have turned, it’s not that we NEED the compass anymore, but still cool to have it and still cross-reference 😉 even though we have transcended the need for it
Garbrielle Garbrielle,是的,这个与存有体图画是分开的。我们领悟到自我生活指南针的重要性,因为我们这么容易分心!尤其是一开始当我们的觉察不那么强壮的时候,并且会如此轻易地滑回到意识因为我们的融合到它仍然是如此深刻和强烈的。现在形势已发生转变,这并不是我们不再需要指南针,而是去拥有它仍然是酷的,并仍然相互参照,即使我们已经超越了对它的需要

Bitia Catana9:17 pm
could you elaborate a little on what is our ‘life compass’ Susan ? how does this differ from beingness? is this ‘purpose’?
Susan Spies9:23 pm
Bitia Bitia – your BEINGNESS is what is coming through slowly but surely as your SELF AWARENESS expands and you learn to live redefined words and start stepping out of consciousness into self directive living. The COMPASS is more a TOOL of support – an EXTENTION OF YOU to support in NAVIGATING, GUIDING AND DIRECTING and REMINDING!!! your being/awareness to be HERE and do your best to live your best when you sometimes go off course into consciousness
Bitia Bitia – 你的存有体是什么正在缓慢但确实地过来通过如同你的自我觉察扩展,而你学习去活重新定义字词并开始走出意识进入自我指导的活。指南针更多是一种支持的工具——一个你的扩展去支持在航行、主导和指导和提醒方面!!!你的存有/觉察是/成为在这里并且尽你所能去活你的最佳当你有时偏离航线进入意识时

Matti Freeman9:18 pm
yes the practice of what we’re doing / concept already exists, we just make it more specific so can frame it as such
Susan Spies9:20 pm
@mattifreeman Matti – yes, exactly 🙂
@mattifreeman Matti – 是的,没错

Rebecca Dalmas9:17 pm
If you have that compass a quality how would you describe it ?
Susan Spies9:20 pm
@rebdalmas Rebecca – what do you mean with quality exactly?
@rebdalmas Rebecca – 你说的质量到底是什么意思?
Rebecca Dalmas9:22 pm
I have been looking at intention – it is a way of forming a stable inner compass because others do pick up on inner certainty
This in itself has brought forward the point of how scattered we are when in fear . That stability point .
Susan Spies9:23 pm
@rebdalmas Rebecca – intension, yes – another good word/reference, your intent/intension/goal with self/life/future/process
@rebdalmas Rebecca – 意图,是的——另一个好的字词/参照,你对自己/生活/未来/进程的意图/决心/目标

Susan Spies9:24 pm
A story:
For me, MyKey – with being a Demon and COMPLETELY immersing myself in and as consciousness, even though done deliberately, it was a LOOOOOOOOONG arduous and challenging process to release myself from the depths of definition, integration and merging with consciousness – so, it was EXCEPTIONALLY easy to give into the mind, and just “apparently accidentally ‘slip’ on an imaginary banana peel that just came out of nowhere and I seemed to somehow fall into a hole so deep I couldn’t get out – losing any and all ability to stand up” lol
So, this was the ‘game’ I was playing with myself with my difficulty level when it came to making that shift from walking as Consciousness to changing into Life Awarenesss – the slips, falls, slides, stumbles and then excusing/justifying them
Therefore, DEFINING A COMPASS/reason/purpose for why, who and what/how I am in this process supported me to GET UP/GET OUT of the mind ASAP when I saw myself slip/fall instead of dragging out the consequence and allowing excuses/justifications to prevent me from changing
Herein, I started with my first reason, which I mentioned in my earlier chat “I didn’t want to be a part of this existence and its consequence as I have been as a demon” – I saw how my INACTION and ISOLATION actually contributed to MILLENIA of consequences, still playing out to this day…and I never wanted to feel so powerless and responsible at the same time
That thrust of awakening within me just SHOOK me to my CORE and I decided there and then, I will be ACTIVELY WITH AWARENESS participating to create a better world, in the hereafter and the here
So, that’s been my PRIMARY foundation I always go back to

