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Osho and other being through the Portal on the topic of LIVING WORDS


Susan Spies9:02
Osho joined by a many other beings from within existence on the topic of LIVING WORDS – touching base with each one’s discoveries and experiences with your chosen word/words and refining it from there – we begin 5 after the hour
奥修和许多其他的存有一起来自存在里面关于活字词的话题—— 与每个人关于你挑选的字词/字词们的发现和体验联系并从那里重新定义它—— 我们一小时5分钟后开始

Susan Spies9:09 pm
Hi all, Sunette here for a moment – sharing my Life-Light House applications – primarily focused on on the applications of hand-writing and forgiveness, sounding as well as aligning myself with the beings/animals/moments equal and one within myself – finding this still to be a conscious effort, the writing and forgiveness is scheduled so make time for it every day, this is easy
but the REAL TIME MOMENTS of living the word equal and one alignment with a being as I talk with them / walk by them…still sometimes find I have to retrace my steps, take a moment, align and talk/be with them AS ME, ME CENTERED in my best self/life/light house in the moment
Though within this journey of establishing ME as my LIFE/LIGHT within myself lol I still find the tendency to OVERWORRY/CONCERN my thoughts/mind with OTHERS instead of focusing on my responsibilities, daily activities, future, projects etc. and instead CHECKING IN every now and then with others, rather than carrying them emotionally in my mind
So, with living the word LIGHT/LIFE house – consciously every day, making the effort to focus on living the definition of this word – more dimensions / definitions in real time living open up
因此,随着活字词灯塔/生命之屋——每天都有意识地,努力去专注于活这个字词的定义——更多维度/定义实时地活 打开

Susan Spies9:12 pm
OSHO and Co. here through the Portal now – who’s got questions relating to Living Words – any struggles, concerns, difficulties we can start ironing out?

Valentin Rozman9:13 pm
Cool Susan and I am moving with DIP at redefing words. And I have started to speak out my thoughs out loud, basically talking to myself. I figured out since others are equal parts of the same creator as me, I do do not need others to have conversations and can simply talk with me.

Kristina9:13 pm
I noticed there are “complementary” words that came up with the initial living word. With it, two others surfaced as support words to clarify and ground the application of ‘how to’ live it – not a challenge but a surprise. maybe too many to walk at once?

Andrew Gable9:14 pm
The word that really landed for me was the word ‘Heart’ It at first had to do with my art and exploring more themes and approaches that was more aligned with something I wanted to do/explore for myself and less about making money. So I took a bit of a detour with my art into this more personal exploration…Funny though was that there was a dissatisfaction still coming through and that is when I realized that the word HEART should be something that I more apply to ME, my Core, and my immediate relationships/environment. So now I am practicing aligning with and Living this word Heart more on a personal/Life/Self level where my art is only one tiny part of that but realizing that it is more about tending to and caring for all the essential aspects parts of myself/life.
对我来说真正着陆的字词是字词“心”,起初它跟我的艺术有关并且探索更多主题和方法更多与某些我想为我自己去做/探索的事物对齐而更少关于挣钱。因此对于我的艺术我走了一点儿弯路进入这个更多的个人探索……虽然有趣的是有一个不满足仍然过来通过,而这就是当我领悟到字词心应该是某些我更多应用于我、我的核心、和我的直接关系/环境的事物 时。因此现在我正在练习对齐于并活这个字词心更多在一个个人/生活/自我的层面上,在那里我的艺术只是那一切的一小部分,而是领悟到这更多是关于照料和照顾我自己/生活的所有基本面向部分。

Bitia Catana9:14 pm
This is also part of my challenge is to focus on self and understand what it lives to walk change instead of looking at others, thinking about others, expecting it from others or worse trying to subtly impose or expect or control others – for me, the word Discipline is what I’m focusing/specializing in living where I focus on a trinity of daily self support. Focus on my DIP, exercise/diet/fitness and on reading books to align with physical – the point of ‘others’ I find is the greatest distractor

Kurt Schnidrig9:14 pm
I’m facing similar challenges especially at work, today living the word gratefulness and many things opened up where i can be grateful for my life

Caroline MS9:16 pm
I caught myself in a certain moment asking myself whether, the quiet, calm i experince in the last couple of days is real or mental. Real to me has been me aware of myself fully within this experince of calm quiet and yet still moving and doing that what i need to do in everyday living. However today, i noticed, i was very quiet but not sure whether it was real or not. So at times im questioning myself on whether im living the words really or not?

