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Coronavirus through the Portal for Q and A on the recordings


Susan Spies9:08 pm
Here and ready – CV through the Portal for tonight’s Q and A on the recordings, please keep to recordings specific for the moment for those who listened to them, also even a sharing of something you realised would be appreciated – let’s get to it shall we 🙂

Anna Brix Thomsen9:09 pm
Sharing something we’ve realized in relation to the recordings Sunette ?

Susan Spies9:09 pm
Yes, any realisations / questions

Anna Brix Thomsen9:10 pm
For me, I saw the “secret self” point very clearly, for myself and for others/the group.
And its very interesting how there’s actually tremendous power in being part of a group, and thus why consciousness would insure that everyone is locked into themselves and fighting each other.

Daniel Malara9:10 pm
Sunette / CV you mentioned how you’re sensitizing the body more, so we can be more aware of what’s going on in the body. Does this apply to all humans, or just those catching the virus?
Sunette / CV,你提到你如何在使身体更加敏感,因此我们可以更多觉察到身体里发生了什么。这一点适用于所有人类、或只是那些感染病毒的人?

Kim Amourette9:10 pm
Yes that shadow self is something I had been becoming aware of more in the past few months

Susan Spies9:11 pm
Ah, yes – thank you for mentioning the SECRET SELF dimension Anna– grateful it was clear, was it clear for everyone else as well?

Kim S9:11 pm
Again I went into shame of who I am at times and who I have been and realised that is not helpful and just perpetrates the situation and I saw that the shame point is a kind of excuse to my behaviour – like I feel bad so it’s ok !!

Avery Williams9:11 pm
I know the evil in the world is also in me and I have the power to change .

Caroline MS9:12 pm
The major energy points like anger fear i can relate to and also the shadow self

Susan Spies9:12 pm
Interesting @kims
@kims 有趣的

Miranda de Haas9:12 pm
I could relate to being distracted as our greatest enemy. I could see myself loosing focus on the path I was going due to shifting into fear. I didn’t know if I the road I choose was still relevant.
我可以关联到把分心作为我们最大的敌人。我可以看见我自己失去了焦点在我前进的路径上 由于转向了害怕/恐惧。我不知道是否我选择的道路仍然是相关的。

Susan Spies9:12 pm
@dan2all – this applies to all of humanity, lol take Sunette’s example as an indicator
@dan 大家——这一点适用于所有的人类,哈哈,拿Sunette的例子作为一个指示

Kim Amourette9:12 pm
And yes the importance of living words to keep the focus into creation, also an important realization/point

Bitia Catana9:12 pm
Shadow self! Shadow self came up! My buddy and I have been working on the point of the Shadow self in specific and the recordings hit the nail on points we work. – I have realized that we can say and do many beautiful things but the ego always is playing games, where it is about who we are and our starting point behind everything that we do
I understood better WHY Self-honesty is what matters
Not honesty, not beauty, not inspiration….self-honesty

Anna Brix Thomsen9:13 pm
I’ve been pushing this point of stopping ego, authority and hardness – like there’s a very clear “this must stop” within me. I almost feel like I’m being stopped by Life, like there’s an existential push somehow making it very, very clear. Like C.V talked about, getting to the CORE of everything.

Susan Spies9:13 pm
meaning @dan2all – just making people more aware of the direct mind-body relationship, relating body ailments, pains etc as an extension of yourself as the body communicating with deeper parts of you to become more aware
@dan2 大家,意味着——只是令人们更多觉察到直接的心智身体关系,有关身体疾病、疼痛等等作为一个你自己等如身体的延展,与更深的你的部分交流以成为更加觉察的

Kim S9:13 pm
Sunette I can however see the ‘value’ in what is here at the moment and how not to waste a single breath

Susan Spies9:13 pm
Grateful to hear the self honesty point came through clearly Bitia Bitia

Rebecca Dalmas9:14 pm
Yes , the secret self part is was supportive . Earlier , I seem to remember something about the problems within the beingness and how they were “ raw “ I relayed this secret self to that because that raw-ness was how I related what I perceived I felt in relation to my own inner fears that I have worked on and yet appear to still be here with me at times
是的,秘密自我部分是支持的。早前,我好像记得一些关于这问题的事情在存有体以及他们如何是“原初”的之中,我把这个秘密自我转给了那个,因为那个原初是 我如何把我感知我感觉到什么有关我自己的内在害怕/恐惧 即我工作于并且仍然出现的事物 关联到有时仍然是在这里与我在一起

