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Coronavirus through the Portal on Living Word Creation and moving through resistances


Susan Spies8:46 pm
CV through the Portal discussing Living Word Creation as well as examples of moving through resistances of “I don’t want to” and see/share where it lead – we start 5 after the hour

Susan Spies9:07 pm
@SelfAttention Zach – we’re at the moment focusing on ONE WORD / sentence for you to bring to live through you in your living, taking it step by step with you until each is comfortable with what it actually entails to live a word, practise living a new word/habit/experience whilst changing an old habit/thought pattern
@SelfAttention Zach —— 现在我们正专注于一个字词/句子为你去带来活通过你在你的生活中,拿起它和你一起一步一步地来直到每个人对 当改变一个旧的习惯/想法模式的时候去活一个字词、实践活一个新的字词/习惯/体验实际上蕴含什么 感到舒服为止。
We’ve in process been pushing living words much, but hasn’t seem to sink in effectively as of yet – therefore, we walk it step by step, slowly but surely in the beginning – covering all basis until we’re all on the same level of application/understanding when it comes to living words

Susan Spies9:08 pm
a great help will be recordings to come tomorrow where Life Review beings and other beings share their change to CORE SELF NAVIGATION from consciousness pre-programming

Susan Spies9:09 pm
Okay, so for the moment – let’s start with the second point of discussion this evening – moving through RESISTANCE of not wanting to do something, who has some examples and experiences?

Kim S9:09 pm
I keep forgetting – I end up getting caught up in work, then I remember shit where was I today
Then I do a rewind of who I have been in the day – and what I missed and do forgiveness on that – but I definitely forget the living word application
然后我做了一个在一天中我曾经是谁——和我错失了什么 的倒带,并在那上面做宽恕——但是我肯定忘记活字词应用了

Hannah Kewn9:10 pm
All the time, I used to blame being busy with friends and being tired from work, but have noticed the same pattern even with so much space and time

Laura Nuñez9:11 pm
I’ve had resistances to clean the house
and now with CV around I have to clean everything more, and it’s a process

Valentin Rozman9:11 pm
I am experiencing such resistance to move into creation, to develop my business and to make some more order on my computer and physical files, to remove the clutter. Taking it very slow, not experiencing much of the urgency.
我在体验这种对移入创造、去发展我的生意和去让我的电脑和实体文件更加有序、去去除杂乱 的抵抗。非常慢的拿起它,没有体验到许多紧迫性。

Susan Spies9:11 pm
Hi all – Sunette here, I have a few examples from these past days: twice had to do with washing dishes – living with a family of 6, 3 dogs and 2 cats – dishes and washing piles up quickly, from morning, to afternoon to evening – always 3 sessions of washing, there are swift thoughts coming up of “Ill get to it later / it’s not A LOT now, so will wait for it to pile up” – instead, moved past the experience, put my music on and even went the extra mile each time and mopped the floors, spring cleaned the counters/stove etc. – was cool

Anna Brix Thomsen9:12 pm
Well, at the moment I am moving through a major resistance to show up for other people, because I am going through a deep and difficult personal process, where I feel a great need to be with myself, in silence. I’ve decided to push through though, and I’ve been looking this week at the difference between resisting something and then having a self-honest gut feeling that “this isn’t where I’m supposed to be”. So I’ve been playing with it.

Susan Spies9:13 pm
Then today, third time it happened – been into strength, core and fitness training every day for an hour, lol and awww man, there’s a moment where I am like noooooooooo I’ll take a break day, but that can add up to 5 days out of the week of breaks and training only two, when it should be the other way round – lol, so now to move through the resistance, again music is a source of support, I get dressed, do a little dance, warm up and then feel so satisfied afterwards
然后今天,第三次它发生——是成为力量、核心和体能训练每天一小时,哈哈,噢天哪,有一个片刻在那里我好像 不……我要休息一天,但是一周的休息时间加起来可能达到5天,而训练只有2天,当这应该是反过来的时候——哈哈,因此现在去移动通过抵抗,再次音乐是一个支持的来源,我穿好衣服、跳个小舞、热热身而然后之后感到如此满足

Carlton9:13 pm
What I’ve notice in myself is that when resistance comes up with something that I must do like process work, I realize when I just go for it, like typing the first few words, or writing the first few words it seem to eventually dissipate.