Susan Spies9:16 pm
@valentinrozman Valentin – best to write it down and/or speak with someone, cause just speaking thoughts out loud is re-creating the same problem – cause you’re talking as the very problem/root that creates consequence in the first place “thoughts and the mind” – so, you’ll be like a hamster on a wheel not really stepping out of the mind box to see what you’re allowing with awareness
@valentinrozman Valentin—— 最好把它写下来和/或与某人说话,因为只是大声说出想法在重新创造相同的问题——因为你正在说话如同这正正的问题/根源,即起初创造了后果的“想法和心智”——因此,你会像一只在跑轮上的仓鼠并没有真正走出心智盒子去看到你在用觉察允许什么
in addition to this @valentinrozman – remember thoughts have deeper subcoinscious and unconscious connotations, your thoughts are actually translating deeper issues you need to investigate – best way to do this is through cross-reference – writing and/or speaking
@valentinrozman 除此之外——记住,想法有更深层的潜意识和无意识含义,实际上你的想法在翻译更深层的问题你需要去调查——要这样做最好的方法是通过相互参照——书写和/或说话

Avery Williams9:16 pm
My word is certainty and as I listen to the coronavirus on eqafe that one of the word is uncertainty that is causing problems in our world so I can see how important is to for me to stand and live that word certainty to support myself and others.

Ingrid9:17 pm
I found how I automatically /tend immediately to ‘align with another outside myself’ and then becoming insecure about myself. This after the word foundation I choose for myself with an expansion of ‘sound foundation’. It was quite shocking to see directly how I shift outside myself and change my behaviour and presence.

Garbrielle9:18 pm
one of the points i am facing with this word passion i have been walking which i have redefined to be ‘pass on the mission’, i am quite passionate within this in terms of yes i have the proof of my own change and how these tools work/have changed me, but actually creating an effect – the goal or purpose to walk this is fuzzy….like i have future goals and visions, and also ones i am working with day to day, but getting from here to there is unknown so i suppose more words would support me to refine that process of why am i wanting to be or live this word passion….this i am also figuring out as i go, lots of trust points are coming through as well moving into my inner core more to understand it more in real time

Susan Spies9:19 pm
Kristina, yes – suggest start with one word Kristina – one CENTRAL CORE WORD, like Sunette has her life/light house and AROUND THAT ONE WORD practical application/behavioural changes support the living of that word – make sense?
Kristina, 是的——建议从一个字词开始,Kristina—— 一个中央核心字词,就像Sunette有她的生命之屋/灯塔,并围绕那一个字词实践应用/行为改变来支持那个字词的活——明白吗?

Caroline MS9:20 pm
Also another question, when im with my kids, because of moments changing really fast, i find im not applying just one word ie holding it playing with it etc, i find i have to change words as moments change. Here practicing holding my ground as i change/express another word, ground meaning base word or words. At times, iv to apply multiple words at once… can you please share more on how or what i can do improve on or maintain change during such moments?

Susan Spies9:20 pm
Andrew Andrew – lol as we were reading the beginning of your sharing, what came up was “oh, but where are you within your own living of the word heart – what is your HEARTfelt version of living YOU?” – then towards the end see you came to the same realisation, so this seems quite an interesting uncovering and discovering of living your heart
Andrew Andrew ——哈哈,当我们在阅读你分享的开始时,出现的是“哦,但是你在哪里在你自己的字词心的活里面——什么是你的 活你的衷心(HEARTfelt 心感觉)版本?”——然后到最后看到你得到了同样的领悟,因此这像是活你的心的一个相当有趣的揭露和发现。

Kristina9:21 pm
Yes – I have that one word. But I tend to doubt it’s “the word” lol – the whole ‘whats my passion/point/purpose’ game all over. though – I am simply making a decision because the word has come up in various scenarios so will decide to make it my word and go from there. thanks osho & co

Valentin Rozman9:22 pm
Sure Susan I did not mean that speaking thoughts is a solution. I meant that I am speaking out my physical observations about how my body feels and what I notice in my surrounding for the purpose of remaining physical and not giving any opportunity for the mind to create thoughs and then trying to entice me to think them. So I am rather taking a leading role of me as a beging to voice observations instead of the mind creating its own interpretation.

