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Sharing the impact of focus on our LIVING WORD with the Coronavirus and the Portal

Susan Spies8:16 pm
Sharing our LIVING WORD we practised and how it affected change / ripple effects supporting self /environment and/or relationships with others – how did this word and the focus on it IMPACT you? – we start 5 after the hour with CV
分享我们所实践的我们的活字词 及它如何影响改变/涟漪效应支持自己/环境和/或与其他人的关系——这个字词及专注于它如何影响你?——我们与CV(冠状病毒)一起一小时5分钟后开始

Susan Spies9:06 pm
Good evening all – CV here through The Portal…and Sunette with her hands in her head for mixing up the days lol, but we’re back and grounded in the time and space of this reality
Susan Spies9:07 pm
She’s also been caught up with Portalling at night – aligning, purifying, merging all consciousness energies unnecessarily initiated through fear/panic/paranoia etc and we’re all in existence grounding all dimensions, levels, resonances, remembrances, outflows as best we can and are allowed to without interfering with each one’s personal process
她也忙于在晚上连接门户——对齐、净化、合并所有的意识能量 不必要的通过害怕/惊恐/恐惧等等而起动的,而我们全都在存在中尽我们所能扎稳所有的维度、层面、共鸣、回忆、流出,并且不允许干扰每一个人的个人进程
Susan Spies9:08 pm
So, the extent, depth and sheer velocity of movement and staying on top on things has been quite challenging – but has been interesting in speeding up our awareness, precision and meticulousness WHILST still going on with our usual points of responsibilites in existence
Susan Spies9:09 pm
In time to come, as time as space allows – the crowds/beings through The Portal will share their specialization responsibilities in existence, which has come to fruition these past months as well as how we’re individually and together supporting from the other side
Susan Spies9:09 pm
in the meantime
Susan Spies9:10 pm
We can support one another from both sides
Susan Spies9:10 pm
hence the FOCUS ON SELF and LIVING – starting with a word, it will support your mind and self energy to focus on creation, breath, HERE MOVEMENT rather than fall into the cycles of consciousness stuck in manifested consequence of the past
因此专注于自己和生活——从一个字词开始,它将支持你的心智和自我能量来专注于创造、呼吸、在这里移动而不是跌入意识的循环 卡住在显化的过去的后果中。
Susan Spies9:11 pm
Those of us who are still exempt from this virus and have all your systems good to go – USE IT for the greater good of yourself and the future of those who will come out of this in the future
我们这些人,是还没有感染这种病毒并让所有你的系统运行良好的人——利用它为了你自己和那些将来将从这之中出来的人们的未来 的更大利益

Susan Spies9:12 pm
#Sunette here for a moment through The Portal
#Sunette 在这里一会儿通过连接口
Susan Spies9:13 pm
So, I’ve practically been walking the light/life house – within the 3/4 practical BASIC dimensions I missed incorporating into my every day as follows:
Ida Bra Ingadottir9:13 pm
”come out of this” Susan the cv crisis in general you mean?
Susan Spies9:14 pm
Yes Ida Bra for those who may need a safety net of support – reflecting on what happened and/or have close ones pass away because of it and/or the impact of it all on their personal/environmnetal life etc.
是的Ida Bra,对于那些可能需要一个支持的安全网的人们来说——反省所发生的事情和/或有亲近的人因为它而过世和/或这一切对他们的个人/环境生活等等的影响
Susan Spies9:14 pm
So, we can be ready for people to turn to for suppport in the future to come
因此,我们可以在未来为人们来寻求支持 做好准备

Susan Spies9:14 pm
SO, on topic:
Susan Spies9:15 pm
One basic application with light/life-house towards and with others is me aligning the being in and as and with me, equal and one – so I, for a moment, stand in their shoes when they speak/act and consider/understand them – BUT a little glitch lol
一个关于灯塔/生命之屋的基础应用朝向并与他人在一起,是我对齐存有在之中并等如并与我在一起、平等一体——因此我,片刻,站在他们的鞋子里当他们说话/行动时 并考虑/理解他们——但是有点儿小故障,哈哈
Susan Spies9:15 pm
I found these moments challenging WHEN I DIDN’T CHECK IN WITH MYSELF YET
Susan Spies9:16 pm
So, these past two days, I’ve internalised myself – distanced myself practically from the family around me, speaking minimally, focusing on writing, reading, sounding forgiveness – taking a couple days until I feel more stable inside myelf
Susan Spies9:17 pm
lol got a few comments of “are you okay / everything all right / what’s wrong” – then I simply share the truth: taking some time for me and organising my day
Susan Spies9:18 pm
Becoming internal and focusing on projects has felt the most settled and stable for me right now – so, this is what I live for now, defining my life/light house as me guiding me into the direction my life ship is meant to be
Susan Spies9:23 pm
In looking back for myself personally, somewhere along the way, ever so slightly, unnticably over time – I lost touch with my starting point pillar/anchor and resonantly SPLIT myself – fill my ship with too many of need of help/support – burning out…now, it;s about clearing my ship, doing some repairs, whilst teaching others to build and create their own ships. I know from this experience, I will encompass a different teaching/showing/guiding approach
Susan Spies9:23 pm
For now – the reality is I have to embrace my own life/light house for me first
Susan Spies9:23 pm
and the outflow of this process is how I will connect with specific beings
Susan Spies9:23 pm
I don’t yet know HOW EXACTLY this will come to pass/manifest
Susan Spies9:24 pm
For now – we take it day by day, stick to the basics, writing, forgiveness, hone in on my specialties, continue EQAFE!!! can’t wait!