Caroline MS9:13 pm
One of my biggest resistances in this life has been towards conflict. In this sense, my kids crying or fighting or simply not being able to express themselves the way i know meaning expressing themselves like k expect. So this week i took time, applied some living words or lived some words and i now see them, their fun or pain or fears or simply humans that need me.

Susan Spies9:13 pm
Cool application Carlton – just do it, yes – simple, basic and direct

Anna Brix Thomsen9:13 pm
For years I’ve been practicing moving through resistance towards picking up little things on my way as well, and I find that moving through the small resistances, and recognizing them, helps to get used to the process of pushing through resistance, which helps when one then faces bigger points, because the act of pushing is the same, and then you know the signature of how you need to move yourself.

Laura Nuñez9:14 pm
Oh I have one! I quit my last job, and I’ve been having resistances to work again, as I saw like how business works in an enterprise, how some people assign the tasks and others have to do “the hard work” and I now have to be my own boss for the moment, or see if I find another job, but for now I’ve been having resistance to move and make my portfolio

Valentin Rozman9:14 pm
With the dishes I am very disciplined and wash it even before I start to eat the meal that I prepared. Also with keeping my apartment sufficiently clean is no problem with me. Physical tasks is something that I am very happy to do. But not so much with tasks related to computers anymore. Looking for more grounding in the physical.

Hannah Kewn9:14 pm
I was supposed to go live on facebook last week to do a gig from my bedroom, it got closer and closer and I hadn’t learned how to even set the sound and visuals up or played with the sound all day. So I just changed it to the day after, similar thing happened then too. Mix of laziness and a bit of fear, like I’m worried I won’t sound as good but then I know I do so it’s just laziness hiding behind insecurities

Garbrielle9:14 pm
my moment was when i was doing laundry, i literally opened the cover and went ‘ah, i’ll do this later’ and started walking out of the room, and i am like ‘hello, it’ll take two minutes to rotate, what in the world are you doing? like i am shocked how much i just sail tasks aside in the physical and just continue on this leisure type movement, so been seeing that and seeing words like focus, discipline, and just do it will be helpful….also the self core point, cause it helps when your tuned into that to see the shifts that can happen so quickly and subtle that i’ve allowed so automatically

Susan Spies9:15 pm
@kims Kim – you have been in a bit of stress of late with everything happening, so suggest dealing with your immediate self and reality and join in with this process when and as you can, your timeline location point took a bit of an off-road for a moment where you and your like is in a shake that you haven’t faced in a while cause you/your life had been relatively stable for many years – now it feels like things are derailed – so, just need to get back on track with yourself, your relationship, future and life
@kims Kim —— 你一直处在最近发生的一切事情的一点压力当中,因此建议处理你的即时自我和现实,并加入到这个过程中来当并等如你可以的时候,你的时间线位置点有一会儿走了一段越野路在那里你和你喜欢的人都在颤抖,有一段时间你没有面对了,因为你/你的生活已经相对稳定多年了——现在它感觉好像事情出轨了——因此,只需要回到正轨与你自己、你的关系、未来和生活在一起。

Valentin Rozman9:15 pm
And I have also started to support myself with listening to the music. Usually I do not listen to music however now I have started to appreciate the motivation that I get from hearing some uplifting songs.

Rebecca Dalmas9:15 pm
I have also had resistances to speaking with others , simply let that go and move forward because that is how we learn .