Susan Spies9:22 pm
Cool Bitia Bitia – incorporating practical application discipline of ACTIONS/projects and DOINGS into every day life – you will see a more direct self change by living/connecting your words to visible actions of doing
酷Bitia Bitia—— 结合实际应用自律的行动/计划并把这些行为融入日常生活——你将看到一个更直接的自我改变通过活/将你的字词连接到可见的做事的行动

MatsBP9:23 pm
I picked the word introspection, but I’m seeing myself looping around in this type of observer mode where the underlying theme is that I’m constantly seeking acceptance and validation, so I’m starting to wonder if self acceptance is a better word for me. And also, I’m having to step up to the task of writing, it’s like I’m trapping myself in this point of avoidance to take the action.

Susan Spies9:24 pm
Kurt Nice Kurt, yes – gratefulness can lead to more humbleness and patience, slowing down – this is a good word for you, it’ll open more doors to realising how much you take for granted and rush/run past and miss in your every day life. A good word to learn to slow down, live humbly and be more patient with yourself, your day and in the people in it
Kurt 很棒Kurt,是的——感激可以通向更多谦逊和耐心、放慢下来——对你来说这是一个好的字词,它将打开更多门去领悟到有多少是你认为理所当然的并且冲/跑过去和错过在你日常生活中的。一个好的字词要学会去放慢下来,活谦逊并且对你自己、对你的一天并对生活中的人们更有耐心。

Susan Spies9:26 pm
Caroline, there will be MOMENTS where you become and live a word – where a part of yourself is showing your WHAT IS POSSIBLE inside of you – so, I’d say the experience was a REAL YOU POTENTIAL you can be and become with CONTINUED PRACTISE. Sure, you’re fall and make miss-takes here and there, we all will and do – KEY is to GROUND YOURSELF ASAP back to that remembrance of the living words you became and lived for sure
Caroline,会有片刻,在那里你成为并活一个字词——在那里你自己的一部分在展示给你你的什么是可能的在你内在——因此,我会说这个体验是一个真正的你的潜能你可以是并成为的 随着继续实践。当然,你到处跌倒并犯错,我们全都会并这样做——关键是,去尽快扎稳你自己回到那个你确实成为并活的活字词的回忆。
So, whenever the MIND QUESTIONS with ENERGY whether you are living a word or not – lol know the mind is what is confused, breathe and embrace the experience and use it as your COMPASS for the times when you do get lost/fall for a moment

Bitia Catana9:26 pm
I started a workout, diet and supplement plan designed by an athlete/bodybuilder lady I contacted online with the goal of decreasing fat and weight and increasing muscle mass which, as I shared last time that I was going for scan, my results showed a higher than optimal fat percentage and low muscle mass – I have experienced a lot of back pain due to lack of exercise in the last year, so my core is calling to be strengthened both at the physical and emotional level

Gabriel Aceves9:27 pm
I have been going through several points around the shadow self. I found a pain on my right ankle and also on my right thumb. I checked on the SRA lectures the meaning of it. And it makes a lot of sense as I decided to work with the word “Sanctuary”. On the last days I have been noticing within me certain concerns in relation to this ideas of “who I am” created around what apparently “I had planned for the future”, as the airports are closed on Panama and to be honest, as I see how the entire situation is developing, I am a little bit scared of going back to my country; I know that I have to at a certain point, but if the airports didn’t managed to function again for more time than what I was supposed to be here, that’s where it came to face that this idea of “how I identified myself accordingly to this idea that I wanted to built on me for the future” Now to be honest I don’t know what “future means” when all of this plans and projects were built over things that are not “the most important” lol
围绕着影子自我我已经走过了几个点。我发现一个疼痛在我的右脚踝以及我的右手拇指。我检查了SRA讲课它的含义。而当我决定工作于字词“圣殿(Sanctuary)”时这就有许多意义。在最后几天我一直注意到在我里面某些与这个“我是谁”的想法有关的关注点,显然是围绕着“我已经为未来做了计划”而创造的,因为巴拿马的机场已关闭,而说实话,当我看到整个情形在如何发展时,我有点害怕回到我的国家;某种程度上我知道我必须,但是如果机场没有设法在我本来应该在这里的时间内 再次运行,这就是在那里它来面对这个“我如何依据这个想法:未来我想要建立在我之上 来识别我自己”的想法。现在说实话,我不知道“未来意味着”什么当所有这些计划和项目都建立在并不是“最重要的”事情之上时,哈哈