Caroline MS9:14 pm
As i listened to the interviews, i realized lots of anxiety, nervousness basically coming through and constricted by breathing. Basically fearing that, i am not doing enough, have never done enough. A self beating

Kim Amourette9:14 pm
Ah yes the distraction point lol. Can’t tell you how often I get distracted into working with other points while living a word, rather than keeping the focus on just the word
啊是的,分心点,哈哈。无法告诉你我有多少次变得分心到工作于其他的点 当活一个字词的时候,而不是把注意力专注于仅仅这个字词

Anna Brix Thomsen9:14 pm
For me, I haven’t found myself reacting much in fear. So I became somewhat insecure and was checking myself during listening to the recording Sunette to see if I was going into superiority/denial while listening. I’ve actually been very clear, specific, peaceful, and working through points as they come up. But I also have a very simple, supportive environment around me right now. And take care of a toddler who keeps me in reality.

Susan Spies9:14 pm
Cool thank you noticed the distraction point Miranda Miranda, first step to change is the awareness of what you’re accepting and allowing, understanding it and then acting towards transforming yourself

Ida Bra Ingadottir9:15 pm
I have a whole lot of things opening up for me the last couple of months in general.. just unfoldment after unfoldment. And then, with the corona processes, there have been some very interesting experiences coming through and some real important realizations. I feel like I’m really getting into some real nitty gritty of things.
it is just point after point after point

Susan Spies9:15 pm
Anna can ask any questions regarding recordings done thus far – all relates to me, CV and so the location point of all of existence

Garbrielle9:16 pm
I had that a lot as well Carlton until I realized and also started to balance in the best of myself, the points I have changed, and where I have pushed through, so I push in those moments to remember to balance who I am really in reality, and do my best to take the points in and start the change process through time

Anna Brix Thomsen9:16 pm
I tend to get nervous when I feel like I’m fine but I’m not sure if I should be fine lol. And I’m also not used to feeling peaceful. It is a very new experience for me. And very strange to experience it while so many horrible things are happening to other people Sunette

MatsBP9:16 pm
Another thing that stood out to me was how we use relationships and external points as a stimuli to not face the CORE of SELF where fear, anger/hatred, and uncertainty of not knowing where one stand with yourself in relationship to self and others in one’s life. It’s very revealing to look at those points

Caroline MS9:16 pm
So to me its to push myself even more into applying myself more in specificity. Utilizing the process tools to support myself
因此对我而言 它把我自己甚至更多推到应用我自己更多在特定性中。利用进程工具来支持我自己

Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem9:16 pm
I found the 2 last ones in eqafe about Corona Virus in Future of Awareness series was : first of all a tough message about “the shadow self” – I listened to them 2times – the cried a bit, listened again and did some SF – got to sleep – and walking in the forest which is always very settling for me. So I have probably listened to them 4-5 times each the last 24 hours. And I find them very accurate to what I am experiencing. I did have a good breaking down of tears – that was needed. I have not cried in a long time. So all in all… thanks CV – and I sure hope that many enough of us have learned a lesson now.

Valentin Rozman9:16 pm
I realized how much more would be good to change my daily habits, like focusing more to what is here when I prepare my meals and during eating instead of distracting myself with watching videos or playing infomationally intense educational audios. So I am lowering the daily amount of information intake and replacing it a more relaxed activities like just listening to music or not even that.

Anna Brix Thomsen9:17 pm
Cool Tormod Hvidsten ! What made you cry?
酷Tormod Hvidsten ! 什么使你哭了?

