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How to stop being batteries, powering the Matrix

Andrea 123 –

How to stop being batteries, powering the Matrix

Written by Andrea123

Date : 05/09/2007

We create our realities on the basis of our thoughts, and we continuously „compound「 them in a vicious circle that becomes 「how we think is」 all our life…


Furthermore, this 「self-built reality」is continuously confirmed and 「inflated「 by the constant interaction with others, so each one of is nothing more than a little gear of this huge mechanism we call life on earth, but it would be better to call it „machine on earth「 or simply „MAYA/MATRIX「! In other words, our thoughts GIVE THE ENERGY FOR MATRIX TO EXIST (remember when Morpheus shows to Neo the real world and says that human being are „seeded「 to become batteries to feed Matrix?)

更進一步地,這個「自我建構」的實相,被我們與他人持續的相互作用,變得越來越根深蒂固和膨脹。所以,我們每一個人,只不過是那我們稱之為「地球生命」的巨大機械系統的一顆小齒輪。然而我們有更好的名字稱呼這台大機器:瑪雅(maya)或者母體矩陣(matrix)。換句話說,我們的思想為matrix的運 轉提供了能量!(還記得,當墨菲斯揭示給neo真相時說人類是被播種用來當作電池供養matrix的嗎?)

So, the starting point for a practical solution to stop being „batteries for Matrix「 could be:

因 此,停止做matrix電池的一個實際的解決辦法是:




1) Don't accept anything for granted: start our personal test to see by ourselves how things are really going on. We could name this test „Thought Experiment「 and assign to it half a day of time to be completed.

1): 不要接受任何理所當然的東西:開始我們個人的試驗去看清楚事物是如何發生、進行的。我們可以將其命名為「思想實驗」,並且花上半天時間去徹底地實踐。

2) As soon as we start our experiment, begin to see thoughts as they were separate from ourselves. Start observing them and see what happens, as we were watching a movie on TV (remember popcorn ).

2) 一旦我們啟動了實驗,我們就應該把那些「思想」看成獨立於我們的東西。開始觀察它們,看看會發生什麼,當我們在電視上看電影的時候(別忘了爆米花)。

3) Observe how the thoughts trigger the emotions and feelings (feel them in your stomach) and then the words we speak and then the way we behave.

3) 觀察思想是如何引發情緒和感受(在你的胃部感覺它們)(註:和胃部的太陽神經叢有關)以及我們說的話和行為舉止。

4) Observe how the words we speak and the way we behave, trigger the thoughts and the behavior of the people we interact with.

4) 觀察我們說話和行為的方式,如何引發我們的思想以及和我們交流的人的行為。

5) Observe how the words and the behavior of the people we interact with, trigger „our「 thoughts and then „our「 emotions/feelings (keep attention to the stomach) and then „our「 words and then „our「 behavior.

5) 觀察與我們交流的人的言辭和行為方式,如何引發我們的思想,以及情緒和感受(把注意力保持在胃部),以及我們的言辭和行為。

6) Observe how the Media trigger our thoughts and „then etc etc

6) 觀察「媒體」是如何引發我們的思想,以及等等等等。

7) Observe how Advertisement triggers our thoughts and „then etc etc

7) 觀察「廣告」是如何引發我們的思想,以及等等等等。

8 ) Observe how Religion triggers our thoughts and „then etc etc

8) 觀察「宗教」是如何引發我們的思想,以及等等等等。

9) Observe how Money triggers our thoughts and „then etc etc

9) 觀察「金錢」是如何引發我們的思想,以及等等等等。

10) Observe how Fashion triggers our thoughts and „then etc etc

10) 觀察「時尚」是如何引發我們的思想,以及等等等等。

11) Observe how Music triggers our thoughts and „then etc etc

11) 觀察「音樂」是如何引發我們的思想,以及等等等等。

12) Observe how Authority (Government, Police, Bureaucracy) triggers our thoughts and „then etc etc

12) 觀察權威(政府、警察、官僚主義)是如何引發我們的思想,以及等等等等。

13) When the experiment is finished, write down on a piece of paper or use a digital recorder to store your impressions.

13) 當實驗結束時,把你的想法感受寫下來或用一個U盤存起來。

14) If this experiment convinced you that it's really true (because you experienced it) that thoughts create the reality, now you can start PHASE 2

14) 當你的實驗使你確信(因為你的親身體驗),「思想創造實相」是真實不虛的,那麼現在你可以開始第二階段了。


第 二階段——切斷你與matrix的聯結

1) When a thought comes in your head, don't assign to it the label: „my thought「. Define it as „a thought that is passing through my head「

1) 當一個思想浮現在你的腦海,不要給它貼上標籤,上面寫著:這是我的思想。把他當成「就像風一樣吹過你腦袋的東西」

2) Study the thoughts that are passing through your head as you were a National Geographic documentarist whose job is to study animals in the Amazon Forest. Begin to analyze their behavior and their habits.

2) 研究那個像風一樣吹過你腦袋的東西,把你自己想像成國家地理紀錄片製作人——那些專門研究那些穿梭於亞馬遜雨林裡的動物的人。開始,分析它們(指思想)的 舉止和習性。

3) Once you're become reasonably clever in studying the thoughts, you're able to „feel「 the thoughts arriving in your head.

3) 當你變得夠機靈時,你就能夠「感覺」到那些來到你頭腦中的思想。

4) When you feel the thought arriving, create your personal technique or use the Osho Moment Management technique ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?… ) to stop the thought to trigger automatically your words and your behavior. In other words, be aware of the fact that IN THAT PRECISE MOMENT YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHT AND NOT VICE-VERSA. Now YOU ARE THE BOSS! YOU CAN DECIDE TO STOP THE TRIGGER, TO STOP THE MECHANISM, TO STOP THE ENSLAVEMENT!

4) 當你感覺到那些思想來臨時,發明一個你自己的方法,或者用「奧修時刻管理技術」,來阻止那思想自動地引發話語和行為。換句話會說,要覺察到:就在那精確的 一刻,你被你的思想控制著,而你卻控制不了它。現在,你是老闆了!你能決定「引發」,停止機械反映,停止「被奴役」!

5) Create a „training program「 for your thoughts of at least 21 days to „discipline「 it.

5) 為你的思想搞個培訓計劃,至少21天,使它服從紀律。

6) In these 21 days, try to be the least exposed possible to influence of Mass Media, especially TV.

6) 在那21天裡,儘量少暴露在媒體,尤其是電視下,以減少受影響的可能。

7) Forgive yourself every time a thought have triggered automatically a behavior that not support yourself as you really are.

7) 原諒或寬恕你的每一次「思想自動引發行為」,那些行為並不支持正真的你。

8) Enjoy yourself!

8) 玩得開心!

9) Share your process with all the people of the forum.

9) 把你的進程分享給論壇上的朋友們。

10) Share your process with all the people of the world so that all together we can FUCK THE MATRIX!!!!!!!!!!

10) 把你的進程分享給全世界的朋友們,這樣團結起來我們就可以去他媽的matrix了。




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