Miranda de Haas9:27 pm
I chose the word trust to support myself with a pattern that I seem to be stuck at. To trust myself that I am able to see and understand the pattern and to break it so I can take another direction that’s best in this

Kurt Schnidrig9:29 pm
Thanks Sunette yes humbleness is a nice word to practice as i usually like to be like opposite powerful, superior, above all and everything.

Susan Spies9:29 pm
Cool Avery Avery – now to look at how you can incorporate the word certainty personally for you in your every day life that pertains to your thoughts, emotions, relationships, decisions etc. – who am I as certainty and how can this word support me in moments during my day?
酷!Avery Avery——现在去察看你个人可以如何为你结合字词确定在你的日常生活中,关于你的想法、情绪、关系、决定等等——我所是者/我是谁等如确定以及这个字词可以如何支持我在片刻中在我的一天期间?

Caroline MS9:30 pm
Also recently see a strong co relation of blocked breathing manifesting as soon as i participate in anger. The longer i hold onto to anger, the intense this experince become.to the point where iv difficulties taking in unconstricted breaths. The constriction occurs in my lower throat area right at the opening to my lungs

Yogan Barrientos9:30 pm
There are different ways that I see how Living Words can be applied. Like with dancing or singing, or playing/goofing around, its clear when I am applying like those kinds of Fun Living Words: ‘playful, ‘fun,’ ‘goofing.’ And this is something that I have done for many years, it was some of the first words/applications that I applied when I started Desteni 10 years ago, because I already wanted to be able to dance at a dance party for instance, without being shy or scared, and to sing karoake with friends. So it was a process to do it physically, and while also doing self-forgivenss to release the energies and fear, until it came to a point where its easy and natural. So for me that is a very physical and very fun example that I was already highly motivated to live out, since I grew up as a shy child yet always wanted to join with others and play and have fun with and among others.
So that is that context. Now this past week, this context of Living the word ‘Self,’ for me its a conscious effort of saying the word (inside of me) and its like the Way I say it: Seeeelllfffff. It is specific. And there is a specific movement within me, with saying that word that way. Its like when saying that word that way I saying something like: I am with me, I have me, I have me for eternity, I will always have me, I am the starting point, Self is the reason why Self-forgiveness works, I hold me within myself, I am complete with Self, I have what I need to be able to do what I need to with Self. And so I use that word, as that single word, Self, and this is what it brings up, which like an experience of like holding me with a blanket that is warm, which happens for a moment. I don’t know if its a word that should be eventually lived throughout the day. I would think not, but I am open to what I don’t know. For now its simply to remind myself if I forget the point of Self, and why and how its important, and why and how I already have all i need to walk this process or any process. Cause it starts with Self.
因此这就是那个脉络。现在在过去的这一周,这个活字词“自己”的语境,对我来说它是一个说字词(在我内在)的显意识的努力,而且它就像我说它的方式:看见---我自己(Seeeelllfffff)。这是特定的。而且有一个特定的移动在我里面,随着用那种方式说那个字词。这就好像当以那种方式说着那个字词时我在说某些东西就像:我是与我在一起,我拥有我,我永远拥有我,我会一直拥有我,我是出发点,自己是自我宽恕有效的原因,我拥抱我在我自己里面,我是完整的与自己在一起,我拥有我需要能够做我所需要与自己一起做的事情的事物。而因此我使用这个字词作为这个单独的字词,自己,而这些是它带来的东西,这像是一种好像用一块温暖的毯子抱着我的体验,这发生了一会儿。我不知道是否这是一个字词最终应该被活遍及一天的。我会认为不是,但是我对我所不知道的是开放的。目前如果我忘记了这个自己的点、和为什么及如何它非常重要、以及为什么和如何我已经拥有一切我所需要的东西 来行走这个进程或任何的过程,去提醒我自己这是简单的。因为它从自己开始。