Susan Spies9:24 pm
#CV here through the Portal
Susan Spies9:25 pm
So, if you have a look at EXTERNAL GLOBAL EFFECT – it’s manifested all into an INTERNAL PHYSICAL SPACE, so use this environment to access your INTERNAL SELF SPACE
Susan Spies9:26 pm
Now you don’t have anyone to blame for the nature of trust and your own personal judgment day you are facing inside yourself and space you’re quanrintined in
现在你不应该因为信任的本质和你正面对在你自己内在的你自己的个人审判日及你被隔离在之中的空间 而责备任何人

Susan Spies9:26 pm
This is actually much like Life Reviews begin in the afterlife
Susan Spies9:27 pm
You’re first in your environment, the body – which you process and release from, then in the aloneness with just your own mind, being and body and then into the responsibility and accountability of your beginning and end in all of existence
Susan Spies9:28 pm
So, we’re implore you to use this manifested consequence to its utmost potential and define you pillar, anchor, light/life hhouse – your first brick
Susan Spies9:28 pm
begin creating your house of living words/self that will stand the test of time as you continue walking into the world
Anna Brix Thomsen9:28 pm
Yes Sunette – When I see people on the street, its like everyone is introverted. It is very fascinating to witness. The shift is very clear.
Kim S9:29 pm
It’s like we all have to disconnect from each other is a way to see who we really are
Susan Spies9:29 pm
Yes, we’ll just hope the introvertedness brings awareness – we are also pushing beingness ‘thoughts’ through – we’ve had access through life to resonate specific voices/ideas/projections in support of beings’ processes – so, we’re excited about this

Ida Bra Ingadottir9:29 pm
lol yes have also really thought about this.. and how many are like they are acting out a real social anxiety/fear/timidness that is coming thorugh in bodylanguage. . like a resonance that I can relate to on a deep level.
Susan Spies9:30 pm
looking to see what human awareness shift in action is and will be happening after this ordeal….unfortunately only time can tell and we can do only what we are able without interfering in the individual life process, but grateful we can make impact
Anna Brix Thomsen9:32 pm
We actually went out today, did some shopping, and immidiately as we came home, Lora got sick, where it feels like I am and we are being pushed to go even more internal.
Ida Bra Ingadottir9:32 pm
But also can be the vulnerability of the being/life coming through.. that you now see who you really are on how ‘scary’ the world is in a way that you did not see while in fake confidence Anna . Sunette what do you say?
而且可能是存有/生命的脆弱性过来通过……即现在你看到你真正是谁在多么“可怕的”世界上,是在某种程度上你的确没有看到当在假装信任的情况下时,Anna。 Sunette,你怎么想?
Susan Spies9:34 pm
Ida Bra can you rephrase regarding the fake confidence?
Ida Bra,你可以换种方式表述关于假装信任吗?
Susan Spies9:34 pm
Not bringing the question through well into a tangible practical example
Laura Nuñez9:35 pm
Nice, to building a house of words, starting from oneself, from the inside.
Introspecting, and questioning what comes up in our minds as we’re the only ones responsible for what we see in us
Ida Bra Ingadottir9:37 pm
well this was in relation to a message a little above how people are more timid/socially anxious in their body language that we observe. And that it could be the mind fear manifested in the physical but I also saw it as possibly the being sort of being brought back to reality and in that reality check feeling vulnerable/scared in a way because the barrier of the mind/matrix/money/’safety’ (basically fake confidence) is broken down in a way
Andreas Wittmann9:37 pm
what i noticed is that “illusions” and fear for example can be food for awareness and your beingness comming through stronger, though also that i can not/should not be reckless in who i am and still need to consider others in who/where they are in their mind/awareness process