Caroline MS9:16 pm
Rather than wanting to direct them or force them into something, im more patient, more understanding, more considerate, creative, innovative etc, all these words coming through as support for me and them. A gift iv never really even phantomed

Kim S9:16 pm
Thank you Sunette – yes have been feeling derailed for sure lol
谢谢你Sunette ——是的,确实一直感到出轨,哈哈

Susan Spies9:16 pm
Interesting Hannah Hannah – yes, can relate, seeing so many points of blame I projected to others, now there’s just me LOL and no more excuses/justifications or PEOPLE / stimuli to blame and hide behind procrastination/postponement – very cool unveiling of self truth this lockdown

Hannah Kewn9:17 pm
Another thing is going out with the Dogs, one is my cousins and one is my nans but we all live together so sometimes if they havent gone out and no ones awake I will have to go with them but I really dont want too because “they’re not my Dogs, I would never choose to get a dog because of these responsibilities” but I do go out anyway, but have to make coffee first

Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem9:17 pm
I was invited to take part in song this week. To practice SONG around a piano in the house where I live with 10 others. i first thought – blah… no thanks that sounds DULL – I dont want to do that. Then I thought – what do I have to lose ? I should participate and see what might come of it. So I did go to song and had my singing… It was very nice – deeply pleasant – quite frankly : and the cool thing was AFTER this singing – the after situations/life would SAIL it’s way – that through the solid and strong SINGING connection with the others – doors kept opening up for me – and for others. Sailing FURTHER – there was more cooperation, enjoyment, NEW PERSPECTIVE and a strong seeking to connect and learn each other to know better… humbled again by LIFE

Matti Freeman9:18 pm
every time I’ve ever written a blog there’s been resistance before. Because it’s not easy, the result is unknown, and I tend to imagine myself getting stuck on making it specific enough and rewriting parts endlessly, lol. But within that I also have that point of seeing that I have something to share, and I don’t want to regret not sharing it so I use that to outweigh the resistance and just start writing

Susan Spies9:19 pm
Anna Anna – I’ve also done that and burnt out, be honest with your self process first, and ensure you balance yourself MORE than others when going through a challenging time, otherwise – what happened with me, I suppress more than I realise to be there for others, then eventually you try compensate not being there for yourself enough by being there for others, you burn out eventually, then made others dependent on you to a degree, causing disappointment when you do fall cause you weren’t seeing to yourself more/equally as much….it’s a vicious cycle
Anna Anna —— 我也那样做过并且疲惫不堪,首先要对你的自我进程诚实,并且确保当走过一个具有挑战性的时刻时你比其他人更多平衡你自己,否则的话——我怎么了,我抑制多于我领悟到是/成为在那里为他人,然后最终你试图补偿不是在那里足够的为你自己通过是在那里为他人,你最终疲惫不堪,然后使他人在一定程度上依赖你,当你跌倒时产生了失望,因为你没有更多/平等地同样多照料你自己……这是一个恶性循环。
So, suggest sitting down with yourself, your needs for you and how much mental/physical and time energy do you have to give to others, cause if your cup is empty/half full and trying to give more – that’s where conflicts happen within and without

Caroline MS9:20 pm
I always thought living words was something i must study hard for like in school in terms of knowledge meaning really define and study a lot (one can do this at some point) and structure but for me, its coming out quite differently, through application/creation, in learning understanding more

Valentin Rozman9:20 pm
About exercising I have been doing morning Tibetans and then also went for a walk for one hour during each day. However I noticed that such activity does not ground me sufficiently since I have no more option to visit the gym. So last weekend I went on a 2,5 hour hike on the nearby mountain. My muscles still hurt since it was the first such extensive hike uphill after a long time. But I plan to do it at least couple of times per month.
关于运动我一直做藏族早操(morning Tibetans),然后每天也散步一小时。不管怎样我注意到这样的活动并不能充分地扎稳我,因为我不再有选择去健身房。因此上周末我在附近的山上徒步了2.5小时。我的肌肉仍然疼痛因为这是长时间以来第一次这样广泛的徒步登山。但是我计划每个月至少做几次。

Ida Bra Ingadottir9:20 pm
For me what I have noticed, it seems often resistance is when I am approaching the task/movement from my mind where there is a whole lot of believes/ideas/survival to live up to that I, as who I really am and what I really want for myself, is not in alignment. And so it will not be deeply enjoyable but rather something that I am doing as a forced upon militant duty/obligation. So the resistance has been very cool. It has been working like a sort of wall/block that I can not get through unless I slow down let go of all of these forceful/harsh/abusive ways of approaching tasks/movements. And then had to just drop it. And then find ways to shift inside me, where I am playful with finding what is the actual real reason or purpose for doing it and how I honor the best of me within that. And from there make it enjoyable. So my experience is not that of pushing through but rather letting go. And then stepping into the new space that is created. Where I am a new me, a lighter more enjoyable me. And then things are more fun and meaningful.