Susan Spies9:32 pm
Ingrid Ingrid – cool that you are now AWARE of how much you step OUTSIDE YOURSELF when you allow others superiority / dominion in your mind, thoughts, emotions and beings – leading you to lose yourself for a moment. SO, how to practise – when with people, look for an ANCHOR word, a SAFE WORD so to speak, to hold to your QUALITIES, your PRESENCE and not let others intimidate you by accepting and allowing them to get to you inside your inner sanctuary of your mind/being
Ingrid Ingrid—— 酷,你现在觉察到当你允许他人优越/支配在你的心智、想法、情绪和存有中时你有多少走出你自己——导致你迷失你自己一会儿。因此,如何实践——当与人们在一起时,寻找一个锚定字词,一个安全字词,可以这样说,去坚持你的品质、你的呈在并且不要让他人吓到你通过接受并允许他们来接近你在你的心智/存有的你的内在圣殿里。

Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem9:32 pm
I face myself in «patience» – trying to focus on the core of me – using the ship, captain & crew analogy you showed us Sunette in self & living
我“耐心的”面对我自己——试图专注于我的核心——使用船、船长和船员的比喻,Sunette你在 自我与活 中展示给我们的

Valentin Rozman9:32 pm
I noticed that cracks developed again between my toes on the right foot. That was a thing that I have struggled with for years however in recent month the problem was gone. I concluded that I finally grounded myself enough and removed the fear that prevented sufficient energy flow through my feet. So it seems that this corona thing again created a lot of fear and blocked the energy flow again. Thus I am working on releasing the fear and grounding myself more.

Andreas Wittmann9:33 pm
I choose the word Fire/Flame as I see that it can support me in various dimensions of my life/existence. On a physical level as well as a mind level fire can stand for transformation, setting in motion and also working/burning through things…metabolism, transforming one part/manifestation into another so this can have many applications and implications.
One area of living fire/flame is for example of not „denying/hiding/suppressing“ what I see and how I see it, as that would be equivalent to putting out my fire, but to find ways to take what I see/realize and transform it into something practical livable and constructive.

Susan Spies9:34 pm
Garbrielle Garbrielle – we have found when the future is unclear, this is specific – it’s showing it is still in creation and a REMINDER that any future creation involved OTHER BEINGS and also possible lessons and experiences you personally need to face – so, this then means the future will SHAPE and MANIFEST as you focus on the IMMEDIATE GOALS AND SELF daily
Garbrielle Garbrielle ——我们已经发现当未来不清晰的时候,这是特定的——它在展示它仍然在创造之中和一个提醒:任何未来创造包含其他存有以及你个人需要面对的可能的功课和体验——因此,然后这意味着当你专注于即时目标和自己的日常时未来将形成并显化。
Life is thus showing you more self focus, life lessons/experiences and the awaiting of other people’s processes to come to fulfillment must first manifest before the future will become more clear
因此生活在展示给你更多的自我专注、生活功课/体验和等待其他人的过程 去来到实行,首先必须显化在未来将变得更清晰之前

Bitia Catana9:34 pm
And Kurt can relate. Humbleness is less and less seen as a living word I’d say. Me too this is part of a daily effort as to not go in superiority and identify when even sooo subtly the ego plays and we go in superiority

Kristina9:36 pm
it seems covid is creating a lot of uncertainty which most people are reacting to – supporting all to be in the moment, directly here rather than ‘there’ in the future of ‘what will come’. we don’t know – so let’s create here, in this moment

Susan Spies9:36 pm
Caroline, @CarolineMKS – when it comes to kids, spending times with your children – HOLD YOUR CHILDREN WITH AND WITHIN YOU as your living words – this will open up a fountain of expression between the three of you as one and as equal
Caroline, @CarolineMKS ——当提到孩子,花时间与你的孩子们在一起——抱着你的孩子与并在你里面等如你的活字词——这将打开一个表达的喷泉在你们三个之间等同如一并等如平等
the living words is more personal and alone to you
if, when with your kids you try and live words, you’re actually limiting the moment and experience – kids are an abundant source of life here, so align with that inside yourself and express – you will find yourself and them to be more stable, alert and aware to act and direct