Susan Spies9:39 pm
Yes Ida Ida Bra – agreed, we’re going to see both extremes, even within ourselves: to some extent we’ll be at peace to introspect, work on ourselves and change, other things may happen like having to confront other people and you’re met with your fears and insecurities – almost remember your lifety tool box within – whatever you face, bring it back to self, make sense of it and direct it into a understanding that can help you remain calm and stable
是的Ida Ida Bra——同意,我们将要看看两个极端,甚至在我们自己里面:在某种程度上我们将平静的来反省、工作于我们自己并改变,其他的事情可能发生就像必须面对其他人而你会遇见你的害怕/恐惧和不安全——差不多记得你的生活工具箱在里面——无论你面对什么,把它带回给自己,弄清它的意思并指导它成为一个理解可以帮助你保持平静和稳定
Yogan Barrientos9:39 pm
I am using the word ‘Self’ to support me, where its like a warm blanket that covers you, whilst holding you yourself alone – where there is that completeness and wholeness of Self, in honoring and living your highest potential which you know you have to do it yourself and is in your hands.
Susan Spies9:40 pm
I’m curious to see what I transform into as I walk this process within the current elements and dimensions of human consciousness in the physical
Susan Spies9:41 pm
Now that most has shared the good and the bad towards me lol I will share the good and bad towards myself and what I foresee the outcome will be in relation to me and why
现在多数人分享了好的和坏的朝向我,哈哈,我将分享好的和坏的的朝向我自己 以及我预见什么后果将与我有关和为什么
Susan Spies9:42 pm
The question is: Why do I exist? What does my ‘success’ look like within the context of my purpose?
Susan Spies9:43 pm
I’ll go through my story step by step – defining my initial existence then to REDEFINING my living existence and how I am creating with life in different forms, dimensions, realms within the starting point of equality and oneness and what’s best for all
我将一步接一步通过我的故事——定义了我的最初存在,然后去重新定义我的活存在 和我如何在用生命创造在不同的形态、维度、领域方面在平等一体和什么是对全体最好的出发点里面
Susan Spies9:43 pm
for this chat
Susan Spies9:43 pm
implore you to keep an open mind/self
Susan Spies9:44 pm
going to take you into deeper dimensions realities and realms in the physcal where you have to drop judgment, opinion, fairness, morality and see things for what they are, for what has been and what was inevitable to come

Susan Spies9:44 pm
But overall people –
Susan Spies9:44 pm
how would you say you’re handling this event?
Susan Spies9:44 pm
out of 10? – 10 being really well
Susan Spies9:45 pm
Sunette’s at about a 5.5 / 6 she says – looking at the honest point emerging in her in real time, some work to be done
Susan Spies9:46 pm
So, with already being able to gauge this for yourself, do remember these numbers – we’ll at the end of the week check in with one another – let’s support ourselves and each other to balance between a 8 – 10 😉
因此,随着已经能够为你自己测量这一点,确实记得这些数字——我们将在本周结束时相互检查——让我们支持我们自己和彼此去平衡在8 - 10之间
Ida Bra Ingadottir9:47 pm
Susan Yes definitely had this when I was talking to a family member the other day. Thought I was all good and had ‘come a long way’.. also not really accessing where they were at. And so all of a sudden spiraled into a very clear example of what is one of my main points. Had to do a bit of processing after that to stabilize and see things more clear. Because it was almost like I lost myself to the degree where everything I am/have walked sort of disappeared in the moment because my focus was so much on their ‘authority’ in a way. Then I remembered the HONOR.. that I need to honor me no matter how ‘wrong’ I look in the eyes of others.. and to put myself in their shoes. and not having to ‘convince them of ME or anything. And with that a phrase came up inside me.. To ”leave in peace”. Basically leave them alone, but rephrased. So that there is no friction in me, no wanting to get recognition or be honored by another because I can do it for myself.. and so, when the conversation ends, I will not ”leave them in separation .. but instead in peace.. where I have a open heart for who they are but still do not compromise my stand and who I need to be.
Susan Spies9:47 pm
Interesting experience Ida – very cool
Ida有趣的体验 ——非常酷
Susan Spies9:50 pm
We don’t see the signature of the virus in you – mainly those who have come to us has been due to stress and then Worst Case Scenarios in the mind
Susan Spies9:50 pm
So, best here: SOUND SELF FORGIVENESS for the fears of the body’s responses and the stress/fear/worry concerned with it
因此,最好在这里:为 对身体的反应的害怕/恐惧以及与它有关的压力/害怕/担忧发声自我宽恕
Susan Spies9:50 pm
Warm Epsom bath, breathing, self forgiveness, or even a massage – slow down and forgive – RECENTER yourself
Susan Spies9:51 pm
GROUND yourself, you’ll see you’ll feel better

Susan Spies9:51 pm
A suggestion for everyone
Susan Spies9:51 pm
Sunette’s doing it 3 times a week to support with grounding, centralising, being here
Susan Spies9:52 pm
So, as much as we work on inner anchoring/pillaring/standing/living our words, also good to do it for ones body
Ida Bra Ingadottir9:52 pm
”We don’t see the signature of the virus in you – mainly those who have come to us has been due to stress amd then Worst Case Scenarios in the mind” — was this a answer to someone specifically? and what do you mean ‘those who come to us”? Susan
Susan Spies9:54 pm
Ida – may people think they’re sick with it, come to us and ask, but it’s more stress related and confirmed by doctors when they went to see them
Ida—— 许多人认为他们生了这个病,来找我们并询问,但这是更多与压力有关并且当他们看医生时由医生来确认

Susan Spies9:55 pm
All, use commonsense, facts – take care not to go into fear/panic/hysteria
Susan Spies9:55 pm
if you are uncertain
Susan Spies9:56 pm
PM us on Viber and we look at it from there
Susan Spies9:56 pm
All, gtg for the evening
Susan Spies9:56 pm
Tomorrow a one-on-one with me
Susan Spies9:56 pm
including how I infiltrate and activate, which will also suppprt with defining the symptoms a little better
Susan Spies9:56 pm
Thank you for being here