Anna Brix Thomsen9:21 pm
Yes that’s exactly what I’ve been going through Sunette. Thank you for having my back.
I sometimes think that I’m invincible, like. can keep taking more and more and more on, and that I need to be perfect and otherwise I’m not enough. Its rather draining. And then it obviously cycles back to exhaustion and a burn-out.

Susan Spies9:22 pm
Ah Anna – yes, picking up the little things, ALWAYS have this voice / memory reminder inside myself that I cannot shake lol, Bernard once saying “if there’s a rock/something in the way, pick it up – if you don’t it could cause harm to another and you are indirectly responsibile, cause you did see it and chose not to do anything about it. In addition to that, you could be the one who would have been hurt by another’s ignorance/laziness” = so, since then, it’s been etched into my being
啊Anna —— 是的,拾起小事情,一直有这个声音/记忆提醒在我自己内在是我不能动摇,哈哈,一次Bernard说“如果有块石头/某些东西在路上,拾起它——如果你没有(这样做)它可能造成对他人的伤害,而你是间接的责任,因为你的确看到它并选择不做任何事情关于它。除此之外,你可能是那个会被他人的无知/懒惰所伤害的人”= 因此,从那以后,它已经铭刻到我的存有了。

Bitia Catana9:23 pm
I also feel a lot of resistance to cleaning the house – what is supporting me right now is to have my 3 main points of focus which are: My DIP assignments, My fitness and diet program and reading daily to support myself with grounding/aligning with the physical – I call it my trinity of daily self-support – I find that when I ‘invest’ in myself daily in that ‘trinity’ , other things like cleaning the house don’t feel as burdensome – but house cleaning has always in general been a resistance for me regardless

Rikard9:23 pm
I tried yesterday to say out loud the things i dint want to do, like – I don’t want to do this,this is boring !then i did it anyway when saying i dint want to.

Anna Brix Thomsen9:24 pm
Yes Sunette lol cool. For me and Lora, we pick up trash, but shes wants us to pick up all the trash lol. And I feel guilty, but it is simply not possible to pick it all up.
是的Sunette,哈哈… 酷。对于我和Lora来说,我们捡起垃圾,但是她要我们捡起所有的垃圾 哈哈。而我感到内疚,但这只是要把所有的垃圾都捡起来是不可能的。

Susan Spies9:24 pm
@lauranunezorjuela123777 Laura – have to be practical and considerate when it comes to jobs: you need money to survive – best to remember you are in this world, allowing emotion to get involved with getting a job to get an income to be able to survive and possibly create savings to eventually do what you want to do = will only cause further self disempowerment. Can’t judge the system – rather empower yourself within and through it, whatever job/position you can get
@lauranunezorjuela123777 Laura —— 必须是/成为实际和考虑周到的当提到工作:你需要钱来生存——最好记得你是在这个世界上,允许情绪来参与找一份工作以得到收入去能够生存和可能创造储蓄来最终做你想要做的事情=将只会导致进一步的自我去权。不能评判系统——宁可赋权你自己在里面并通过它,无论你可以得到什么工作/位置。

Kim S9:25 pm
Sunette I saw a little snail today in the path and I stepped over it and thought I need to put him out of harms way and kept walking – then I stopped and decided to go back and move him, because I see this is a point that is so inherent in society, where we think about things with best intentions but don’t actually act

Caroline MS9:25 pm
To slow it down even more/specific, last couple of days, iv been mandated to be my kids teacher from home. I have this tendency of chasing perfectionism. So i noticed that im more chasing the result than walking the process. Eg wanting the kids to do and get it right and when they dont, i slipped into anger. Triggered by my fear of making mistakes and so i applied the words patience and understanding and support. And all went differently

Anna Brix Thomsen9:25 pm
Oh another cool method is to do the things one LEAST wants to do FIRST *cough* #note to self (I tend to postpone those things until the last minute, and then I feel like I’ve taken an amazing dump, and I’m like “why didn’t I just do this sooner?”