Caroline MS9:18 pm
Also indeed, within myself, i have noticed that im much more aware of the shit i participate within and as, like its really right in my face and there is no way out except face it, walk it and stand

Susan Spies9:19 pm
Anna Anna – those ‘quiet moments’ – cherish them, also see you’re holding a space for your little one at the moment, though do look into the FLEETING thoughts and energies, also mentioned in the recordings, they move SO FAST – you’re now in a space where you can garner that quality of catching the speedy FLEETING thoughts and reactions we tend to disregard, but BUILDS OVER TIME!!!
Anna Anna ——那些“宁静的片刻”——珍爱它们,也看看现在你为你的小家伙留有一个空间,虽然的确看入一闪而过的想法和能量,也在录音里提到,它们移动如此之快——现在你在一个空间里,在那里你可以获得那个抓住飞逝的一闪而过的想法和反应的品质,我们倾向于忽视,但是随着时间的推移建造!!!

Anna Brix Thomsen9:19 pm
Yes exactly Sunette – that’s also what I’ve been focusing on. I’m very grateful for this opportunity.

Garbrielle9:19 pm
It was cool to hear about the shadow self cause I just started noticing something similar in me, well I knew about it as it’s always been lurking in the background, but it was great to get a full vision of it through the interviews, looking forward to hearing more. Thanks
这很酷去听到关于影子自我,因为我刚刚开始注意到一些类似的东西在我之中,好 我知道有关它,因为它总是隐藏在背景中,但通过访谈获得一个它的完整视觉,这好极了,期待听到更多。谢谢

Bitia Catana9:19 pm
For a long time I have been participating in Desteni and regurgitating Desteni material, wanting to be a good person and smart and inspiring and beautiful to others- I recently realized more what this Shadow self is about, what ego is about and how we can be evil/mean behind beautiful words and actions. – I have been through major wake up call and shame as I realized what matters in this process and this all came together with the chats and recordings #grateful. – being genuine in walking this process and using the tools is a point that I’m unlayering, developing
很长时间我一直参与Desteni并且反刍Desteni资料,想要是/成为一个好人和聪明、鼓舞人心且美丽的人 对他人——最近我领悟到更多这个影子自我是关于什么的、自我意识是关于什么以及我们如何能在美丽的言辞和行动背后是如此的邪恶/刻薄。——我已经通过重要的觉醒和羞耻 当我领悟到什么是重要的在这个进程中时,而这全都与聊天和录音结合起来,感激——是/作为真诚的在行走这个进程和使用工具方面,是一个我正在分层、发展的点

Kim S9:20 pm
I also saw that there is a need to be ‘seen, noticed’ wanting to get my point across that has always been there with me – a point from childhood of being ignored – so that was cool to look at again

Susan Spies9:20 pm
TIme to now FOCUS and expand your awareness to the things moving in you you’ve taken for granted / disregarded cause they “seemed innocent, fleeting, quick, not important” in the moment – then, you just get used to them, eventually excuse them away and start living with them…not realising the damage they contribute to in moments of reactions, projections, fights, arguments etc.
时间到现在 将你的觉察聚焦并扩展到移动在你之中你已经认为是理所当然/忽视的事物,因为这一刻它们“看起来无辜、一闪而过、快速、不重要”——然后,你只是习惯了它们,最终原谅它们并开始与它们一起生活……没有领悟到它们造成的危害在反应、投射、战斗、争论等等的片刻。

Susan Spies9:21 pm
MatsBP Mats – yes, well seen that point – how we used external stimuli and relationships to preoccupy us from the CORE SELF and been more busy with our SECRET SELF…
MatsBP Mats——是的,很好 看到那一点——我们如何使用外部的刺激和关系去从核心自我迷占我们并且更忙于我们的秘密自我……

Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem9:21 pm
It made me cry Anna B. Thomsen – because I think the process is tough. And perhaps i see this last talk and turn, about the “shadow self” / secret self – is a sort of final touchdown – last hard turn – for me in ways I cant explain atm. More that this is it… sort of setting the standards of awareness – that we are now totally in physical and that is where we will stay !
Anna B. Thomsen,它让我哭了——因为我认为进程是艰苦的。而可能我看到这最后的谈话并转向关于“影子自我”/秘密自我——是某种最后的着陆——最后的急转弯——对我来说以我无法解释的方式。更重要的是它……有点设置了觉察的标准——我们现在完全在物质/身体中,而这正是我们将呆的地方!