Susan Spies9:30 pm
Another story –
lol a funny, but memorable one
Bernard once asked a teenager who had recently crossed over, and he had a rough life on the streets – made it from when he was 6/7 years old; so Bernard asked him: why are you here? Because this kid was GOING FOR IT when it came to walking the life review, the forgiveness, the process – with absolute dedication and fervor and excitement in a way that we hadn’t seen in a while – a very unique energy
一次伯纳德问一个最近过渡的青少年,而他在大街上过着一种艰苦的生活——从他6/7岁的时候开始;因此伯纳德问他:为什么你在这里?因为这个小孩只管去干了当提到行走生命回顾、宽恕、进程——在某种程度上带着绝对的献力和热情和兴奋,我们有一段时间没有看到过的—— 一种非常独特的能量
and the kid simply says to Bernard: well – it’s all me isn’t it? So, I’m just living, accessing and experiencing different parts of me and to be honest, I like this life better than my other one – so, I would really like to stay here…maybe we can also make earth this way one day, then we wouldn’t have to come all the way here to see what’s possible.”
Such innocence, and we all had a good laugh – because the kid initially thought he REALLY had to behave and do everything well to stay in existence lol, though when he understood everything, he had EVEN MORE passion to bring forth support to earth/humanity – but obviously, as we all learned in time, it’s not going to happen overnight – we first have to walk through the CONSEQUENCE and BREAKTHROUGH the old to rebirth the new, but we’re getting there 🙂
For this kid, his COMPASS is “I like this life better than my last life and I want to make this happen on earth”
So, this one realisation and statement is what still drives this being to this day

Gabriel Aceves9:32 pm
I can pretty much relate to your words at this stage of my process Sunette/MYKEY. I see myself currently working on that development of self trust, realizing that it’s never about a “betray or mistrust outside” but only within me. Thanks for your words, they really come into the core

Susan Spies9:36 pm
Other beings amended, expanded, changed, adapted their compass over time – tweaked it here and there
THerefore, also know – for some, it may be simple, others a paragraph, others a page, others an ONGOING process
HOWEVER, the COMPASS creation begins with ONE POINT
Therefore, we’re only in the BEGINNING of creating your compasses OR some of you may realise you already have a reference as a compass, you just haven’t realised its value of support it can contribute to reminding yourself to FOCUS on self/life and not slip, slide and fall into the mind/consciousness as often, but rather focus on creation and your passions in life

Kim S9:38 pm
The compass can also be defined as the starting point – Sunette ? The ultimate reason for walking ?
Sunette – 指南针也可以被定义为出发点吗?行走的最终理由吗?
Susan Spies9:39 pm
Yes KimS Kim – compass, starting point, lighthouse, guardian angel, reason, purpose, credo, value system – all used interchangeably
是的KimS Kim——指南针、出发点、灯塔、守护天使、理由、目的、信条、价值体系——所有这些都可交换使用

Susan Spies9:41 pm
Alright, so designing/creating and using the COMPASS tool is what we’re going to support with in chats to come. For now, wanted to open up some BASIC points only for YOU take the initiative in yourself and own life and look at the meaning/value of this for you
So, what we’re do is meet here again WEDNESDAY EVENING, same time and place
See which words align best for you
whether it be
REASON, LIFE SPARK, GUIDELINE, MORALS, VALUES, WORTHS, the angel on your shoulder 😉 – whichever resonates best with you,
has the same ESSENCE and OUTCOME: supporting you as a REMINDER, WAKE UP CALL, like an ALARM CLOCK – to WAKE UP/EXIT the mind and calmly walk into awareness/a better moment with self

Ida Bra Ingadottir9:41 pm
heart, heart of matter, drive, purpose, fulfillment, being, become, hurt, pain, love, principle, space, honor
Susan Spies9:44 pm
Yes Ida Ida Bra also cool word references
是的Ida Ida Bra,也是酷的字词参照

Bitia Catana9:44 pm
a word comes up for me a lot recently: ‘fire’
Susan Spies9:45 pm
Yes Bitia – lol Lilly often used that one with Veno when he went during his EGO phase, LOL she’d literally light up a fire under his arse visually and then he’d know “uh oh…sparked the fury of a woman scorned here”
是的Bitia – 哈哈,莉莉经常与维诺使用那一个(字词)当他走在他的自我意识阶段期间时,哈哈,字面上地她会在他的屁股下面点燃一团火,视觉上地,而然后他会知道“嗯哦……在这里激起了一个女人轻蔑的愤怒”
So, you can also make it playful and fun – doesn’t have to be too serious, Lilly though has an INCREDIBLE GIFT of being ABSOLUTELY STERN, STRICT AND SERIOUS but yet manages playfulness – one of a kind this one
I’ll bring Lils and Veno through Wednesday to direct the chat, they can share their individual and together compass support
lol you’re certain to have a little chuckle with Lil’s compass – crafty, but innocently adorable

Susan Spies9:47 pm
Alrighty all, we leave you here for this night
OPen this point up for you unconditionally
don’t THINK or OVERTHINK it too much
can simply write down the question for yourself, even look back and see how far you’ve come ALREADY!!!
maybe the answer is and always has been already here 🙂 you just haven’t tapped into it and used it consciously to support you more visibly and directly
It’s like finding that money in an OLD JACKET or pants pocket you forgot about lol
a lucky and good find that can support with a real treat
Thank you all for being here and participating
much appreciated as always
Lils and Veno REALLY looking forward to Wednesday!
Bye for now!