Garbrielle9:25 pm
i also have looked at the resistance point in general for things that i go into resistance toward is ‘is this going to make or break me?’ and here figure out why i am doing it, and if it aligns with who i am in my purpose, then i go for it realizing that it is going to be painful until it’s not anymore, so just an acceptance of what is here and use the data as best possible to change myself to make the point become natural or something that i enjoy or see benefit in continuing
我也察看抵抗点,一般来说对于我走进朝向其抵抗的事情是“这件事将会成就我还是毁了我?”并在这里弄清楚为什么我这样做,而如果它对齐于我所是者/我是谁在我的目的中,那么我努力争取,领悟到它将是痛苦的直到它不再是(这样),因此只是一个什么是在这里的接受并使用数据作为最可行的来改变我自己去将这个点变得自然或某种我享受或看到持续的好处 的事情。

Susan Spies9:27 pm
Hannah Hannah – I’m in the same position as you, when it comes to making videos for MBI, been planning to do it this whole week, even played with locations, lightings , times of day – but didn’t par with my tendency for perfectionism…eventually realised that was just an excuse, that I was nervous and compared the video quality now to then which I had on the farm. Today, made the decision to accept the fact that I have what I have, make do with what is here, the quality for now is not important – the MESSAGE, the WORDS, the SHARING and the SUPPORT FOR OTHERS is what matters. So, tomorrow is D-DAY – no matter the quality/lighting, videos are coming. I’ll work on perfecting them in the future when I have more resources at my disposal again
Hannah ——我和你一样在相同位置,当提到为MBI(译者注:这是Sunette在FACEBOOK上创建的网页:Ming Body Innerverse(心智身体内在宇宙))制作视频,这整个一周一直在计划要做它,甚至玩耍了地点、灯光,一天的时间——但是与我的完美主义倾向不一致……最终领悟到这只是一个借口,我很紧张并且把现在的视频质量与那时我在农场有的 作个比较。今天,作出决定去接受这个事实,我拥有我所拥有的,的确用什么是在这里来制作,现在的质量并不重要——信息、字词、分享和对他人的支持是重要的。因此,明天是是登陆日(D-DAY)——无论质量/灯光怎样,视频来了。在未来我将工作于完善它们当再次我有更多资源在我手上的时候。
So, we just gotta buckle up girl and do it!

Caroline MS9:27 pm
My major has been living the word FUN, man, those who know me know that i am this timid rock hard person, no flexibility at all, so far, iv seen glimpses of living this word in real time. Through and as my kids.

Susan Spies9:28 pm
Garbrielle Garbrielle – great example with the washing machine yes, it’s fascinating how our minds can make a few moments seem like days of arduous work – when it’ll be quicker to do it now now now, than laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaater, which sometimes never comes….
Garbrielle ——很好的例子关于洗衣机,是的,这是奇妙的我们的心智如何可以花一些时间看起来像几天的努力工作——当现在做会快一点,现在、现在,而非稍……后……,这有时候从未到来……

Ida Bra Ingadottir9:28 pm
”So, suggest sitting down with yourself, your needs for you and how much mental/physical and time energy do you have to give to others, cause if your cup is empty/half full and trying to give more – that’s where conflicts happen within and without” Ah yes this!!! I have been getting myself into so so much consequence like this.. to the point where I have been in periods absolutely broken down and burnt out! and then just doing the same shit!! Now I have had some time to really reassess all of it. ANd being very attentive and careful not to do to much… and to focus more on myself! uff what a process!
“因此,建议与你自己一起坐下来,你对你的需要以及你必须给予他人多少精神/物质/身体和时间精力,因为如果你的杯子是空的/半满并试图给予更多——那就是冲突发生在里面和外面的地方”。啊,是的!!!我一直让我自己进入这么这么多的后果像这种……到达这个点,在那里我一直处于绝对崩溃和疲惫不堪的时期!而然后只是做着同样的屁事!!现在我有一些时间去重新评估这一切。并且是/作为非常注意和仔细不要做得太多…… 并且更多专注于我自己!该死的一个过程!