Anna Brix Thomsen9:21 pm
I don’t have questions about the self-specialization recording Sunette but it was very moving to me. Since the beginning I’ve sort of felt the pain of the dimensional beings for not being able to reach the physcial. I can relate to that desperation and feeling on the outside looking in, without getting access, and I was so glad for them that they realized this equality point. And of course its interwoven with my own process and points I’ve walked through, in terms of realizing that I don’t need to chase anything.

Bitia Catana9:21 pm
Yes. Damage, consequences. It’s so subtle how we can be ‘evil’ or how our ego or Shadow self comes through while we see ourselves as innocent
是的,损害、后果。这是如此的微妙 我们如何可以是“邪恶”的或我们的自我意识或影子自我如何过来通过 当我们将我们自己视为无辜的时候
Major wake up calls for me

Susan Spies9:22 pm
@CarolineMKS Caroline, we’d implore you to consider the following: where we see your location point is at now is CREATION. You have for long enough “worked on yourself” on points within you – so, FOCUS ON LIVING WORDS, CREATION and if something in the mind interferes, then you direct it
@CarolineMKS Caroline,我们恳请你来考虑如下几点:我们看到你的位置点在哪里现在是创造。你有足够长的时间“工作于你自己”在点上在你里面——因此,专注于活的字词、创造,而如果有些东西在心智中干扰了,那么你指导它
but place your CORE FOCUS on CREATION

Valentin Rozman9:22 pm
And I also realized how it would be good to take more time for self-reflection and stopping the mind patterns that distract me from what is here. The viruses will not go away and will reflect our imperfections as long as we allow them. No vaccine or anything from out there will save us. The inside job is what it will take to face this.
而我也领悟到这如何 对花更多时间自我反省并停止心智模式使我从什么是在这里当中分心 会是好的。病毒不会离开并且将反映我们的缺陷只要我们允许它们。没有疫苗或任何来自外面那里的东西将拯救我们。内部工作是要面对这一切将需要什么。

Susan Spies9:22 pm
otherwise, if you keep core focusing on JUST/ONLY FIXING YOURSELF, you’ll keep yourself in a loop and never get to creating

Gavin Wang9:22 pm
I have had been practicing “slowing down” and I have had been able to stop reactions of fear and uncertainty whenever they emerge.

Susan Spies9:23 pm
So, rather have a CORE CREATION starting point, BALANCED with working on what you need to work on WHILE AND AS IT COMES UP, but then REFOCUSING back to LIVING WORDS

Susan Spies9:24 pm
Cool Tormod Tormod, thanks for sharing, grateful the recordings assisted with such deep realisations
酷 Tormod,谢谢分享,感谢录音援助了这样深度的领悟

Rebecca Dalmas9:24 pm
Tormod I also came to a point where I had the thought that some recurrent problems appeared to be from my beingness – and that brought up sadness because it reflected how long I have been what separates me from life .

Susan Spies9:24 pm
I will expand in recordings to come, or other beings – we’ll see what opens up in existence/The Portal – we’ll expand on how to balance your CORE SELF into creation focus whilst also walking through the mind
我将在未来的录音中扩展,或其他存有——我们将看看什么打开在存在/连接口中——我们将阐述如何平衡你的核心自我进入创造聚焦 同时也行走通过心智
So, you make your PRIMARY PROCESS creation/living words and secondary as it comes up – your consciousness changes

Ida Bra Ingadottir9:25 pm
one prominent point for me is looking at how I do not ‘fit in’ and have tried time and time again in so many different ways ending up drained, burned out, heartbroken. This for abandoning me, betraying me to comply/submit to the way of the matrix. Seeing in such detail and overall expression how it is very specifically put up and such a limited way. How it has its tentacles hooked into people and how looking outside it seems in a way ‘foreign’ to the matrix. And within that seeing myself as this very abstract/bizarre/otherworldly being and instead of judging it and try to mold me.. really start giving myself some credit for what I am.
对我来说一个突出点是察看我如何没有“适应”并且已经一次又一次试图以这么多不同的方式结束筋疲力尽、精疲力竭、悲伤。这是为了放弃我、背叛我去顺从/屈服于母体的方式。看入这种细节和整体的表达 它是如何非常特定的建造 和这样一种有限的方式。它如何让它的触手接入人们,并且看外面在某种程度上它看似是“外来的”对母体来说。而在那之中将我自己视为这种非常抽象/奇异/超凡脱俗的存有,并且而不是评判它并试图塑模我……真正开始给我自己一些信任为了我是什么。