Garbrielle9:37 pm
Sunette great thank you for that support, yes i am seeing these shifts that i go into wanting to force/be impatient in my walk and this creates unnecessary outflows in my living, so been practicing these words as well to get a handle on that polarity shift back and forth…..and cool on the focus point and the future being unclear for a specific reason, i’ll keep that to my focus and work with flow and working with more real time day to day goals i can accomplish and move in the meantime

Carlton9:38 pm
I found that the word Here/Being Here takes a lot of practice and focus at all times, I’m still getting a grip on focusing on my chest, its supportive and a process..

Susan Spies9:39 pm
Kristina Kristina – all we’re seeing is to drop the DOUBT in relation to the word, this is creating an unnecessary veil actually preventing you from embracing the word, so a tendency of self doubt preventing you from exploring and living – like a self sabotage system creeping in. We’d suggest DROP the doubt, GO FOR IT with the word
Kristina Kristina——所有我们看到的是去放下关于这个字词的怀疑,这一点在创造一个不必要的面纱实际上阻止你拥抱这个字词,因此一个自我怀疑的倾向阻止你探索并活——就像一个自我妨害系统偷偷潜入。我们建议放下怀疑,用这个字词去行动吧

Caroline MS9:41 pm
Oh wow, so more like letting go of any words and simply being with the kids, unconditionally? Roll with the moment? Sunette

Susan Spies9:41 pm
MatsBP Mats, maybe look at taking on the word ACTION, ACT, DO – list all the things compromising you and get moving to resolve them
MatsBP Mats, 也许看看用这个字词行动、行动、做——列出所有妥协了你的事情并且行动起来去解决它们

Susan Spies9:41 pm
Yes exactly Caroline @CarolineMS
Caroline @CarolineMS,是的,正是

Susan Spies9:44 pm
Cool Tormod Tormod – a great sailing ahead for you Captain! Ahoy maybe!
酷Tormod Tormod—— 为了你船长,一次伟大的远航!啊嗨也许!

Caroline MS9:45 pm
Cool, got it! Thank you. Infact, now looking back, i realize i was more focused on holding onto words, wanting to express words with them that, i then sabotaged the moments because then, time with them wasn’t unconditional, felt more like work lol. really greatful for this clarification.

Susan Spies9:46 pm
Gabriel Aceves Gabriel, you’ve got a good head of awareness on your shoulders – don’t be too hard on yourself, trust your instincts, take it easy, test things out until you’re certain – you’re going into the right direction
Gabriel Aceves Gabriel, 你有一个好的觉察的头脑在你的肩膀上——不要对你自己太苛刻,相信你的直觉,放松点,测试事物直到你确定——你在朝着正确的方向前进

Susan Spies9:46 pm
Cool, glad to hear Garbrielle Garbrielle
Garbrielle Garbrielle,酷,很高兴听你这么说

Susan Spies9:48 pm
Ahhh yes, nice reminder for me too yet again – hadn’t been on that dimension of grounding myself in a long time, I used to do it every morning when waking up – establish my here point. Thanks for the reminder Carlton, will be joinin you in this #Sunette
啊是的,这对我来说再次也是一个很好的提醒——已经在很长时间里没有在那个扎稳我自己的维度上,过去我常常在每天早晨这样做当我醒来时——建立我的在这里点。Carlton谢谢这个提醒,会加入你的行列 #Sunette

Susan Spies9:49 pm
All, we got a good reference of where most is at with the living words
We intended to do videos and recordings today, but space and time did not allow – Sunette is planning / has arranged space and time for tomorrow – fingers crossed and will keep you updated
We’d like you to listen to the recordings in preparation for SUNDAYS chat
I Osho and Co. will share our first journeys of living words and also the relocation of SELF CORE FOCUS recordings
Hand in hand – will be of great support in the Living Word journey
in the meantime, we do hope this chat gave you a kickstart and some points to consider/look at/work with and expand
Do, keep it up – push and challenge yourselves!
and we’ll catch up again on Sunday 😉
Thank you all for making the time to be here
We appreciate it greatly