Garbrielle9:29 pm
kim that journey you mentioned about the snail is something i have been practicing for many years, ensure i do my best to help all beings no matter who it is, so i make it a mission to help bugs and get to know them and such, been really fun….helps with bringing out the inner child

Rebecca Dalmas9:30 pm
Hey also see how in moving so much as knowledge and information , it is so easy to move as ideas and not realize the extent to which we focus our bodies and create our lives . Would becoming focused as life share the greater intent of that to the extent more would hear it within using fewer words ? I think yes

Ida Bra Ingadottir9:31 pm
Susan I have also just found so many people on youtube that don’t look that ‘professional’ even if they are.. and just love it. It´s so familiar and friendly in a way.
Susan 我也刚刚发现这么多人在youtube上看起来不是那么“专业”即使他们是……而只是喜爱它。在某种程度上这是如此熟悉和友好的。

Susan Spies9:31 pm
@mattifreeman Matti – that’s a cool way of approaching writing, the resistance weighed against the result for self and the final product. I remember once I wrote / started writing a blog way in the beginning when I met Bernard and was halfway through the page and wanted to start deleting it and Bernard was like NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!? Those are the real words of the moment, instead of deleting, read it again and expand – continue writing, this is how you see the problem and correct it in real time
@mattifreeman Matti —— 这是一个接近书写的酷的方法,抵抗为自己和最终产品权衡结果。我记得当我遇到Bernard时,一次从一开始我写/开始书写一个博客,并且写到这页纸的一半,而想要开始删去它,而Bernard好像是 不!你在干什么!??! 那些是这一刻的真实字词,而不是删去,再次阅读它并扩展——继续书写,这就是你如何看到问题并实时地改正它。

Anna Brix Thomsen9:32 pm
Yes its interesting how there are certain points where the resistance is constant, but then we simply learn to move through it, like swatting a fly lol
是的,这是有趣的如何有特定的点在那里抵抗是不断的,不过我们仅仅学习移动通过它,就像打一只苍蝇 哈哈

Susan Spies9:32 pm
Ida Bra Ida, yes, my sister a while back (she’s into social marketing) shared with me that most people prefer a natural one-on-one look/feel than a professional/empty/cold/detached feel – so will experiment and play with it, thanks 🙂
Ida Bra Ida, 是的,我妹妹不久之前(她从事市场营销)与我分享大多数人更喜欢一种自然的一对一的看/感觉而非一个专业/空洞/冷淡/超然的感觉——因此将实验并玩一玩它,谢谢。

Matti Freeman9:33 pm
Sunette yes, lol – in fact most of my blogs include around 50 percent or more rewriting. It can be hard sometimes to accept the words of the moment when I see I’m not getting all the dimensions in that I want to
Sunette 是的,哈哈——实际上我的大部分博客包括50%或更多的重写。有时候要接受那一刻的字词可能是困难的,当我看到我没有得到所有我想要的维度在那之中时。

Susan Spies9:33 pm
Kim KimS – yes, music runs through my veins I’d say lol, since having done ballet and loved dance from the age of 4 – it truly support with moving me out of my head and into my body/the moment here
Kim KimS —— 是的,我会说音乐流过我的血管 哈哈,因为做完了芭蕾并且从4岁起喜爱跳舞——它真的支持 将我移出我的头部并且进入我的身体/这一刻在这里。