Susan Spies9:26 pm
We’ll definitely need your guys’s feedback on those CORE BALANCING ones to come – so as to make them as specific and detailed as possible, as well as practical and applicable – we’ll let you know in advance when they’re done and when in chat we’ll discuss them

Anna Brix Thomsen9:26 pm
With the words we were walking since last week Sunette , and we checked in with how well we were handling it from 1-10, aiming at being at 10 by the end of the week, do you suggest we keep focusing on these words, meaning are they a key for this particular process?

Susan Spies9:26 pm
Cool Anna, thanks for sharing 🙂
Susan Spies9:27 pm
Yes, we’ll definitely return to those words

Kim S9:27 pm
Interesting last few days I am specifically strengthening my core in yoga to build a stronger balance base
Ok and the words core and balance are coming up within me constantly

Susan Spies9:27 pm
Keep at it, hold the words, work with them – we’re also from the other side gauging and checking in how all are doing with the process of focus, living words etc. and what’s interfering so that we can do recordings on it and support

Ida Bra Ingadottir9:28 pm
Also working with the point of superior/inferior, disempowered/overpowering dynamic and how it feeds each other in the small details. Like how both are responsible and in what way specifically. And how to sound approach each.
也工作于优越/次等、削减权力/压倒性的动力以及它 如何喂养彼此在小的细节中 的点。好像两者如何负责以及特定的以什么方式。和如何发声接近每一个。

Susan Spies9:28 pm
lol @kims interestingly enough Sunette as well, working with a physiotherapist to strengthen her body to support her shoulder, involving lots of strength and core training
@kims 哈哈,有趣的是Sunette也同样,与一个理疗医师一起工作去加强她的身体以支持她的肩部,包含许多力量和核心训练

Ingrid9:28 pm
I listened to the interviews. I actually recognized several points – the secret self, glad it is mentioned as I see it much longer inside myself but did somehow not know ‘what to do with it’. So cool it openend up. I also recognized the distraction in what I did not see before as distraction and already on my way to ‘move into it’ so that was cool to then be able to stop. Self specialization I find very interesting.
我听了访谈。实际上我识别出几个点——秘密自我,很高兴它被提及,因为我看到它在我自己内在更长的时间但是不知怎么的不知道“怎么处理它”。因此太酷了,它打开了。我也识别出分心在 我以前没有视为分心的东西并已经在我“移入它”的路径上 方面,因此这是很酷的 去然后能够停止。自我特殊化我发现非常有趣。

Susan Spies9:29 pm
So, as a note all – we will be returning to the Living Word process – it’s still in the run, Sunette’s also still practising and walking her Life/Light House dimensions – so keep at it 😉

Susan Spies9:30 pm
very beautiful realisation and opening @ida Ida
@ida Ida 非常美丽的领悟和打开

Bitia Catana9:30 pm
The last recording also talked about DISTRACTIONS – How they will be ‘our greatest enemy’ in this process – I’m working with the word Discipline so this is quite relevant to me

Caroline MS9:30 pm
Really cool to hear this Creation point. I have realized lately that i learn much more within the process of creating something, correcting myself real time as i move. So lately pushing myself a lot more in terms of utilizing this time with my family here, we never had so much time together all 4 of us. I see that now i need to be more specific in regards to living words.

Ida Bra Ingadottir9:31 pm
also moving with my word HONOR over to Pause —— PowerUs. To pause in the moment and make a decision to empower the moment.. especially here looking at the real communication with people. If there is something off some sup/inf dynamic and really breath it to earth and meet the person clear/secure for both to be empowered. Instead of the polarity shit game.
也与我的字词荣耀一起移动穿过去停止——使我们有力量。去在这一刻停止并作出一个决定去赋权这一刻…… 尤其在这里察看与人们的实际交流。是否有些东西出离一些优越/次等的动力,并且真正将它呼吸(释放)到地球,并且遇见的人清晰/安全为双方被赋权。而不是狗屎的极性游戏。