Susan Spies9:35 pm
@CarolineMKS CarolineMS – with living words, the SELF CORE FOCUS point will assist and support with showing how redefining and living words is not WORK, it’s actually keeping the MIND going and EMOTIONS churning that is hard work…living words will be more flowing once you get the hang of it
@CarolineMKS CarolineMS —— 关于活字词,自我核心聚焦点将援助并支持展示出重新定义并活字词如何是无效的,实际上它在保持心智继续运转和情绪翻腾,是艰难的工作……一旦你掌握它的窍门活字词会更流畅

Bitia Catana9:36 pm
I love dancing too – Would love to see you too Susan! – Laura your dancing video on instagram I also really enjoyed it

Caroline MS9:36 pm
Theres a point in my life where i hated being a parent, felt like i am just the worst theres is. This was due to many points that lead to my fear of failing me, failing my kids. So since Corona, and being at home with them, its literally been blowing my mind away in terms of getting to know them, being here with them seems like a breez. Coz whatever i face i can direct it using living words

Susan Spies9:36 pm
@valentinrozman Valentin – a suggestion is to also PREPARE the body – do core/strength training of specific body parts/muscle groups to strengthen the body for long hikes/walks – I am strengthening/preparing my body for overall stability and also to be able to run/walk/hike more…have more physical energy in general
@valentinrozman Valentin ——一个建议是,也去准备身体——做特定的身体部位/肌肉群的核心/力量训练去强壮身体以备长途徒步/行走——我在加强/准备我的身体为了整体稳定性以及能够更多跑步/行走/远足……总之有更多的物质/身体能量。

Kim S9:36 pm
Something that sits with me when I am hanging washing in the line is Bernard saying how even dropping clean washing on the floor and not saying anything is a point of spitefulness and I carry that with me in all that I do I realised today !!
当我在把洗好的衣服挂在绳子上时有些东西与我坐在一起是,Bernard说 即使把洗干净的衣服扔在地上并且什么也不说 如何是一个怀恨的点,而我带着它在所有我做的事情中,今天我领悟到了!!

Susan Spies9:37 pm
Nice Ida Bra – do like the OSHO method of just DROP the energy in the moment behind you, be PRESENT and move anew into the next moment
很好 Ida Bra——的确像奥修的方法只是推动能量在这一刻在你背后,呈在并移动重新进入下一刻。

Valentin Rozman9:38 pm
I have never questioned myself about deleting or editing any of my blog post @mattifreeman and Susan. I agree that it is sharing of the moment and I also suggest to simply expand it.
@mattifreeman and Susan,我从未质疑我自己关于删除或编辑我的博客帖子中的任何一个。我同意这是分享的这一刻而我也建议去只是扩展它

Bitia Catana9:38 pm
Kim did you mean dropping water on the floor?
Kim S9:40 pm
Bitia when washing is clean and one drops it and makes it dirty again, but just brushes it off like no one will know – it’s the intention behind it being spite

Susan Spies9:40 pm
Bitia Bitia – yes, tomorrow when we continue sharing our living words, mine being Light/Life House – I rediscovered again how much I took handwriting for granted, thinking that I dealt with things inside myself, but the moment I sat down with my book and started writing – WHOAH, so much shit opened up I didn’t realise was buried and suppressed in me. Will expand more tomorrow, but primarily had to do with my pup Stout – and now this family I am living with got two new pups and the one is a Stout doppelganger lol and brought up so many things inside myself…I immediately went back to basics of writing and forgiveness, so – been an interesting process of rediscovering the BASICS we tend to take for granted in this process
Bitia Bitia —— 是的,明天当我们继续分享我们的活字词,我的是灯塔/生命之屋——我再次重新发现曾经我认为手写多么理所当然,认为我处理事物在我自己内在,但是这一刻我坐下拿着我的书并开始书写——哇,这么多垃圾打开了,我没有领悟到被埋葬并抑制在我之中的。明天将扩展更多,但是主要与我的小狗Stout有关——而现在这个和我住在一起的家庭有两只新的小狗,而一只是一个Stout幽灵哈哈,并且把这么多我自己内在的东西带出来……我立刻回到书写和宽恕的基础上,因此——是一个有趣的重新发现我们倾向于认为理所当然的基础在这个进程中 的过程。

Caroline MS9:40 pm
Oh yes, been slowly but surely getting/understanding this point and at times tears welled up in my eyes just how much i have missed in terms of the simplicity of living words. When they/it flow/flows, they flow/flows. Here i need to train and remain focused. Focus being simple….really.

Valentin Rozman9:40 pm
Susan I did work on preparing my body by doing morning Tibetan excercises, going on daily 1-hour walks and lifting weights in the gym for 2 hours every 5th day. However waking 1,5 hour strait uphill and then downhill for 1 hour activates specific leg muscles extensively and for a much longer time so some muscle tiredness is very normal.

Susan Spies9:42 pm
Cool Kim KimS – yes, have done the same with snails and little animals 🙂 Actually did it with a Chameleon I saw the other day! WOW I hadn’t seen one in YEARS and was so spectacular, was in the driveway and moved it into the bushes – was wonderful to interact with such a rare sighting, we had a good talk too 😉
酷Kim KimS ——是的,对蜗牛和小动物做了同样的事情。实际上前几天我看到一只变色龙我这样做了!哇我已经好几年没见过了,是如此的壮观,在车道上并把它移到灌木丛里——能与这样一个罕见的目睹互动是美妙的,我们也有一个好的交谈。

Rikard9:42 pm
I started reading about blood groups when corona said it was a good health strategy

Susan Spies9:43 pm
Rikard, that is an interesting approach lol yes, to say out loud I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS, then actually LISTENING/HEARING yourself sounding childish/selfish and moving through it and begin more disciplined/responsible and getting things done – cool approach 🙂

Bitia Catana9:44 pm
Susan, stout doppelganger lol – I have also been seeing new parts of myself through taking care of my puppy – thank you for the reminder as to the importance of hand-writing
Susan, stout幽灵哈哈——我也曾经看到我自己的新的部分通过照顾我的小狗——谢谢你提醒关于手写的重要性

Anna Brix Thomsen9:45 pm
I have a similar issue with understanding the mechanics of things. And its interesting because I can feel its the same issue as with dancing even though its totally different situations.

Caroline MS9:45 pm
I realize that when am applying a certain word, theres others that come up as support words, so at some points, i was wondering whether i could explore the words coming up or just focus on the main word i had in mind. But with my kids and so many dynamics, things changing so fast, i found myself changing the words to live apply @sunette

Laura Nuñez9:46 pm
I have also been observing where I step to consider more the insects that are coming out now in spring,
But today we had to kill a cockroach that was in the bathtub 😕
I have reactions like screaming when seeing one or having to kill one, it’s like I remember this little girl I saw in a video who had lots of cockroaches as pets, but I can’t easily get there

Susan Spies9:48 pm
Kim I have the same Bernard memory with clothes and handling them, taking them out of the machine, into the dryer and/or hanging them – how I handle/treat them as an extension of myself – can relate

MatsBP9:49 pm
I’m fascinated by people who die when they are doing things, my neighboor died while working in his garden, my grandfather died while fishing in his boat. The excuse could have been, it feels like I’m dying, but then it’s like, I’m gonna die anyway lol
Susan Spies9:50 pm
Can never predict the moment MatsBP – hence, best to live the day as best you can and make the most of each day as best you can

Caroline MS9:50 pm
To me, Corona has pushed in ways i did not imagine and without corona virus and its implications of staying home, well, i dont know how long it could have taken me get to this.point in time. Really grateful.

Susan Spies9:50 pm
All, this was a wonderful chat – loved being here as me Sunette and reconnecting with all of you for a bit
Tomorrow will do recordings on the CORE SELF and also prep for chat tomorrow night on the Living Words
So, tomorrow’s chat we’ll bring the essence of Living Words through, together with Osho and other beings who have mastered it in this lifetime
Let’s roll out the red carpet process for living words and get onto living shall we 🙂
Thanks all for being here, we’ll see you tomorrow evening 🙂 same place and time
Keep at it with the I DON’T WANT TO, and live instead I AM DOING THIS!
继续它关于我不想要,并活相反的 我正在做此事!
Bye for now!