Susan Spies9:34 pm
Alright, so – since the Living Word point opened up so beautifully here, with many sharing realisations, awarenesses and insights – let’s do a check in with one another on Wednesday

Anna Brix Thomsen9:34 pm
It can move very fast @Kian so don’t fret if you can’t keep up. Often there’ll be a main discussion, like here with Sunette and then there’ll be several sub-chats where people respond to one another. Maybe its totally clear to you, but wanted to give you a heads up because it can sometimes be overwhelming to people who are new, and think that they’re supposed to keep up with everything. and welcome again!
@Kian 它可以移动非常快,因此如果你赶不上不要但心。经常会有一个主要的讨论,像是在这里与Sunette一起,而然后将有几个子聊天,在那里人们相互回应。也许它对你完全清楚,但是想要给你一个提醒,因为有时它可能是压倒性的对新的人来说,并且认为他们应该跟上一切事物,再次欢迎!

Susan Spies9:35 pm
Specifically focusing on the dimensions of CORE SELF, FOCUSED CREATION and how it goes with placing self creation as primary focus and moving mind points as and when they come up
Susan Spies9:35 pm
How does this sound?

Kim S9:35 pm
Thanks CV Sunette
谢谢CV Sunette
Anna Brix Thomsen9:35 pm
I like the EXPANSION of it lol
Ingrid9:35 pm
Sounds Cool

Kurt Schnidrig9:36 pm
sounds great especially the focus point needs hard work by myself, due to Pollen Alergy focus is hard to push
听起来好极了,特别是聚焦点需要我自己的努力工作,由于花粉过敏症 专注很难推动

Avery Williams9:36 pm
I have some thing to share about the physical integration of mind body and being I was on my way for my walk in the park when I ran into some on I have met before and did not want to walk with him because every time I was with him all he talked about was how bad his life is and would do nothing about it I was definitely judging him then my knee started to be come very painful then I did self forgiveness while walking with him in my head and the pain went away .
我有一些东西要分享关于心智身体和存有的物质整合,我正在去公园里散步的路上 当我遇见一些我以前见过的人时,并且不想与他一起走路因为每一次我与他在一起所有他谈论的是他的生活是多么糟糕并且什么都不做,我肯定是在评判他然后我的膝盖开始变得非常痛,然后当我与他一起走路的时候我在我头脑中做自我宽恕然后疼痛离开了。

Susan Spies9:37 pm
Nice Avery – yes, sometimes if you look back at the moment, if you allowed yourself to walk away within that reaction, you may not have realised that he may have just needed that moment of company / companionship
很棒Avery ——是的,有时候如果你回顾当时,如果你允许你自己去在那个反应中走开,你可能没有领悟到他可能只是需要那一刻的做伴/陪伴
we all sometimes don’t WANT to do something, but taking that energy away and placing yourself in the shoes of another – can make a difference in another’s life
So, there Avery Avery is an example of putting your Ego aside, and just being there for someone else – going past the resistance
Hey, that person could have been you in another life

Gavin Wang9:39 pm
I find that active breathing and slowing down allowed me to access more dimension in my process

Susan Spies9:39 pm
This could be a cool little addition to Wednesday’s chat
let’s all have a sharing of where you had a resistance of I DON’T WANT TO/FEEL LIKE IT and just swooshed past it and acted / did something / shared etc.
让我们一起分享 在哪里你有一个我不想做/喜欢它的抵抗并只是嗖的一声经过它,并且行动/做些事情/分享等等。

Anna Brix Thomsen9:40 pm
I’ve been looking at it for myself as well. How I sometimes need to stop my own shit, to step up for someone else, and in that SURRENDER and EXPAND (my words), and there’s a certain ‘pain’ in that process, a giving up of sorts.

Susan Spies9:42 pm
Alrighty all – we go to here for tonight, we’re satisfied each has got their points in hand and heart to walk in days to come
All, looking forward to hearing your Living Word Creation Wednesday as well as examples of moving through resistances of I don’t want to and see where it leads
Let’s keep moving and looking forward, walk it day by day
Take care of the panic, hysteria, paranoia and fear – if it gets too much, reach out and talk to someome please!
Take care of yourselves, we need you for the future people!
Speak and see soon!